3 Powerful Tips For An Effective Tweet

If you want to get your brand name out there, you should be on Twitter.


With over 310 million active users, according to Twitter, (SocialBakers) the opportunity to engage with new and existing customers is almost endless.

best tweets optimization

Don’t waste this chance by posting fluffy or irrelevant tweets, though.

Check out these three tips to ensure your brand is creating meaningful relationships with your audience on Twitter.

#1 Have an Interesting Message

Just as if you were trying to make a friend, communicate with your audience through topics that relate to both parties.

For example, Orkin Pest Control understands that users follow its Twitter account because they have an interest in science and animals.

To engage with these followers, Orkin posts about a variety of science-related topics, such as a picture of a ladybug in its natural habitat and a reference to the new science-related “Ghostbusters” movie.

To increase your relatability on Twitter, keep your tweets short but personable with words like “you,” “your” and “us.”

According to Twitter research, users follow a median of six brands on Twitter and they are looking for interesting and fun content, news and updates, and discounts and promotions. Ensure you are one of those brands by using different tweet formats.

Try a mixture of:

  • stories, article and blog links,
  • jokes,
  • competitions,
  • …and interesting facts.

Your followers should be excited and rely on the information on your Twitter.

End your tweets with a call to action or hashtag to boost engagement. Whether you request a re-tweet, comment or link to a purchase page, a CTA is a great way to reach new audiences and encourage a response.

In fact, research conducted by Twitter revealed that 60 percent of respondents said they’ve made a purchase based on something seen on Twitter.

#2 Include a Visual

Social media company Buffer sampled 100 tweets from its Twitter account to analyze the use of images.

The result?

Images received:

  • 18 percent more click-throughs,
  • 89 percent more favorites and
  • 150 percent more re-tweets

And it’s no surprise.

Photos and videos stand out among the clutter of text and they implement a sense of reality.

To boost your engagement, re-tweet a picture of a customer using your product or service or upload an image of the office on a night out.

Ask your followers to tweet a picture of their favorite work night out to start a conversation. You could even create a hashtag and start a competition for the best picture.

#3 Be Cautious of Timing

Certain times of the day have more engagement than others, which can affect the effectiveness of your tweet.

Saturdays and Sundays see 17 percent higher engagement compared to weekdays, but only 19 percent of brands publish tweets on the weekends, according to Salesforce.

Depending on the culture of your brand, the time when your audience is most engaged may be different, so take the time to pinpoint when your audience is active on Twitter.

In addition to the days of the week, major events and holidays are important to keep in mind.

Is it a holiday like Mother’s Day or Christmas?

Is an important sporting event happening?

Use these themes to make your tweets more interesting and to engage in the viral-nature of the platform to reach new audiences.

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This means they know all the ins and outs of their industry, and they tend to have great insight into the future of their industry.

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