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Discovery Application Form

Welcome To The Business Mapping Process: The Discovery Application

DISCLAIMER: Make sure to read the below before proceeding. We are not a match for everybody, and reserve the right to refuse services if not a good fit.

We thrive on helping businesses and want to assist where we can. At the same time, we want to make sure we are a good match. So we have chosen some of the most important and reasonable criteria to get started on the process. This helps us… help you faster. We want to make sure you get our complete attention to detail and priority support. Therefore, we choose our clients carefully to ensure success.
(NOTE: You may have a “one-off”, Google or Facebook ads audit, SEO audit, emergency traffic drop or SEO penalty situation. We have solutions that include one of our online consultants for strategy, tactics and repair problems. Contact us here for more information).

1. You must have an active business already. We work with high-integrity businesses (That means… NO adult themes, gambling, “biz-opp” or get rich quick schemes)
2. You already have an incoming stream of leads, customers or clients. You are working online and driving traffic and leads via promotions, ads and marketing. If you are an existing business with referrals and “in the field” networking as the main source of leads, that still qualifies.
3. You have a product or service already in place and that has a reputation in your marketplace.

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