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Twitter Ad Management

Twitter Ad Management For Small Business Professionals

Creating local business opportunities using social media to listen, connect and engage with existing customers as well as gathering new potential prospects is not as obvious or straight-forward as you might think.

While millions of users engage with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, FourSquare and Google+ Local every day, there is a specific approach & process needed to make you look your best.

If done right, the result is more clients, customers or patients for your business, that stay loyal …and respond positively to you.

It is not too late to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Chaosmap gives special consideration to social media, yet those opportunities are as different as each company that seeks the exposure. As one of the most open and honest spaces on the Internet, it is of utmost importance that marketers don’t make the fatal “anonymity” mistake. On the other hand online communities are a dramatic place to find universal acceptance.

Local demographics

Chaosmap can leverage tightly focused targeting through careful selection and demographics within the social media networks and geographical locations.

Use Of Multi-Media

Video and audio are a big piece of the social media revolution, and Chaosmap can help craft your message to reach an untapped source of sales and mind-share. We can reposition existing media and leverage it in ways you may not have considered. For example, a YouTube channel may not be enough. The distribution, syndication + leverage from your own blog can be significant when you make it easy for your online visitors.

Stay Up To Date

The volume of content and the rapid pace of change in social media can be overwhelming. Using our dynamic blueprint approach, we can help you optimize the possibilities daily without missing a single important site, tweet or update — whether increasing your likeability, follower-count, linkability and other metrics across the most important social networks.

Client and Customer Attraction

A well researched market, along with a good understanding of your business and the most important elements that drive revenue, will help us craft special offers, content, promotions to engage with your target audience in an intelligent way. Capturing these opportunities, and for further nurturing from social media with free and useful information, blogs, content delivery via email and mobile messaging are some of the critical areas for consideration. See below for a list of markets we serve.

To learn more, ask for a free social media marketing demonstration on how to track and manage social media campaigns using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.

Social Media Framework

We start by looking at your primary goals and objectives. Both long term and short term. Some companies we work with need a pure brand lift. Again, others need quality leads, or some businesses, a combination of both.

We look at your market, the segments and personas to discover the influencers, consumers/users and individuals who engage within that market. Then, we dive deeper to reveal endorsement share, brand activity and events across time-lines.

The measurement framework spans reach, amplification, frequency and quality of interactions (sentiment). That includes data indicating awareness, consideration, purchase intent, subscriptions, conversions and much more.

What is the average Cost of Social Media Campaigns? (…and in Los Angeles)

If you consider a common hourly rate for a professional social media expert – the range falls in the $40-$60 per hour range. In large and densely populated cities like Los Angeles, it is even higher.

For an ‘average’ campaign, you would also assume around 10-20 hours per week. The lowest cost number would be $400 ($40 x 10hrs) per week, or $1,600 per month. The higher, about $600 per week, or $2,400 per month. These are averages but illustrate the importance of a good match between markets (see below), goals, actions and outcomes.

For example, a $2,000 monthly social media fee and service that yields a positive return in loyal, paying customers, clients and patients is wanted by many business owners. We have competitive pricing and the cost for social media must be compared with the metrics and results, not just activity. And, with all campaigns, results don’t show overnight.

And, keep in mind – if you have time, you can use tools like Hootsuite to schedule, monitor and engage with social media. You won’t get the full picture, but it can be a good start. However, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, don’t consider yourself an expert — and need a balance of cost and time, we can help you manage your social media presence. We create content, respond and engage, we do it for you. All you do is approve the work, on a predetermined schedule.

Local Business Social Media Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Here is a list of businesses that can benefit from social media marketing and both Facebook and Twitter ad management:

Air Conditioning Repair
Alarms and Safety Systems
Auto Repair
Auto Transmission Repair
Beauty Salons
Bowling Alleys
Criminal Attorneys
Criminal Law Attorneys
Day Spas
Delis and Delicatessens
Dry Cleaners and Laundries
Family Law Attorneys
Fertility Clinics
Fine Dining Restaurant
Furniture Stores
General Contractors
Golf Courses
Hair Stylists
Handyman Services
Heating and Air Contractors
Indian Restaurants
Italian Restaurants
Limousine Rentals
Message Therapists
Mexican Restaurants
Nail Salons
Painting Contractors
Party Supply Rentals
Personal Injury Attorneys
Person Trainers
Pest Control Services
Pet Boarding Kennels
Physical Therapy Clinics
Physicians and surgeons
Plastic Surgeons
Real Estate Agents
Roofing Contractors
Seafood Restaurants
Steakhouse Restaurants
Thai Restaurants
Tire Dealers
Used Car Dealers

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