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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Client Reviews & Testimonials

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testimonials and PERSONAL FEEDBACK. We love our clients!

“Jon & team helped launch our DTC business with paid Ads activity, growth strategies, landing pages and creatives across FB/IG and the Google ads platform. He also helped our learning curve as we sought how best to leverage our large paid Ad spend into new events, customer acquisition and sales growth. He and the creative team was a pleasure to work with, great team players, and willing to strategize together (vs controlling or having all the answers), and very helpful to our learning and growth curve. Thank you!”

Mike Hamilton, CEO, Renmatix, Inc.

“Mr. Rognerud has a long history in technology, events management, business consulting, search campaign management and web development. His web optimization book reflects that knowledge and experience in the search marketing field. He is a smart guy, and for folks starting in digital, I suggest you connect with him.”

Andy Beal, CEO & CMO

“Jon is a multi-talented, experienced high caliber digital marketer and growth consultant with deep subject matter expertise in all things digital: advertising (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn), events, webinar funnels, marketing tech-stacks, integration options and coaching at a very detailed level.
He and his proven team executes custom and expert solution options to help companies grow in both B2B and B2C markets. He is very focused and driven, always on-time and helps executive teams and company owners become more educated about online marketing. Highly recommended. He helped us scale up our platforms, and I hope we can work him again. P.S. We always look forward to our meetings with JR, his positive energy is contagious!”

Dustin Yu, CEO & Co-Founder, Alive5

“One of the smartest tactics that event planners can do is to consider hiring speaker and digital consultant, Jon Rognerud. As an authority digital marketing speaker, Jon has great pace and energy coupled with a deep subject matter expertise in paid media, conference management, content marketing and digital advertising strategies.”

Michael Bonfils, Global Managing Director, SEM International

“Working with Jon has been one of the highlights of the last year.  Going from an Ad Agency to Jon was a choice I’d make time and time again, as the personal touch, expertise, dedication to his craft, and thoughtfulness about the entire user story from ad to purchase has been a breath of fresh air.  If you are looking for someone to help your team with ads but also help your company grow, then look no further.  You’ve found your match!”

Craig Sartor, Chief Product Officer, PathToProsper, LLC”

“I’ve been working with Jon for a many months now and get to see first hand the results that he and his agency gets for his clients. I refer business to him, because he earned my trust. On top of superb results, Jon is a first-class human being who cares about the people he works with. Jon and his team will go above and beyond to make sure clients have the support and guidance they need to win long term. So much more than a media buyer. He’s a trusted partner who will help grow your events, membership business rapidly and profitably with paid ads.”

Jason Hornung, President [JHMedia]

“We had been struggling to uncover the right online strategies and website migration plans for our new rebrand. We knew Mr. Rognerud as a well-known digital expert and business consultant, and we were lucky to get him in his busy schedule. His breadth of actionable marketing knowledge, search engine expertise and candid step-by-step approach, removed all the mysteries, mapped out the plan to follow, and got our site and back-office functionality working in no time.”

Josh Korn, JJA Venture Search

“Our firm had been looking for an advanced search marketing and lead generation strategy to help improve our visibility online. We were fortunate to find Chaosmap and their team of seasoned SEO and PPC experts. Their expert advice, comprehensive planning and well-thought out implementation gets high marks across the board.”

Suzanne McCormac, Senior Director, Marketing Communications [Guavus]

“As Director of Paid Search Advertising at Yahoo! Search Marketing, I engaged Jon and his team to design and integrate search content marketing and optimization solutions into our product offering. Jon has extensive expertise in all aspects of search marketing including SEO, SEM/PPC, Social Media and Internet marketing strategy. I highly recommend him and his team.”

Tim Phillips, Advertiser Systems Director [Yahoo]

“ChaosMap has proven to be an indispensible partner of Cloud9 and has directly impacted the bottom-line revenue at Cloud9 through their deep understanding of the nuances of SEO and SEM. I would highly recommend ChaosMap for any organization looking to take their SEO and SEM strategy to the next level.”

Don Tyler, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications [High Tech Business Intelligence & Analytics]

“We have used and applied strategies and tactics for Search Engine Optimization that Jon & team recommended with great success. We recommend other clients to them and continue to build and nurture the relationship because of their experience, and their insights into the complex field of Search. I cannot recommend them/him enough.”

Thad Gerber, CEO, Velocity Networks [IT Consulting Solutions]

“Working with the ChaosMap team has been a very positive experience. What we enjoyed the most was how they joined our company and acted like our co-workers. Each member took the time to learn specific details about our business and used that knowledge to raise our rankings in the organic search. Their recommendations were specific to our goals instead of a ‘one size fits all’ answer that other companies offer. The ChaosMap team of experts created PPC advertising, organic rankings, social media and a new website. And, they tied it all together to give our business good online boost.”

Alicia Botyrius, Operations Manager [Art Supplies E-Commerce]

“Knowledgeable, innovative and informative, ChaosMap takes the mystery out of SEO/SEM. With a hands-on personalized approach, they are SEO and website design experts who provide the necessary tools to generate a high ROI, greater accessibility, targeted traffic and long term page ranking. They run all our events, conferences and webinars and help build out profitable funnels. The service they provide is invaluable and we’re happy to have them as part of our team.”

Director Web Marketing [Mental Health Association and Membership Directory Provider]

“In the complex world of SEO and Internet marketing we took our time identifying a company that would fit our specific needs. Chaosmap’s very knowledgeable team has consistently met our needs, providing us expert advice, always ensuring that our interests and objective are the highest priority. Chaosmap always keeps us informed of the process, provides us regular and detailed reports, constantly maintaining an agility so vital to helping us grow our business.”

PHILIP de SOUZA, CEO [Security Consulting]

“Chaosmap have made an enormous difference in our SEO and online marketing goals. Previously, our company was not visible on the internet, today we are not only visible but we are showing up first and second in searches. We have had significant actual business results with more than 17 requests for business proposals in a matter of months. They are patient and willing to educate us along the way.They are true business partners, and after a long search – we found our team.”

Marie Stone, Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations [Real Estate & Property Management]

“Since we started working with ChaosMap, we have seen our organization’s visibility on search results improve significantly. In addition, our knowledge of the search engine marketing and social media realm has increased 10-fold. This increased understanding has allowed us to more effectively plan and spend our marketing dollars to the benefit of our franchise network.”

Malcolm Stone, Director of Marketing and Communications [Residential, Commercial Property Damage Franchise Services]

“Chaosmap knows both paid and organic search marketing. They have deep knowledge and solid execution in this marketplace. They have helped us improve traffic, conversions and better understanding of all our technical issues. They work directly with our in-house teams to create a well-running website that our customers and we are happy with. If you are in the B2B market and need to improve online, we recommend you speak with their friendly marketing experts.”

Shirin Behnia, Director of Marketing [Hi-Tech Legal Compliance Solutions Software]

“I have known Jon for over 14 years and he is one of the most positive, energetic, and competent professionals I have ever worked with. Jon came to our startup (Business Process Outsourcing) at a critical time for the company when we needed strong online guidance and direction. His inspirational and innovative leadership helped guide his team through the launch of several new sites and products, including our core chat service and live agent voice product. Jon was responsible for leading our web site design team, managing our search engine functionality (he earned a US trademark for the technology), and overall was a valued member of our technology team. I would highly recommend Jon.”

Bryan Larimore, Co-Founder of PeopleSupport, Current SVP of Business Development, TRG Customer Solutions [Business Process Outsourcing]

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