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Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Discover Your Mobile Marketing Readiness Below (Survey)

Before launching mobile marketing campaigns, there are many important considerations to make. Your mobile marketing business strategy needs to be clear before working on the technical side of it.

Here are some things to review before starting:

  • Research and create a competitive study of your market, including comparing mobile marketing statistics – does it make sense for your business, and how?
  • Mobile marketing training and tools for your staff and vendors – how does it work, and how do you deploy & use it?
  • What types of mobile marketing media is viable for your particular niche and industry?
  • Do you need to hire a mobile marketing consultant to work with you develop the vision and execution of your mobile marketing plan?
  • What type of mobile apps might you be able to integrate with your existing company IT infrastructure?
  • Are there any existing mobile marketing case studies that match your business segment that you can learn from?
  • Visit a mobile marketing conference and blogs to get to know some of the industry experts and mobile marketing companies – watch for emerging trends

mobile marketing solutionsA mobile marketing solution option starts with the above.

Next, let’s review your mobile readiness for your current website.

(*Download the Mobile Marketing PDF – Business Presentation here.)

1: Are your readers squinting or are they able to read naturally when browsing your website on a mobile device?

‘Browserfriendly’ iPhones, Androids are not enough. Remember, poor user experience is a major factor for the ‘back-button’ syndrome.

2: Can they easily find the pages they need? Is the navigation clear and easy to access?

This includes the ability to find your phone number, and click to call ease of use.

3: Is your website load speed turning them away? Are they having to wait?

Mobile users want all environments – mobile, desktop & tablets – to load at the same, or very similar speeds.

4: Is your website design responsive?

Or, are pages returning high bounce-rates?

5: Have you leveraged mobile and non-mobile environments for Search Engines?

Do you know how? (A simple start, but look up switchboard tags, for example)

6: Did you realize that paid search in mobile is different than the ‘standard’ options?

The campaigns and overall structure must be set up correctly and specifically for each platform.

7: Are you using mobile paid search now?

PPC ads have a much higher CTR (click-through-rates) on Smartphones and Tablets if done right.

8: Are you segmenting mobile search campaigns by device?

There are important performance differences between each device.

9: Are you using Site Links?

This can be a huge differentiation in your clicks through and engagement on key pages.

10: Have you looked at integrating mobile text, voice, social, chat & email into one?

Make sure to get a dashboard to chart all key performance indicators. That includes SMS lead capture pages, QR Codes, Instant Messaging, auto-responders and much more.


If you checked yes and understood all of the above – congratulations! You can teach us how you did it!

According to Statcounter, Google Mobile Market Share in US is 96.9%.
You can take advantage of that for your business today.


Use the mobile emulator below to see if your website displays up correctly on a mobile device (iPhone, Android, etc):

Research (real-time results):

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