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SEO Workflow: The Search Engine Optimization Process

Please review the SEO infographic below.

The SEO chart shows (starting at the 1 o’clock position) the first step in the on-going circle of SEO project work, “Research & Goals”.

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From there, check the other steps we follow:

  1. Research and goal setting
  2. Technical analysis
  3. Keyword research and topic research
  4. Competitive analysis
  5. Market / niche benchmarking
  6. On-page optimization strategies and tactics
  7. Promotional strategies
  8. Reporting, analytics and refinement
  9. Consulting, support and development

INFOGRAPHIC: The components of a standard SEO process. (

This not enough however.

During the initial assessment of new SEO projects, we work with the C-suite and marketing executives to go beyond just search engine rankings. A SEO audit checklist is part of our search engine optimization model.

We help you devise a real plan for business (growth) success. We review and build essential strategic and tactical plans with you:

  1. Proper Goals & Objectives setting (Time & Revenue Specific)
  2. Key SEO Strategies To Be Used
  3. 6-Month Growth Plans (and longer term)
  4. Growth Attribution Strategies
  5. Potential Risks To Hamper Probability Goals
  6. Additional Resources & Time Needed
  7. Annual Forecasts (Profit & Loss worksheets by month, realistic vs. optimistic)

Example SEO performance indicators we consider:

  • “By <date 1> reach 140k in new revenue per month”
  • “By <date 2> reach 300k in new revenue per month”
  • “Estimate revenue from number of orders x average order value”
  • “What products and/or services are highest in demand to maximize sales”
  • “What can be optimized for higher conversions”
  • “What technical issues are preventing your site from ranking now”
  • “How can we increase qualified leads and earn links through content & PR”
  • “What is potential monthly growth”
  • “Where will growth come from” (organic, referrals, outreach, direct, etc)
  • “What risks exist or can come up that will prevent execution of the plan”
  • “What extra resources need to be used or potentially hired into the project”
  • “Who will manage during the project”
  • “How will we track conversions, spend and additional expenses”
  • “What reports will be needed and when”
  • “What milestones will be reached for each month”

Building out a revenue-based SEO plan is essential. The above are only examples. During engagement our full SEO map will be discussed.

For SEO campaigns, you must consider things like:

  • Content strategy, creation and content marketing
  • Keyword research and  keyword targeting
  • Social signals and social media marketing
  • Site architecture & navigation
  • Website development of custom landing pages
  • User interface / user experience (UI/UX) / search experience
  • Funnel optimization and CRO (conversion rate optimization)
  • On-page optimization
  • Search-engine friendly frameworks
  • Reputation management
  • Google app indexing & SEO for appstore
  • Duplicate content and scraping issues
  • Citations (Local SEO references) and Off-page optimization (Links)
  • Competitive research & reporting
  • Testing strategies
  • Web analytics and reporting
  • Overall marketing & sales strategy development

Additionally, we believe that when you are thinking and planning strategies to improve business, think about the 10x rule, not the 10% rule.


What Is the Secret To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization Drives The Most Targeted Web Traffic

Watch the Secret To Search Engine Optimization:

What is the secret to SEO?
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As a marketing channel, search engines are building critical mass—and obtaining a high ranking for your site today does not mean you will maintain it into next month or next quarter. SEO is an ongoing effort, and depending on levels of market and keyword competitiveness, it can and will take time for top positions.

SEO and Local Business SEO can be either administered in-house and reviewed at regular intervals with an outside team. Alternatively, you may completely outsource the work and manage it with search industry experts.

We are a Los Angeles based SEO and Internet Marketing company. We founded our firm in 2007, but have been working online since late 1996.

Search Engine Algorithms

Because search engine algorithms remain confidential, their precise parameters are unknown. Yet through best SEO practices and “white hat” analysis it is possible to ‘predict’ how some algorithms score your site in search engine rankings. Most search engine “experts” claim to have their own proprietary methods while ChaosMap stands alone in giving away search engine optimization “secrets” openly.

The natural search results landscape has changed. Between Local SEO, Videos, Blogs, News, Pictures and more — it’s imperative to use strategies and tactics that can list your website in the top 5 or better. Video optimization and promotion of that content is a good way to get to top Google rankings, faster.
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For clients we also watch trends and catalog our own variables so the ChaosMap team can inform and educate your content creators and rally brand managers around new, untapped markets.

SEO Steps

Initially we will perform an analysis of your existing site and create a snapshot of how well you are positioned in search engines. As our engagement progresses, we provide SEO reports and dashboards for your monthly review. These detailed can be accessed online or via Excel and during our regular update meetings.


Included in our SEO analysis:

A comprehensive search and site view

Analysis of meta tags, your message and its underlying source code, and your site’s performance across popular search engines within your industry.

An eye-popping competitive analysis

You will learn why and how your competitors have approached search engine marketing, their current weaknesses and your opportunities for sustainable competitive advantage. This includes a detailed back-linking report.

Not just keywords but concepts

Our keyword analysis exhaustively reviews recent search engine queries and the quantity and quality of sites competing for each keyword or phrase.

Collaborative keyword review

The Chaosmap keyword nomination process consistently delivers long-term organic search results through identification of priority keywords and search phrases.

Focus on ethics

Robots can be unforgiving and even a naive use of keywords, tags and links can look suspicious to crawlers, putting your otherwise hard-working Web site under the search engine radar. By strict adherence to ethical practices we will protect your site from the dreaded “ban”. If you have been hit by Google Penguin, we provide specialized Penguin analysis and recovery services.

Eyes on the goal

We will continually work to define, refine and achieve your Internet marketing objectives. We believe that rankings don’t matter as much as traffic and ultimately, return-on-investment (ROI) and via trackable conversions.

We want to help 10x your business, not just talk about rankings, or even plain traffic. Conversion optimization is a big part of the success formula, and we expect you to understand that. Furthermore, innovation within leadership, online marketing, sales, business tools and processes are essential to make the shift from “mediocre” to “excellence”.


What is Google Local SEO?
Local SEO & Local PPC advertising is an important marketing opportunity for small businesses.

Whether you are a B2B business, or in a professional service like a doctor, attorney, plastic surgeon, chiropractor or similar, you must be present in the local search engines, and especially Google+ Local.

Without it, you are making it hard for prospective clients to find you online. Furthermore, you are likely not seen as an authority in your market.

The Yellow Pages is a short-sighted strategy for these types of organizations.

With smart local SEO strategies for your company, your competition will be left wondering what happened.

Furthermore, your brand name will get a constant lift from being displayed each time somebody searches for you.

You can start right now.
Go to Google+ Local (Google Places) and setup an account. Do the same for Yahoo local and Bing local. (Getlisted.orgis a cool tool to check your presence right now). Google and search engines uses local citations / references, along with strategic content marketing to get listed high in the local search results. If you don’t include content (text) on pages that speak to the keywords searched, along with local identifiers (local area code phone number, address, city information) – you’ll not be found in the organic results.

ChaosMap local SEO services team can provide more details.
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Here are some further local seo tips that can help you

Verify your local business

Once you have registered via the local search engines, make sure to confirm that listing. Either via a special PIN code, or a postcard (which will be (earth)mailed to you.

Select your categories
Look at your local competitors. For example, when setting up Google Places, what categories are they listed in? Include all of the related categories for your business, and make sure it’s relevant.

List your business in local directories
Search engines use ‘signals’ of trust and authority. If you are visible in other local directories – for example, Yelp – you are only helping yourself. We have a complete listing, just send us an email.

Get & ask for customer reviews
Much like testimonials, the various local engines allow for reviews. You should make it easy for customers who visited with your business to create reviews. Even BBB and local chamber of commerce can be good references.

Be different
This applies to all businesses. But, as a local business professional you should try to stand out. Your service, your company, your value provided should give the highest level of integrity, delivery and service.

Local search is the use of specialized Internet search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against a structured database of local business listings. Typical local search queries include not only information about “what” the site visitor is searching for (such as keywords, a business category, or the name of a consumer product) but also “where” information, such as a street address, city name, postal code, or geographic coordinates like latitude and longitude. -Wikipedia

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Local SEO Outline of Work

Each online project has a set of rules and requirements. Some of them may be unique to you, but we find that a comprehensive local SEO strategy works best with the items below. This work falls into Local SEO Packages and programs.

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Web analytics review, tracking and customization for conversions
  • Google+ local pages (the old Google Places) optimization and tuning
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape (your market + competitors in your local market)
  • Website optimization and keyword maps (to pages)
  • Web site audits with a technical eye
  • Content strategy and editorial calendar development
  • Creating citations and local referrals – strategy and tasking (local city and your industry/segment)
  • Citation audits and cleanup (ensure that the NAP is consistent – everywhere)
  • Geo tagging for images
  • Geo tagging for videos
  • Reviews gathering and optimization for keywords in them
  • Social media marketing ideas and strategies

Content strategies are important for any SEO program and true for both local and national SEO campaigns.

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