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A national company in the home business (re)construction with a large network of remote offices had zero visibility in both SEO & PPC. After a detailed analysis & blueprint development, we determined that their website, blog and individual websites needed a technical overhaul. That included both local and national optimization in natural and paid search. And, we understood the need for deeper education in search marketing within both their executive management and individual business owners.

Solution Approach:

We implemented social media, SEO & PPC, rolling out the organic & paid first. And this campaign is largest geo-targeting effort we’ve undertaken with Chaosmap PPC accounts. There is still room for improvements and opportunity to get even more granular, and the work is ongoing.


Within a competitive marketplace, we managed to get top 5 placement of critical keywords in organic. The overall PPC campaigns are geo-targeted to 54+ city locations to coincide with their business centers. Then, there are 54+ individual campaigns geo-targeted to each city. This allows for broad coverage as well as city specific ad copy messaging to speak to individual needs. Their social media program included Facebook (custom pages), Twitter, YouTube, training and development of their social media policy handbook. The training has proved invaluable, and we also assisted in interviewing and hiring new staff for in-house SEM support.