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Coaching & Training

Coaching & Training

Online Business Training and Coaching

Our exclusive, limited member, 7-week course for Total Online Transformation, with our Mastermind Club

These courses are done online. Your personal instructor is Jon Rognerud.

The course outline:

Week 1 – Mapping your course and goals

Week 2 – Your detailed blueprint for bigger results

Week 3 – Client attraction and marketing identification for YOUR business

Week 4 – Create your own marketing systems

Week 5 – Ultra-targeted traffic strategies and systems

Week 6 – How increase and improve your money transactions without selling

Week 7 – Advanced strategies and tactics for more sales & revenue

We only take up to 25 individuals at one time. This is very exclusive, and you have to apply.

This special program closes with the inclusion of a 3-day workshop event at one of chosen resort hotels.

Tuesdays are scheduled for the lecture, information and sharing.
Thursdays are for live group questions.

All follow-up questions/answers found in the members-only community portal.

Contact us for more information. (We’ll call you direct to see how you can apply. We don’t share much on this page on purpose.)


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