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Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant

Financial Market Specialist Company (Private/Branded Online Community)


A specialist in the financial markets surveillance industry is looking for real-time feedback that allows the sharing of information and knowledge between company and customers. This way they would be able to identify and develop sales leads to drive company growth. They were interested in understanding ways to increase customer engagement, gaining customer insights and social capital and capture new ideas.

Solution Approach:

We developed as well as designed an online community, starting from strategy to company branding and logo, to content, technology and functionality, to metrics and reporting. We developed a robust and scalable integration solution that allows customers to interact with one another, capturing info on existing customers and get insights into their conversations, to create actionable plans.


Through the online community, the company was able to provide their existing customers with a new channel for engagement, which gives the company a competitive advantage into rich social data and insights. New product and service ideas were captured, cost savings as a result of collaboration, and huge improvement in knowledge sharing.