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7 New Twitter Ways To Specifically Use Direct Response Lead Generation – A Checklist

Recent Twitter stats show that the Twitter platforms send over 500 million “tweets” (messages and links, up to 140 characters) per day. This includes pure network messaging, custom applications and network tie-ins.

Twitter is a social media network.

Social media can be a useful medium for you.twitter advertising checklist for sponsored tweets and direct response

At the same time – while campaigning on Twitter can create A LOT of exposure, engagement and lead flows for your business, there are new and different ways to consider.


Don’t just use social media for followers and bragging rights to “higher counts”.

Make sure you have a Twitter profile that looks professional with all fields completed. That includes a nice looking personal picture (not just a company logo!), descriptions and link fields filled in. Consider local targeting, and possible use of direct landing pages, not just a Home Page.

Here are 7 different ways you can use Twitter and Promoted Tweets (paid advertising) along with Keyword Targeting to make the best use of Twitter for lead generation.

  1. Use Keyword targeting for specific event campaigns. For example, if you are hosting an upcoming webinar or workshop with a limited window of dates, the best way to capitalize on the influx of relevant users is to insert yourself into into the conversation using keyword targeting. (A 1-3% CTR is considered “good”)
  2. Run a 30-50+ keyword-targeted campaign. This is great for major events. You can add @usernames, #hashtags, and keywords/keyword phrases into any keyword Promoted Tweet campaign. Make sure to keep it extremely relevant, and try to avoid single words or extremely broad keywords. Also add competitor keywords where applicable.
  3. Target your own @username and keywords. Make sure that you are inserting yourself into the conversation when users are searching for you. Especially for large promotional campaigns, this is crucial to add to your keywords.
  4. Use duplicate campaigns for different geo-locations. Different audiences (@handle themes) can engage differently based on geolocation. You want to test this by segmenting duplicate campaigns with singular locations.
  5. Have 4-6 Direct Response tweets. Have a clear call-to-action, strong engagement/benefit to the user, and a URL at the end of the tweet. Do not have any other clickable media within the tweet. Have an even mix of plain text, and picture variants to test for highest overall engagements/conversions. Continue to test this. Use of images in Tweets have shown a doubling in engagement (clicks)!
  6. Bid and budget aggressively. Estimated Audience Reach and suggested big change based on how niche your targeting is. You want to remain competitive with your bid in each specific campaign – keeping in mind, bidding aggressively simply means you’ll win more real-time auctions/impressions, and you only pay $0.01 more than the 2nd highest bidder. Also adjust for a daily Audience Reach you are comfortable with.
  7. Proactively pause low-performers. You don’t want to waste impressions on low performers, and you always want to continue testing against your champion Tweet (after 500-1000 impressions) and Campaign variants. You want to allot as much budget as possible to high-performers).

As with any paid advertising campaign, you must establish a plan (goals) of achievement before you begin any Twitter online marketing campaign.  And, it’s not a one-time event either. It’s both short-term and long-term planning.

What do YOU consider success? Be specific about this, and manage your teams (and your own) expectations.

Most businesses think in terms of followers, mentions/retweets and “what have they said about me today” (reputation monitoring). Ultimately, you want to work on getting to a positive return on ad spend. And, it’s not always a click-to-immediate-sale model either.

You may be building an email list, and between landing pages, email follow-up, purchase pages (direct) and sales team outreach, there are many ways you can determine success. Just be clear.

Additional download materials and resources to help you generate more targeted traffic and leads from Twitter:

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