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"Having had the privilege to work with Jon from Chaosmap, I can confidently say that our experience was nothing short of exceptional.

From the onset, Jon showcased his profound expertise in managing our Google and YouTube ads, ensuring that our campaigns were not only effective but also optimized for maximum returns. The results we achieved were fantastic, surpassing our expectations.

If you're looking for a consultant and team who not only delivers results but also offers a holistic and enriching experience, Jon is the go-to professional."
Nolan Fisher
VP Marketing, OD VA Services
"Jon is a multi-talented, experienced high caliber digital marketer and growth consultant with deep subject matter expertise in all things digital: advertising (Facebook/Meta, Google, LinkedIn), getting clients, webinar funnels, marketing tech-stacks, integration options and coaching at a very detailed level.

He and his proven team executes custom and expert solution options to help companies grow in both B2B services and B2C markets. He is very focused and driven, always on-time and provides executive teams and company owners with coaching to become more educated about online marketing. Highly recommended. He helped us scale up our platforms, and I hope we can work him again.

P.S. We always look forward to our meetings with JR, his positive energy is contagious!"
Dustin Yu
CEO & Co-Founder, Alive5
"I’ve been working with Jon for a many months now and get to see first hand the results that he and his agency gets for his clients. I refer business to him, because he earned my trust.

On top of superb results, Jon is a first-class human being who cares about the people he works with. Jon and his team will go above and beyond to make sure clients have the support and guidance they need to win long term. So much more than a media buyer.

He’s a trusted partner who will help grow your business rapidly and profitably with paid ads."
Jason Hornung
President, JH Media Inc
"Working with Jon has been one of the highlights of the last year. Going from an ad agency to Jon's team was a choice I’d make time and time again - as the personal touch, expertise, dedication to his craft, and thoughtfulness about the entire user story from ad to purchase has been a breath of fresh air.

If you are looking for someone to help your team with ads and company growth, then look no further. You’ve found your match!"
Craig Sartor
VP Products, PathToProsper LLC
"Jon is one of the most knowledgeable digital marketers in the Internet Marketing industry.
His book and coaching has been providing me valuable advice that helped me move beyond roadblocks."
Lorna Li
Senior Social Media Manager, Salesforce
"Jon & team helped launch our DTC business with paid Ads activity, growth strategies, landing pages and creatives across FB-Meta/IG, Google Shopping & YouTube ads platform. He also helped our learning curve as we sought how best to leverage our large 100k+ paid Ad spend into new customer acquisition and sales growth.

He and the creative team was a pleasure to work with. Great team players and willing to strategize together collaboratively, and very helpful to our learning and growth curve."
Mike Hamilton
CEO, Renmatix, Inc
"When we were looking for the most authoritative voice in Search and Digital, our search stopped when we found Jon. He has forgotten more about search than I ever knew in the first place! Our company is now better armed and suited to serve our customers than we ever have been in the past. Thank you!"
Jay Wilkinson
CEO, Firespring Corp / Do More Good
"As Director of Paid Search Advertising at Yahoo! Search Marketing, I engaged Jon and his team to design and integrate search content marketing and optimization solutions into our product offering. Jon has extensive expertise in all aspects of search marketing including SEO, SEM/PPC, Social Media and Internet marketing strategy. I highly recommend him and his team."
Tim Phillips
Sr. Manager, Advertiser Services, Yahoo
"ChaosMap has proven to be an indispensible partner of C9 and has directly impacted the bottom-line revenue at C9 through their deep understanding of the nuances of SEO and SEM. I would highly recommend ChaosMap for any organization looking to take their SEO and SEM strategy to the next level."
Don Tyler
Sr. Director Marketing, Dell Corp.
"Jon Rognerud epitomizes "digital marketing expert". He truly knows how to "map" the chaos of digital marketing, a gift to any client who hires him. Jon's digital marketing expertise paired with his entrepreneurial expertise make him such an asset to a client - far beyond what most digital marketers can provide.

I have so much respect for his knowledge and love his positive energy and approach to all he does!"
Lorrie Thomas-Ross
CEO & Forbes Council Contributor
"One of the smartest tactics that event planners and consultants can do is to consider hiring speaker and digital consultant, Jon Rognerud. As an authority digital marketing speaker, Jon has great pace and energy coupled with a deep subject matter expertise in paid media, client acquisition, content marketing and digital advertising strategies."
Mike Bonfils
Global Managing Director, SEM International
"I’ve been working with Jon for many years on a wide array of projects and all I can say is that he is very direct, dynamic and creative with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything related to online marketing, client acquisition and technology in general. A valuable asset to any team or client, Jon is the consummate professional. I highly recommend him if you can afford him."
Joe Rogers
CEO, RGBProjects &
"Many profess expertise but Jon truly validates his knowledge with solid results. He not only has a deep understanding of search marketing but possesses a deep well of business intelligence. He applies solid business methodologies to drive sustainable results.

I was equally impressed with his passion to let others in on the "secret" of search. He opens up the world of search in a way that can be understood by those who are not experts. I highly recommend Jon to anyone who is serious about moving their client acquisition and sales growth forward."
Karen Swim
CEO, Solo PR Pro Corp.
"Jon is a true business professional and I would recommend him without reservation. He has that rare mix of technical expertise and business savvy that is invaluable in addressing any business problem."
Jim Ehrenberg
CEO, Sharepoint Pros
"Jon is a true business professional and I would recommend him without reservation. He has that rare mix of technical expertise and business savvy that is invaluable in addressing any business problem."
Kari Mitchell
Sr. Marketing Strategist, VistaDash
"I have known Jon for over 14 years and he is one of the most positive, energetic, and competent professionals I have ever worked with.

Jon consulted with our startup (Business Process Outsourcing) at a critical time for the company when we needed strong online business guidance and direction. His inspirational and innovative leadership helped guide his team through the launch of several new sites and products, including our core chat service and live agent voice product.

Jon was responsible for leading our web site design team, managing our search engine functionality (he earned a US trademark for the technology), and overall was a key member of our technology team.

I would highly recommend Jon."
Bryan Larimore
SVP of Business Development at IBEX | Global