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Google Analytics Audit, Pricing And Services

Our team of geeks and “stats-crazed” online experts love to dive into data and help you get to the most important details of traffic, usability, popularity of pages and (sales) conversions.

Detailed understanding of your web analytics are the essential keys to driving intelligent decisions for your brand, so you can maximize profits and awareness building opportunities for deeper SEO, SOCIAL and PAID ADS strategies.

Here are some of our services in Google web analytics:

  • Complete web analytics configuration and setup (Google Analytics)
  • Custom dashboards and automatic reports
  • Tracking online and offline sales
  • Event tracking and integration with multiple scripts
  • Closed loop reporting to find gaps
  • Google Tag Manager scripting and programming

Google Analytics Audit Pricing Calculator:

Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics Audit Pricing Calculator

Third party systems integration (landing pages) and detailed tracking:

  • Marketo
  • SalesForce
  • Infusionsoft
  • Sugar CRM
  • Social Media 3rd Party Tools and UTM tracking
  • Call tracking (Callrail, Twilio, others)
  • WordPress (Custom dashboards and plugins)
  • Woo Commerce (and development)
  • POS, merchant and fulfillment systems

What metrics should you track in your web analytics?

KPI’s – or key performance indicators are essential to success in any marketing campaign, both online and offline.

However, setting goals and achieving results through incremental changes and updates will be most valuable when comparing to baseline activities and metrics.

Begin with the big picture in mind, audit your current landscape and map out goals within reach, actions, conversions and engagements (see below). Your digital marketing strategy must be created, shared and understood by your key team members.

Here are some example of metrics categories and what you should consider tracking:


KPI’s – Useful Tracking Metrics To Track In Google Analytics

Contact us today and ask for sample analytics dashboards and to see how we can help you.