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How To Get Targeted Traffic From Social Media… Naturally….

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What we see most often are that top executives, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants and professional services experts do not manage their time properly. Seriously, TIME is their most valuable asset, but it is squandered and not focused in the RIGHT areas for personal and business success.


  • How much time do you spend at work versus with your family and friends?
  • How long have you been doing the same thing over-and-over with no/little results?
  • How many times in a week do you arrive late at night – only to see your kids already sleeping?
  • Are your co-workers become better ‘friends’ than your wife, husband or kids?
  • Are you spending time at the office in (boring) meetings, and getting nothing done?
  • Is your biggest wish to have more free time, while your business is growing (without you?)
  • How is it that your competitors are doing better than you? (and that you don’t understand?)

AND … does the greatest portion of your day include hunting for prospects via cold-calling, ‘smile & dial’ efforts, hoping something will eventually work?

I’m sorry to say – I’ve been where you are.

In fact, I’ve been caught in my own INSANE MISMANAGEMENT OF TIME more than I can count.

Yes, not something I’m proud of, learned over time that it was not unique to me.

I met professionals who are both much smarter and probably dumber than me. Naturally, both groups have the same challenge (or opportunity): “we are all given the same amount of hours in a day”. What I now choose to do with that time is different.

Yes, times have changed. (no pun intended)

The chance to build a business with more free time based on a natural and steady acquisition of clients through many different online channels is one big deal that’s changed the way I operate.

Another big deal is an improved, targeted brand visibility along with strong referrals that join and stay for a long time.

It’s possible to do this – but only with proper planning, strategy development and tactics that get executed flawlessly.

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  • How to fully leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+
  • How to position yourself and your business for success by building your reputation, attracting the right fans and followers, friends and subscribers
  • Learn how social media for professional business owners really works
  • How to properly sell in Social Media
  • When & how to use automation tools (they run while you sleep)
  • Case studies of others like you – and what they’ve learned

This has been put together in “bite-size” chunks, so as to not overwhelm you.

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Jon R.


Remember: the time you spend on this now will allow you to enjoy your new found freedom tomorrow.