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What Is The Secret To Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC is lucrative when done right

Watch the secret to pay per click advertising (PPC management services in Los Angeles)

Secret to PPC Advertising

PPC provides data insights that are measurable like no advertising predecessor, and best of all — you only pay for clicks. Imagine if you only paid for ads that were clicked? Welcome to cost per click advertising.

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Done For You Facebook Ads

PPC advertising is an important marketing strategy because it establishes a stimulus like no other advertising medium. It is both intent-driven (search) and brand-positioning (Google Display Network) all under one umbrella.

Adwords (Now Google Ads) uses auto-tagging (gclid – Google click id) where Google Analytics can pick up important metrics for your optimization experts. This data coupled with analytics and funnel audits are key to making your campaigns profitable over time.

GOOGLE ADS UPDATE: The search giant’s fourth quarter ad revenue grew nearly 22% as retailers increasingly bought up image-focused Product Listing Ads.

In the financial services area, specifically the bank industry, for example – the top advertisers were Wells Fargo, USAA, Amex. Key players below:

Banks Using Google Adwords

Financial PPC Adwords Industry Stats:

Demand drives PPC costs, so with this rise in expenditure it has become common for PPC experts to evaluate, set into motion and sometimes continuously manage online campaigns, even businesses that formerly managed it themselves.

ChaosMap PPC services always balance the daily-change nature of the medium against your budget constraints.

You launch the process by telling us what you want to achieve, and we follow through with a best-practice approach that embraces successful principles:

Establish goals

What do you want to accomplish with your PPC strategy? For example, what unique ability, product or service do you provide, and where are your customers?

Fine-tune parameters early

It is not necessary to spend large sums to see how your ads perform against specific keywords, both in Display and on search-only pages.

Bid Management

This is where many companies that previously managed their own PPC program have been bit: conversions through some funnels can and do evaporate, and uncovering the top converting keywords is ongoing. TIP: The ‘search terms’ report is an under-used power tool in Google Ads. Use to mine new keywords, but also add negative keywords to optimize campaigns even further.

Sweet-spot creative development

Your David can defeat the competitive Goliath with the right message at the right time, shown to the right market. It’s a tall order but our experienced copywriters know how to reel in the best leads that turn into sales.

Go where the traction is

Tagging and tracking different campaigns and dovetailing those results with landing page development and different media channels makes your site a powerful sales tool that can continuously drive new traffic.

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We’ll look at your current PPC account and give you details and information to help you.

You’ll see key performance factors:

  • Overall account diagnostics (clicks, conversions, Avg. CPA, budget spend, keywords, etc)
  • Quality score metrics
  • Budget spend and potential waste
  • Click through rates
  • Share of Impressions
  • Keyword optimization
  • Account history and activity
  • Ad copy and text optimization (bad/good/better/best)
  • LPO – landing page optimization tips (You’ll get access to landing page design tools)
  • Learn more about PPC industry best practices

This service is complimentary. It will help you make better decisions for your next step in the PPC project work.

And, you’ll see some of the tools we use ourselves.
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Key Market Areas We Serve:

  • Real Estate and Real Estate Brokers
  • Chiropractors
  • Financial Planners
  • CPAs and Accountants
  • Dentists
  • Doctors, Plastic Surgeons
  • Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Home Services

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