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Software Company

Software Company

Relational Database Technology – Big Data – Software


This B2B technology company had very high lead acquisition costs. The (brand) visibility was lacking, and the paid campaigns were poorly managed. The challenge was to lift the brand awareness, along with lowering costs for leads.

Solution Approach:

One of the biggest things implemented in this case was an increase in budget and optimizing the campaigns for better CPA via landing page optimization. We are now able to capture a much higher share of voice and maintain visibility throughout the day. Prior, we never truly knew when this demographic actually searched online and the budget and user interaction was too minimal to accurately determine when best to target. In terms of conversions, we’ve aligned the ad copy very closely with the call to action on the landing page so the expectation is clear from the initial impression of the ad through the landing page experience. This has increased the conversion rate considerably.


This resulted in a decrease of average cost per conversion from $388.27/conversion to $83.48/conversion resulting in a 209% increase in total conversions.