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In 2019… If You Own, Operate Or Use A Website For Business Growth, Then This Is For You:

“Finally…Here’s How To Increase Relevant SEO Traffic By At Least 200% In The Next 30 Days Without Hiring More Team Members!”

Do You Struggle With Organic Search Engine Traffic? If So, This Will Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Read All Year.

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Jon Rognerud, SEO ExpertAuthor Entrepreneur Press

Dear Friend,Let me ask you a serious question (pick one from the list):

  1. ​Are you angry that you can’t seem to ever show up first when someone searches for you in Google?
  2. Does it drive you crazy to see that others own the first page of Google with THEIR website, videos, news, local maps and more – but not YOU?
  3. Are you puzzled by why your SEO content is not the single largest source of new leads and revenue (like American Express’ Open Forum, for example)?
  4. Do you sometimes feel your content team is not effective at reaching your target audience?
  5. Looking over the last 6 months, are you mystified why your marketing programs are driving little to no measurable results?
  6. Is it killing you inside that  you spend more on paid search each month because you don’t rank organically for those keywords?

If You Answered ‘Yes’ To Any Of The Above, I Got Good News For You!

Because… I’ll show you how to create SEO traffic that increases quality leads in a big way, quickly, and without losing sleep. 

And, like most online businesses, SEO is an exciting marketing channel and considered a top priority for inbound marketing projects. Also recently confirmed in the recent Hubspot “State of Inbound” research paper.


But first, let me introduce myself.

I’m Jon Rognerud, Founder of Chaosmap (since 2007), SEO expert, speaker, consultant and a 3-time published book author with Entrepreneur Press on SEO, content marketing and website optimization. My team and I solve SEO problems, and build both short and long term strategies to drive traffic and create brand visibility in search engines.

I’m published across the Internet on Search Engine Journal, Huffington Post, MSNBC, Yahoo and many others. 

We have been responsible for launching websites and SEO projects for over 10 years – in a professional capacity and for both large and small companies. (I started back in 1996, but I didn’t even know it was called SEO then…)

It Wasn’t Always This Good…

I know how you feel about the problems at the top of this letter. SEO has gotten a bad rap over the years, and there is a lot of mis-information out there. And, the so-called SEO experts, blogs and forums who claim they have all the answers and spread incorrect or worse, false information – have not helped.

When I first started out, I was passionate and excited about about the Internet, websites, development … and even though I had a software background, I didn’t get it. However, I was determined to find the answers to the “SEO Puzzle”. I had to re-learn everything I thought it was. (and it’s not about being ‘a technical genius’, a common misconception about SEO).

However, that nagging “I don’t know what I’m doing” feeling and the total frustration and ignorance about “what to do next” followed me for months! 

Even today – the team and I are still learning and finding new things to test and implement. Some even contradict what official communication might come from Google!

But, I also discovered, perhaps just like you – over the years – that so many others who signed on with me as clients – had similar or exactly the same problems.

It all boiled down to a very specific process, executed in an orderly fashion. Just like baking a cake: you follow the recipe step-by-step and not out of order. More on that shortly.

Ultimately, what clients agreed on is that investments into SEO and organic inbound marketing paid off exponentially over time, and they considered it a smart investment.

Let Me Be Completely Transparent

This is a sales letter.

There is a an offer made at the bottom of this page. Even though it’s COMPLETELY FREE, it still means you have to take an action. 

By taking action, you’ll put us to the challenge by simply agreeing to let us try. With hundreds of SEO and online marketing audits completed, we want to show you how this can work for your business too.

How Do We Solve “Ranking Is Lacking”?

We don’t. (Yes, I know…that’s a different answer than you normally get… but read on…)

Listen, you don’t have a “ranking” problem, per se. As you you’ve learned from the points above, you have an online *business problem*.

You want to create brand visibility, sure – but more than anything, you need to sell more, grow the company faster – and positively impress your investors, board-members and your CFO. You want them smiling at your next breakfast presentation.

Imagine How Your Business Will Positively Change As Traffic Comes Pouring In Every Minute Of Every Day…

Here is your secret weapon: The SEO Audit.

We’ve discovered, fine-tuned, tweaked and implemented our “SEO audit map” process for clients over the last 10 years.

This vetted and proven approach first creates a detailed map of your marketing and sales process.

We seek to understand your real goals (and help you map them out). We then show you what you need to build to create success for those objectives.

Ranking above your competitor is not the answer. You don’t have enough information to make that claim yet. (we’ll show you why too!)

For example, if you want to rank higher for a keyword, we’ll ask: “Why”?

And when you say: “because that keyword has a lot of traffic”, we’ll say: “it doesn’t matter – rankings and traffic only matter if the inbound activity converts to some ‘action’ that results in creating sustainable sales”.

We will show you where you should place your time and effort. (Of course, we’re biased. But, we know that an SEO, content and digital marketing audit is your first priority).

Furthermore, we will ask you to fill out a simple assessment form to get started.

This will help you uncover not only how to reach your goals, but over a mutually understood expected timeline. Cost parameters are included, and the ROI worksheet helps you determine what to focus on first.

We’ll create the SEO audit in such a way that you’ll understand what traffic you should focus on, what content you might need, and what technical issues you are facing now.


This is our Ultimate SEO Audit System – a roadmap of how to align business goals with search marketing, SEO and content marketing strategies to create the biggest impact you’ve seen for your business thus far.

Plus, it’s transferrable to your in-house team as you grow. 

Here are starting points:​

  • Instant Reveal #1 – What is blocking search engines from seeing your content now, and how to fix them. We show you multiple approaches that you must review and implement. If you are using WordPress, you’ll love this!
  • Instant Reveal #2 – A ‘business’ audit system that includes both your sales and marketing teams to get instant clarity on what to focus on first, and why. Our 30-point checklist is included for you to follow.
  • Instant Reveal #3 – How you stand as compared to the market place for important keywords, content and links. Model after the strategic customer journey map with easy to follow steps.

Your Focus Must Be On Results, Not Tactics Or A Guru

Massive amounts of information exist on SEO and inbound marketing.

Much of the SEO blogs and forums dispel incorrect, or worse: outdated information. Google and search engines change daily, and while tactics have not changed much over the years, the strategies have evolved.

Your best bet is to get your SEO strategies from active, results-driven experts that eat, sleep and breathe SEO and online marketing.

When we speak with potential clients, we see a lot of mis-information… and they have become jaded and disappointed with prior vendors and results. Not their fault, and we understand.


We focus on making this process simple, effective & results-driven.

We steer the conversation towards goals and success metrics, not the latest widget or hype-y SEO tactics. (This is what is called “Black Hat SEO” in the industry.

We were fortunate to find Chaosmap and their team of seasoned SEO and PPC experts. Their expert advice, comprehensive planning and well-thought out implementation gets high marks across the board!”

Suzanne McCormac Senior Director Marketing

Here Are 7 Reasons To Try Our Initial SEO Content Audit:

    • Easy to understand – No ‘tech-speak’ … written for the executive and business owner who understands English.
    • Fast road map – A simple layout to get results fast, and get the quick wins for trust and authority.
    • Team review – We review your situation as a team, and present the solution options via Skype or Gotomeeting.
    • Ongoing support – Training videos, ongoing support and questions are made available to you via private portal. Plus, you’ll get access to our effective “10-steps plan” to optimizing WordPress.
    • Expert network – Access to additional professionals that are part of our large network of strategists and tacticians.
    • Save time – One place to get all the information you need. No more worrying about who to call next.
    • And many more…

Here’s Proof The SEO Audit Works

Every agency, consulting and inbound marketer with any weight will bring up the ‘audit’ as one of the first steps in the process.

An SEO audit is not only smart, but necessary.

Would your doctor or dentist start a surgery procedure until a comprehensive diagnosis was completed first? 

An audit works because it shows you all the underlying and immediate technical issues, problems with content, keywords, links and conversion funnels. That includes your web analytics.

Case Study: A 246% Growth In Traffic ​


This organic traffic increase show positive results from a recent client case study in the B2B space. We performed the SEO audit, and after finding some gaping holes in their SEO strategy (one of which was ‘bad links’), we grew the organic traffic over 246% during that period. This was not magic, although to the executives ….it appeared that way 🙂

But traffic is not enough. Matching and tracking the audit with your ACTUAL business goals will be paramount to your visibility and growth in your niche market!

The initial website SEO audit includes:

  1. Technical Analysis
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Content Analysis & Optimization Analysis
  4. Top 10 Keyword Discovery & Recommendations
  5. Total Visibility & Strategic Roadmap For Success

We’ll also show you what activities to focus on in the first 90 days. No fluff, just action-oriented items you can use.

We’ll Send You My Latest Optimization Book – FREE!

Author: Jon Rognerud

As a companion to the SEO audit, you’ll receive a copy of my latest SEO book from Entrepreneur Press. 

You’ll get access to training videos, and technical support during the audit.

You can submit questions directly to our helpdesk, for more general questions.

Our experts are ready to help you.

Here’s What We Have For You:

Our initial SEO audits are priced at $997.00. And, when you read below, you’ll see your special offer.

In fact, when you take action now, you’ll receive the below for FREE (we only ask for a “good faith”, fully refundable deposit of $97.00).

You’ll receive video training bonuses for free, sent to you upon delivery.

IMPORTANT: We can only do this for the first 5 (five) that take action right away. It’s a limited offer for the fast-action  person or company.

I trust you agree this is an amazing deal. Professional SEO audits can go for thousands of dollars.

Our initial SEO audit is intentionally priced low, so you can see how we work, and decide if you want to work with us longer term (no pressure though). And, if you decide this was not for you, or you found somebody else, we’ll refund you the entire amount.

You only need to pay $97.00 as a refundable deposit, if you act fast. I’m not sure how long this offer will be up at this reduced rate, so I urge you to take action now.

Why are we doing this?

In full disclosure, we trust you’ll enjoy and use the information to make a positive change for your business.

And, you’ll consider us when you are ready to move forward on a larger scale. However, there is no hidden sales pitch from us.

We deliver first. If you (later) decide this was better than expected, we can discuss how to proceed.

Here’s A List Of Your Exciting Bonuses:

When we showed industry veterans what we’re giving away as additional bonuses, the standard reaction was: “are you crazy?!” 

  • checkFree tickets for 2 for our next  SEO Live Seminar in September – Los Angeles, CA. These tickets are sold at $2,500 and you’ll join us live for advanced training and meet the team, professionals with cool networking opportunities.  
  • checkTraffic and content promotion guide using search and social media with worksheets, cheat-sheets and documents that we use with our clients ($450.00
  • checkMembership access to our “SEO Insider Club” and private Facebook Group ($12,000 for  the whole year)
  • checkSkype follow-up call with the team ($297.00)

Here’s What You’ll Get As Part Of The “THE ULTIMATE SEO AUDIT”

The Ultimate Website Audit Plan Details

1 Website

Up To 5,000 Indexed Pages

    • 150 Checkpoint List
    • Roadblocks Report
    • Website And Content Audit
    • The Complete Bonus List That We Include Above

Normally $997.00 – NOW FREE!

[stripe name=”Chaosmap Store” description=”The Ultimate SEO Audit” amount=”9700″]

Important: The $97.00 is a fully refundable “good faith” deposit.

It’s only required to keep “time-vampires” at bay.(Secure payment via Stripe. Once processed, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page with instructions and scheduling.)


Now you can test drive our product immediately with NO RISK!

In fact, it’s FREE!

If for any reason, you think that our delivery didn’t provide what you expected, contact support desk, and we will return 100% of your money. No Questions Asked!

And, since we are so confident about our work, will add one more guarantee:

Here’s our CRAZY double-guarantee: If you didn’t find any value in our data and docs, and it was less than you expected, we’ll promptly send you a check for $100.00 just for “wasting” your time.

100 dollar check for your trouble

How is that for fair?

Imagine your website with no traffic increase, no new leads, lack of customers and stale growth. That’s what you are risking if you don’t take action now. And, remember – this is ONLY available for the first 5 action takers right now:

[stripe name=”Chaosmap Store” description=”The Ultimate SEO Audit” amount=”9700″]

The $97.00 is a fully refundable deposit, no questions asked. After entering your information, you’ll be taken to a page(below) where you will enter a short questionnaire, and set up an intro call (about 15 minutes).

Deposit Success Page

Sincerely,Jon Rognerud


Results are guaranteed when you follow our SEO roadmap. We’ll let you know if we don’t think we are match.

You get a 100% refund no matter what — no questions asked. After purchasing, you’ll receive a simple assessment form to fill out.

We only request that you turn it around within 24 hours, so we can get started quickly. We’ll then schedule a time to review the audit.

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