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WordPress Plugins Directory From Chaosmap

1. Sticky Website Footer For WordPress Plugin
This creates a permanent, sticky message at the bottom of your pages.

2. Quiz Elite – Quiz Based Lead Gen WordPress Plugin
This WordPress plugin instantly creates a quiz or assessment to generate a high-engagement lead funnel and captures emails before presenting results.

3. – ATS Job Board For Greenhouse Applications
This powerful plugin creates pages and content based on the API to and its administrative dashboard. Fully functional Application Tracking System for hiring talent using WordPress and page integration.

4. Leads On Steroids Forms – Lead Generation For WordPress Plugin
This plugin generated a 400% increase in leads when it was activated for a recent client. Full case study and instructions on how to use install and customize. 100% free in the public domain in the WordPress directory.

5. SEO Domain Migration & Redirection WordPress Plugin
When migrating sites, directories and subdomains, you need a way to correctly manage the “Google Juice” (links) to properly redirect from location A to location B. This plugin implements a correct 301 structure to match domain and pages from environment A To environment B.

6. WooCommerce Shipping Coupons Coverage WordPress Plugin
By default, WooCommerce doesn’t allow coupons to cover shipping charges to the customer. This custom WordPress plugin for WooCommerce addresses that business problem easily. For example, if a charge is $100.00 and it includes a $15.00 shipping charge, this plugin will allow the coupon to cover the $115.00 – all inclusive.

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