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Get Done For You Facebook Ads!

We have limited spots available for our unique done for you FB ads program. We invite you to set an appointment below:


Fast Facebook Ads To Market

We can launch your Facebook ads campaigns as soon as 48 hours after our strategy call.


Facebook Ads Consultation

Before we start any advertising campaign, we must first understand your goals and what you want.


Facebook Ads Onboarding

We show you in advance what to expect, and we provide training and educational videos for your team.


Complete Ads Management

We take care of the entire process, and build you a highly converting FB Ads funnel, all the way to the actual sale.

We saw a doubling of leads and a 20% reduction in click costs from our demand advertising campaign in the first 9 days in Facebook.

You guys rock!.

Kari Cole, Marketing Director At Plastic Surgery

Done For You FB Ads - Advertising Services

This service is best suited for those who have a real business, and already seeing some results with advertising.

We work with a select few clients, and focus on high quality impact and high returns.

Facebook Ads Campaigns Include:

Advertising Service Deliverables:

Advertising Program Framework:

  • Business and Facebook Ads strategy consultation (FBADSC ™)
  • Market & Competitive research
  • Ad copy and image build-outs
  • Implementation and complete management of your Facebook ad campaigns
  • Daily optimization of Facebook campaigns and ads
  • Retargeting plans and implementation
  • Pixel creation, placement and URL conversion tracking
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Custom audiences (email lists from CRM)
  • Dedicated account manager with updates
  • Weekly advertising reports with key metrics, status updates & recommendations
  • A new Facebook ad plan with strategy that’s customized with targeting research, copy, sample ads and your specific images
  • Split-testing of ads, campaigns and landers
  • Performance reporting sent out weekly
  • Response from account manager with 2-4 hours
  • 4 campaigns created with approximately 4 ads in each campaign (may change, depending on strategy)
  • Unique images purchased for you
  • Ad copy testing and updates
  • Keeping your ads fresh with continued optimization and to improve CTR and reduction in CPC
  • Focus on lead generation into actual sales (growth) for your business
  • Reporting & tracking of CTR,CPC,CPM,CPL,CPS, etc.
  1. Strategy, Planning, Consultation
  2. Market Research and Targeting Opportunities
  3. Logistics & Setup
  4. Creative Design For Ad Types
  5. Copy Development
  6. Program Management & Reporting

Direct Response Advertising & Marketing

We focus on a direct response marketing approach which means immediate feedback and response.

Within this model of marketing, we are able to help you with:

  • Drive conversions online, in stores and in mobile apps
  • People targeting, retargeting and custom audience building
  • Lookalike audiences for finding more people with similarities
  • Demand generation
  • Facebook SDK for integrated app connections
  • App installs
  • Online transactions
  • Store visits and in-store sales
  • Creatives and with video on mobile
  • Campaign performance and ads reporting
  • Multi-touch attribution models

Who This Is For

Are we a good match?

  • You already have multiple landing pages and a funnel in place
  • You already have a business and products or services are selling in the marketplace
  • You have seen results from previous ads and Facebook marketing programs
  • Committed to at least $5k / monthly spend (Our strategy will dictate budget ramp up. We start with a smaller daily spend as we scale)
  • Understand social media and committed to making it work (even if it’s bumpy at times)

Our "we'll eat our hat" 100% Guarantee: 

We guarantee the best service and experience the Facebook advertising industry offers. We have been creating online marketing programs since 2007, and done for you Facebook ads since 2012. We meet every week with your team and you work with our dedicated Facebook Ads account consultant.

QUESTION: How much is it costing you to stay where you are now?

It’s time to make a positive change with Facebook Ads that convert!

Markets We Commonly Serve

  • Real Estate (Consumer and Commercial)
  • Mortgage Companies, Mortgage Bankers
  • Home Loan Solutions For Consumers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Financial Services
  • Reverse Mortgages and Retirement Loans Services
  • Real Estate Auction Companies

We create high performance Facebook advertising in local and national markets. We began with Facebook paid ads internally in 2012, and have scaled up over the last 5 years. Additionally, we have designed and leveraged Google ad media buys since 2006. 

Additional important verticals we serve:

  • Fitness studios, personal trainers
  • Wellness coaches and therapists
  • Chiropractors, Doctors, Plastic Surgeons
  • Law / Legal professionals
  • Consultants, Coaches, Experts 
  • Authors, Speakers, Sales Consultants
  • Trainers and teachers with e-courses and information products
  • E-commerce and product catalogs for B2C and B2B (Specifically for Shopify and building high-return sales funnels)

Unlike others in our industry, we focus on building the entire experience - from traffic (top of funnel), engagement assets (middle of funnel) and conversion optimization (bottom of funnel). We build sales and marketing funnels for you to help scale your business.

IMPORTANT: This service is best suited for businesses who already have an established business. 

(This program is NOT for "biz-opp" or "opportunity seekers", "adult business" or for people with no real business.

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