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The “Media & Marketing” Podcast w/Jon Rognerud

Listen to our podcast experts and join our growing subscribers to get insights and distinctions that make an impact in business and life today!

Episode #020

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Audit P1 – Agency On-boarding Edition

“Introducing The Online Sales Growth Structure For Advertising Audits”

Learn the 2 step approach we take to enable new clients to see our process, educate them, help them while we position relationships for advertising success. It’s about creating an information flow that works for them as much as it does for you.#chaosmap Want more? –>

Download the audit/onboarding chart: the “MEDIA & MARKETING” podcast with Jon RognerudOn YouTube:Watch the Facebook Ads Account Audit Video

Episode #019

Marketer Ben Stocks: How To Triple Revenue For Your Local Business 

I’m excited to share this interview with Ben Stocks. Learn the insider strategies on what it takes to grow your business… fast!

You’ll hear about the top issues facing any local business owner and what you should consider before just adding “traffic” to your website and social media assets.

Learn more from Ben here:

Episode #018

5 VSL Style Webinar Funnels That Work (#5 Is The Most Powerful)

In this episode, I cover 5 funnel frameworks to building your own webinar (VSL style) funnels.These types of funnels, using webinars or Video Sales Letters (VSL) brings in millions for companies across the globe.  Have you tried them? We use them for clients too and they are very effective for driving appointments and sales, when done right.

PDF Download:Funnel Framework Chart

YouTube Video:Watch The Webinar Funnels Training

Episode #017

How The “Spinning Plates” Made David Vogelpohl (@wpdavidv) From WP Engine Produce Higher Performing Teams and Outstanding WordPress Technology

(Some of the audio was cut off due to a mic problem, link to text below.)

Thanks to David Vogelpohl and the entire team for providing an awesome technology platform and strategic business leadership for our industry! 

Mr. Vogelpohl is the VP of Web Strategy at WP Engine and his role is in leading teams supporting WP Engine’s contributions to the WordPress #Core, supporting technology partners in the WordPress ecosystem, and also the StudioPress brand lead within the WP Engine business.

Full text here:Interview with David Vogelpohl (PDF)

YouTube Video:Watch the Interview

How To Build High Converting Landing Pages For Ad Traffic

Creating landing pages for your ad traffic is really not that complex. However, most business owners I speak to have no real understanding of the psychology, layout and technical aspects of building highly converting landing pages. In this podcast episode, I share ideas you must include to get better converting pages and that will ultimately result in better quality leads.

Resources/Download For This Episode: Free Landing Page Framework (PDF)

How To Double Sales In 7 Days

Local professional services business? Listen to how you can double your sales in under a week.

How To Sell Out Your Next Event

Here’s the framework we use to sell out events, seminars, workshops, conferences. Send us an email at for the complete download.

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On the media & marketing podcast, Jon Rognerud interviews noted experts in entrepreneurship, business building, growth hacking, paid media, sales & marketing. The podcast aims to dispel myths, reveal what’s working now and how failures and successes impacted the lives of business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers – and how it made them better. Jon Rognerud is from Norway, went from being a top 10 musician, turned to software development, and created 3 books on SEO and web optimization for Entrepreneur Press and is currently a consultant and founder of a leading advertising and marketing agency in Los Angeles, CA. Subscribe & Review Today!

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