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On-page SEO Analysis – Crawling A Website

seo analyzer and on page content analysis

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“Discover how to quickly analyze a website domain for on-page factors, its internal pages and overall content for maximum search engine performance and output”

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Based on search marketing research, testing and what we know about search engines, there are 3 critical areas of focus for SEO success:

Keywords, content and layout (usability, engagement) – on-page SEO analysis

Links (internal / external) – quality over quantity (off-page SEO analysis)

Social engagement, social signals and user experience (indirect ranking effect)

For “pure-play” SEO (search engine optimization) the first two are central for being found at the top of natural search results.
However, social signals can act as an “after-effect”, and are valuable. Google has formed a relationship with Twitter for a reason.

On-page optimization and marketing strategies as seen in a more in-depth SEO infographic:

Finally, user experience and engagement are valuable to search engines directly, and are keys to include in your search engine marketing efforts.

Learning how to create and run an SEO campaign is essential, but revealing your current, under-the-hood website status is an important starting place for any website.

You need to crawl and expose the real assets of your website and its pages.

Rapid SEO Analyzer Elite – Current SEO Product screenshot:

Please review more SEO software tools and custom integrations from Chaosmap directly via this link.

Here are additional SEO onpage crawling and content discovery tools you can try:

Xenu SEO Crawler tool (Free, and detailed reports for SEO discovery)

SEO Analysis Screaming Frog (Free, but paid after 500 pages crawled)

SEO URL profiler (Not a crawler by itself, but fantastic for link analysis and content discovery when connected to Google Analytics and Google Search Console)