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Home Inspector

Home Inspector

Home Services Industry: Housing Inspection Company


A leading home inspection company in North America serving over 400 locations in 9 provinces and 43 states. 

They wanted to improve their brand building awareness engagement; expanding their outreach to both their clients and realtors through social media channels.

Solution Approach:

Through our social media program, we’ve help set up their Twitter, Facebook, Social Bookmarking and YouTube pages and provided significant value organically. Setting our client apart from many competitors out there, our client achieved Brand Awareness, Leadership and Authority in the Real Estate industry as well as the Home Inspection industry. 

We’ve successfully engaged and built long lasting relationships with influencers in the online space, which translates to offline successes. We also help our Franchisees in setting up their own social channels, best practices, and interesting ideas to reach out to their customers.


Our best practices in social marketing and engagement strategies have been met with acknowledgement during a marketing conference and the client has won awards that demonstrated the company’s appeal to Real Estate professionals, home buyers/sellers and received over 5000 nomination from across Canada alone as the professional home inspection company of choice; through a combination of Social Media/Word-of-Mouth marketing, PPC, SEO, and SEM.

We are now reaching an average of 5,000 to over 40,000 people daily via a few tweets (10-25) and up to 70,000 impressions. Their Twitter and Facebook followers are very organic, saving our client a lot of costs in promotion and advertisement. The number of retweets, mentions, likes and discussions on these social channels have reflected the state of influence the client now has and awareness in the real estate industry.