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Customer Acquisition

Do you meet at least 3 of these criteria?

Provided by Chaosmap Digital

This page outlines what we look for in a new client. It should help you understand why we are interested in capturing this data early in the process. 

Our firm is a specialized, boutique advertising and marketing agency and we only work with select clients. We don’t want to waste your time or ours, therefore we provided a criteria checklist for you.

Together, we’ll work with you and focus on the priority strategies and help execute for the best outcomes each month. We help ensure that you get the most value for your marketing investment.

IMPORTANT: We may turn away business, but we do have a strong network that we can refer you to, so don't be afraid to connect today

We  have a NEW training and group coaching arm, - where we work with smaller businesses, brand new advertisers and folks who want to learn Facebook, Google and YouTube advertising. There are webinars, groups and access options with flexibility for those who are interested.

Is This You?

Let's begin...

  • You already have a business that is profitable
  • Minimum $5 million in annual revenue
  • High ticket products and/or services, B2B or B2C
  • Must already have a marketing budget in place and actively investing significant dollars each month

Your Unique Challenge

  • You are not satisfied with your current online campaigns, marketing strategies and need help now
  • You need to improve lead flow (opt-ins, sign-ups, subscriptions, inquiries, etc.)
  • You are not happy with your website and/or funnels and unable to turn strangers into customers

Passionate About Business

Branding & E-Commerce

  • Necessary to get visibility for your brand in technology markets
  • Website(s) or e-shopping presence already in place (even if not pretty)
  • Helpful if you have worked with another online marketing agency before


Being receptive to new ideas and concepts that you may not be familiar with can sometimes be hard.

We need you to be teachable – and be willing to accept new (proven) thinking on how you attract, connect, grow and keep clients, customers or patients 

Digital Marketing is an Investment

Willing and able to invest in website & landing page optimization and related programs to enhance user experience, engagement and sales. (If DM is a considered an 'expense' to you, we may not be a good fit).


"Chaosmap drives online business and sales, and is a real partner for the long term."

DISCOVERY - Mapping your chaos

Are you able to join a "discovery" meeting to see if we are a match and to learn if we can truly help you? We begin by capturing some KPI metrics & data points to see how we can help.

You in Los Angeles?

Do you want to meet?

Our offices are located in beautiful Manhattan Beach, CA

Metrics are the golden keys to success

Marketing online and off comes down to two simple things. The fact is; you must know your marketing math, customer avatar & psychology to attract the right audience for improved sales and profits.

Do you know these metrics in your business? (We call them KPI's - and we do not progress until this has been discovered and understood)

  • CPL. Your current cost per lead or cost per acquisition of lead (CPA)
  • CR %. Average conversion rate from lead/prospect to customer
  • Value. How much is a lead worth to you.

* We use our "profitability matrix" calculator to further drill down and assess your situation.

The Best Time to Start Getting Leads & Sales is Now!

Just for inquiring, we'll send you our 2019 traffic guide to getting more engagement on your social media assets, website and e-com store.

5 Simple Steps to...

Get More Traffic, Leads & Sales From Your Website

Don't delay if you are matching these criteria! We on-board a few select clients per month only, and you would not want to miss your spot to make the changes needed in your business.

Imagine what your world would look like next month -  with a steady flow of new sales from your website and business? What would that do for you?

Customer Acqusition Experts

What drives us is the passion we have for each project, each new client and the results we get.

Our sole focus is getting you more customers, clients or patients. We've been loving this work since 2007, and nothing is about to stop us now!

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