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6 Uncommon Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

The invention of website templates made it possible for the average consumer to build a website with ease.

Why use WordPress CMS?

WordPress: highly interactive, popular blogging platform, massive user count, SEO friendly out of the box

WordPress has taken template-based website building to the next level by automating and integrating a number of basic development processes and SEO functions that otherwise would take someone hours or even days to complete.

From the original blogging-centric platform to the total CRM system it offers today, WordPress is now the widely most used website-building platform for businesses of all types and sizes.

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love seo and wordpress and pluginsIf you’re struggling with content management, website coding or SEO issues, WP is a good way to go.

And, since you are looking for a better way to get your business online, these six uncommon WP facts are exactly why WordPress is perfect for you.

1. WordPress Websites Are Loved By Search Engines

The very fabric of Internet marketing is search engine optimization. Statistics have shown that search engines widely favor websites built using the WordPress platform because the code used to build templates is clean and easy to read for search bots.

The automated way WordPress works is greatly beneficial to your marketing and SEO efforts as well.

Every webpage, blog post, picture and video uploaded to a WordPress website has a section for description, meta tags and title, and many templates are set up to inform you of whether or not your written content satisfies basic SEO criteria for keywords.

2. Multiple User Capability

One gripe many business owners have with hiring someone else to set up a website is the fact that they have no way to make updates by themselves or upload content after the developer is finished.

WordPress websites allow for multiple users to create accounts and make changes as necessary.

Because the back end of the website is so user friendly, once the developer is done with their process, the business owner can login and make changes or upload content as necessary.

3. Security and Reliability

With all of the recent Internet security breaches that have occurred around the world, WordPress is famous for being less vulnerable to attacks than the majority of other solutions offered on the market.

Websites built using one of their templates are very secure, and there are a variety of plugins that can enhance security even further.

4. You Can Easily Setup Membership Websites

In past years, membership websites might have cost tens of thousands of dollars to setup.

WordPress has made this process extremely easy by offering unique plugins that can add as many membership levels as you want in a matter of a few minutes.

5. Unlimited Growth Potential

If you need to add pages to your WordPress website, you won’t have to know fancy code to change the navigation.

This means that you can add as many pages and blog posts as you like from the admin screen and WordPress will automatically add the links for you based on what category you choose for each post.

In the old days of website building, complicated Javascript/HTML coding procedures must be understood by the person building the website in order to make these types of changes.

6. Thousands of Available Plugins at Your Fingertips

Plugins were created to make your life easy. Each plugin performs a specific function that used to require hours of coding.

From search engine optimization and page load times to specialty plugins for real estate websites, eCommerce sites and just about any other market you can think of, plugins are what make WordPress so great.

The vast amount of free plugins combined with the user-friendly CMS platform have made it possible for anyone to create a website in as little as a few minutes.

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