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5 Amazing Shopify Apps to Increase Sales (and Profits) Overnight

Shopify’s app store has thousands of apps claiming to be the solution to boosting your online sales.


It’s impossible to filter through all these tools, especially when most of them are expensive and bring no value to your store.

Which is why we decided to share this list with you…

In our longstanding expertise, here are the best 5 Shopify apps to boost sales and profits:

1- Klaviyo

For decades, email has proven to be a very effective marketing technique for ecommerce stores. But as your companies grow, managing every aspect of the business can get a lot harder.

That’s why you need Klaviyo.

Klaviyo Shopify App

Klaviyo is an email marketing app that helps you automate email campaigns for your business. It’s the ultimate time and money saver as it helps you create personalized email sequences using pre-built templates depending on your marketing goals.

Some of its key features include:

  • Post-purchase follow up email sequences
  • Email personalization
  • Audience segmentation (based on behavior, location, etc)
  • Performance reports and data analytics
  • A/B testing

2- Recart

Cart abandonment is often one of the biggest challenges for online businesses. Imagine moving a target customer all the way to the bottom of the funnel, and then losing them moments before they convert.

Does that sound familiar?

Then Recart is the answer…

Cart abandonment emails are still super effective in recapturing lost leads. However, focusing on other platforms where your audience might be present — such as Facebook and Messenger — is a must.

Recart Shopify App

With features like push notifications, on-site popup messages, and Messenger marketing campaigns, Recart is the best solution to recovering lost leads.

The tool also offers detailed analytic reports to help you optimize your campaigns and focus on improving what’s important.

3- Zipify — OneClickUpsell

It’s hard to sell a single product, let alone multiple items at once. But that’s only true if you’re not using Zipify’s One-Click-Upsell (OCU).

OCU is the go-to solution for promoting matching products in your store to interested customers pre or post-purchase. It’s the best tool to upsell upgrades, add-ons, or accessories to engaged customers.

OneClickUpsell for Shopify


OneClickUpsell allows you to easily customize your product and subscription pages without the help of a developer. With a few simple tweaks, you can add testimonials or display similar products to encourage your leads to buy more.

As if that’s not enough…

OCU also comes with highly converting email sequences that you can use to retarget customers and boost your sales.

4- Trackify

No matter how great your products, branding, and marketing campaigns are, you’re not going to win unless you target the right audience.

And that’s exactly what Trackify is for…

Trackify is an all-in-one Facebook pixel app that helps store owners reduce ad spend and maximize their results. But what makes it even more interesting are the excellent features that come with it.

Trackify Facebook Pixel Optimization App

For example:

You can easily integrate a pixel with your Shopify store, then create specific tags for different products. Which allows you to run highly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook.

After that, you’ll be able to build and segment different audiences focusing on specific product pages.

Beyond that:

You can integrate Trackify with any Shopify app or theme you’ve installed on your website. Which makes it an excellent option compared to other Facebook pixel apps.

Another thing worth mentioning is the outstanding customer support offered by the company. You can jump on the live chat anytime and get your questions answered within minutes of asking them.

5- Crazyegg

Crazyegg helps you get a visual representation of how users are interacting with your website. You’ll be able to see how visitors scroll on the page, how their mouses move, and which parts they click on.

The two main features of Crazyegg are heatmaps and scroll maps.

Crazyegg App Features

For heatmaps, you’ll identify the places your leads click on the most, which are called hotspots in the app. Such data helps you better place important elements or buttons on your sales pages.

Scroll maps, however, show how users are scrolling on the page and how long they spend reading different sections. This feature is best used with long landing pages or sales offers to help you better reorganize your layouts.

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The Most Useful Business Tools Executives Must Use

Business owners are limited in what they can personally handle for every day tasks in their business. While most would prefer to see each task through from start to finish, it’s just not feasible.

To-do lists grow just as a company does, and owners are forced to delegate even more responsibilities to others. It can be hard to offload duties, since you still want to be sure they’re being done tools that the boss can use

For this process to work smoothly, you’ll want to entrust some online solutions and resources to help you.

Here are a few key areas to focus on:

Be Secure

Whether you’re in a technology business or not, most facets of your business are run online. With your sensitive details and most important information housed in a virtual environment, you can be left vulnerable.

There are various solutions that can be used to safeguard your data; MozyEnterprise is one of the most trusted. This type of tool can help you stay on top of file backups and online security.

Oversee the Books

What is a business without a deftly run accounting department? You may get by as you playing CFO at the beginning, but if you don’t have a strong background in finance, you – and your business – will inevitably flounder if you do this long term.

Be sure whoever is managing your company’s money is well educated and highly experienced in corporate finance. This individual should regularly report to you with past reports, current status and future projections.

For most owners though, this sort of reporting isn’t enough. You launched this company, you want to have your finger on the pulse of its fiscal health.

If this mindset resonates with you, consider a tool like QuickBooks Online Plus for your accounting needs.

With this tool, your company can take advantage of double-entry accounting, a deep level of customization, easy usability and comprehensive reporting. With its Web-based nature, you’re never more than a click away from checking in on how things are looking from a financial perspective.

Analyze Your Strategies

If you’ve handed over the responsibility of marketing to another leader on your team, kudos to you for taking that important step. But just because you’re trusting your marketing department to brainstorm strategies and see them through to execution doesn’t mean that you need to completely drop the reins.

As the business’s chief leader, you should be up to date on how marketing initiatives (and sales efforts) are performing. One of the best ways to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns is by turning to Google Analytics.

Use this service to monitor your traffic, get insight into how effective your mobile apps are and boost sales.

Notice: Video and story-based messaging is extremely powerful when used within a well developed business strategy. Lumen5 is a social video marketing tool which has been noted by Social Media Examiner as one of the best tools to make videos. Try it for Free.

Manage Your Reputation

Last, but not least, how do you do your best to control your brand’s precious image in the eyes of consumers (and competitors)? The best (and hardest to swallow) answer is that you craft and keep this image by doing reputable work, following through on promises and always keeping integrity as your focal point.

Beyond this, you can employ a variety of tools to see how others perceive your company.

Try using a solution like SocialMention to search for your brand’s name and other related key words and get real-time feedback.

By seeing what’s out there, you can nimbly handle any problematic situations that arise. Your reputation is everything, so you’d be wise to be consistently aware of it.

As you seek to maintain control of your business, while simultaneously empowering other leaders to handle some of the duties you can’t, it can be hard to find a good balance. Use online tools that benefit your business and allow you to still have a bird’s eye view of your company’s functions without micromanaging.

Keep your data secure, your finances functional (and visible), your strategies evaluated and your reputation intact.

With some help from these systems, you’re sure to stay appropriately involved while letting your business flourish under a healthy amount of autonomy.

If you want to learn more:
visit our upcoming training webinars and register for your free seat today!