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How To Use Your Online Education to Market and Grow Your Business

You are finally living the dream.

You’re the boss of your own business and everything is perfect. Now…if only you could figure out how to apply all that great information you have spent the past few years learning in school. Translating textbook case studies and imaginary scenarios into marketable skills for your company can be tough.

Education for growing businesses

In fact, a 2011 study by the Harvard Graduate School of Education found that learning based on actual work situations was the top way youths prepare themselves for the workforce.

There are many skills you can develop while earning your degree online. lists some of the top skills include: independence, multitasking and motivation. Combining the actual information you learn in the classroom with the life skills that accompany the course load is the best preparation for business success.

Whether you earn your degree from a brick and mortar school or through an online program, you will be in a situation to learn both academic and real-world skills that will help you both run and market your company.