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3 Facts About Marketing Your Own Financial Services Business

Since 1933, the finance and banking system has been crippled by legislation and stringent guidelines.

Add to this, the over 76 million Baby Boomers that will retire with an estimated $30 trillion in accumulated assets in the next 20 years.

However, after the serious economic events of 2008 and even including current day, the Boomer’s belief systems have been all but destroyed. To help manage this wealth, a trusted financial adviser is an absolute must.

So, who can they trust? And, how do they find you in the first place?

While you encourage questions about your business, how you operate, and what you offer, not everybody reaching out is qualified. Plus, you may spend a lot of time and unproductive hours every day chasing bad or low quality leads.

Nobody wins.

However, a ‘formula’ that seems to work well for a professional service business is: 

Authority + Trust + Right-Side Marketing = Natural Quality Prospects Attraction

Furthermore, there is mounting evidence of a changing marketplace in the financial services sector that reveals it’s more challenging than ever to attain success online.

While a formula can be a good place to start the process, you must begin to implement the most critical pieces from NEW learning. That includes understanding marketing systems and business building frameworks that match YOUR business. This will eventually improve and meet the goals, lifestyle and service of your highly affluent boomer and senior clients.

Everybody wins.

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