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8 Steps To Your New Social Media Plan For Business Owners

Since the emergence of the Internet, there has been thousands and thousands of social networking sites created because of high demand from the general public. It has also been a practice for businesses to use social media to generate more traffic, turn users into customers, and interact with their audience.

Simply put, social media serves as a big and effective marketing and customer service tool to cater to people’s needs and promote your business as well.


1. Importance of a Social Media Plan

Promotions have always been a staple for any business. They help grow awareness and create excitement around your products and services. Since people get almost all information they need using the Internet, a business without a social media marketing strategy is as good as dead.

Social networking sites are platforms where you can reach your audience in a more personal and affordable way, so use them as efficiently as you can. Planning is necessary and significant to come up with a unique approach that will carry your business to new heights. Here are some important points when planning your social media marketing strategy.

2. Setting Goals

What is your purpose behind doing this?

Having a certain reason and one specific goal in mind is the first vital step in planning. Understanding what you want to achieve will keep you focused and determined in reaching your desired milestone. Some of the most common (and precise) goals include building brand awareness, offering customer services, developing loyalty, and driving sales.

If you are just starting, you may want to focus on building product awareness first. People only share and talk about interesting and impressive stuff, so building up your products or services should be your first goal.

3. Channel Generation

Now that you know what your purpose is, it’s time to act on it. Don’t be afraid to be a newbie. It’s okay to seek guidance and learn from others. Look for current social media trends, consider them as your guide, and use them in a way that you think would benefit your business most.

You should have a keen eye to discern which trends and tools will help you reach your goal. Brainstorm with your social media or marketing team and encourage them to speak up if they have any ideas for your strategy.

4. Managing Platforms

There are so many social media platforms, but for starters, you must focus managing just one. The decision doesn’t depend upon the platform you enjoy using most, but the platform where your target customers spend their time on. Only move beyond this limit once you know that you can handle them well.

5. Partnerships

You can’t do everything alone. A start-up campaign coupled with big name partners is an easy way to get the attention you need. The online connections you make will give you the source of your results.

Search for people who talk about relevant topics to your business and contact them to start a partnership. Add them to your networks and follow up your progress. Partnerships will add new people to your network every day, the product of which is more customers.

6. Time & Schedule

Your social media plan should have a time-frame  Failing to do so will make you too complacent to accomplish excellent results. Develop a routine to achieve your goal at a specific time. The best way to reach your deadline is to be committed to your plans.

Once you decide to jump in, the only way to see results is to keep your activity level high and ongoing. Make online communication a daily habit for it to pay off. This way, you can move on from one goal to another and still maintain an effective timeline.

7. Measuring Returns

Set an expected return on your investment. You know your purpose, so you must also know your desired outcome over a period of time. You must measure the effectiveness of every project and strategy you use by evaluating how much contribution they have in reaching your goal. Every marketing activity needs results, so look for efficient tools to measure them.

Keep the strategies that worked and exceeded your expectations and find ways to develop and carry them out even further. If there is a method that failed, assess why it fell short and decide if you will alter it to give it another try or drop it from your strategies.

8. Building Your Own Home

Once your social media marketing strategy becomes really effective, people will begin looking for more things you have to offer. Don’t waste this public interest you’ve worked hard to attain—be ready for people to come running after you. An impressive website must have the elements of a gorgeous web design, remarkable content, and complete business and product details. It must be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and engaging.

An impressive social media presence followed by a strong, proactive business website is the perfect combination to catch the harvest and make them want to stay with you.

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