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The 3 Most Important SEO Things You Must Do To Optimize Your Website Now

We are in a new phase of website optimization that goes beyond just the usual SEO techniques of website building. To understand this premise, we must look through the eyes of potential customers who are looking for solutions.

All of the metrics that provide for the mechanical ranking of websites still hold true in today’s competitive world, but we need to go beyond that. We will assume that you are up-to-date with search engine optimization training, long tail keywords, mobile marketing, and videos and social media marketing (more about that later) used in the optimization of your site.

Here a salient fact that must be recognized. You can get to page one of Google, but if no one understands your message and takes some sort of (positive) action, you might as well not exist.

“Who is Your Website Visitor?”

Website visitors today are very impatient. And, especially if they are coming to your site for the first time. According to Tony Haile, the CEO of “Chartbeat” the average viewer will only stay on your first page for 15 seconds, unless you can convince them that you can meet their needs. Well designed and coded templates, proper placement of images, and symmetrical design configurations don’t mean a whole lot in that short space of time. Do you know who your visitor really is, and what they are looking for?

“What is The Purpose of Your Website?”

Most business owners respond by stating that their website should actually work to bring in new customers, clients or patients. If it is there for any other purpose, the business owner is just wasting time and money. You have to capture the attention of a typical first time viewer in that first 15 seconds (or less), or you are just whistling in the wind.

Think of a time when you went to a very well designed website, but when you got right down to brass tacks and attempted to read through the content you were still unsure of the message, and if it could help you. Even after more reading, you still found it difficult to find the purpose of this business.

Unfortunately, this is a problem with many websites. The very system that is supposed to convey the message that will cause people to come “into” the store, click the button on the site for more information, or pick up the phone and call your office, leaves the reader in a fuzzy state of mind.

If your business solves a real problem for people, but the website fails to communicate that, potential customers will never discover how good you are with such a short window of opportunity.

We hear over and over that content is king, and that is still very true. Because, the one thing that people are looking for, more than anything else, is information gained from excellent content and placement. They want very targeted and focused information, and if they fail to find it they will quickly move on.

There are three major things that must occur in order to get the right message out to website visitors, so that they will want to call you, visit you, or delve more deeply into your products or services.

1. State Clearly What the Business is About – Quickly Show the Value Being Offered to your Target Audience

Hire a professional copywriter, with a track record of success. Your business must be presented as the problem solver that it is, very clearly, and to the point.

A copywriter is a professional who will “sell” your concept with words that have high impact and will be deeply informative. This quality content will outweigh flashy designs or cute pictures.

2. Communicate Vividly Why Your Business Is Different From Your Competitors

Without disparaging other businesses, clearly state what you do that the competition does not do. Your customers will catch on very quickly.

Demonstrating this proposition by video is an excellent way to get the facts right out there in the open. If you can show why you are better in the video, you don’t have to say it.

3. Establish Realistic Expectations As Well As Solid Credibility That You Deliver Your Promises

Clearly state the issues and problems that you have solved in the past, with clear-cut testimonials to that fact.

People rely on testimonials in a big way, and you will gain credibility. Also if you belong to any professional organizations and affiliations, your credibility is enhanced.


…that people are looking for solutions, and the content of your website must give them the solutions to their problems. When they fully understand that, they will come to you for help, and buy your products and services. Make sure that the information is easy to find as you develop and expand the information architecture.