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Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media Marketing For Business

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Social media creates powerful leverage for brands

When using social media in conjunction with SEO and a complete marketing plan, you have a powerful mix for brand visibility and growth.

We are established in Los Angeles, California – and active both in business and personally using social media.

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Our social media experts can provide insightful and results-based assistance in these areas:

Comprehensive social media management, listening and reputation monitoring (brand mentions)

Web analytics reporting and cross-platform reporting

Co-management with your teams (marketing tools)

Content repurposing and growth from our training and courses

Social media strategies and social media optimization (SMO) recommendations

Specialized promotions and nurture funnels (email marketing, landing pages)

Cross-marketing integration (i.e. SEO, Paid ads, etc)

Custom application development (iPhone, Android, Facebook, WordPress)Facebook done for you ads

Big data and business intelligence analytics dashboards

Training and consulting

How To Develop A Social Media Structure (Planning)

We have adapted a powerful planning framework from PR Smith.

The SOSTAC model was developed in the early 90’s and has been since voted as a highly popular and useful structure for planning and managing marketing initiatives.

It fits perfectly into the Social Media Planning that you must undertake:

Situation :
where are we now? (e.g. audit of your social media activity)

Objectives :
where do we want to be? (e.g. 20% uplift in sales)

Strategy :
how do we get there? (e.g. mission statement, market segmentation)

Tactics :
what activities to get us there? (e.g. twitter activity, Facebook, set up a blog)

Action :
How do we implement it? (e.g. specific activities, creating an editorial calendar)

Control :
Did we get the results we wanted? (ongoing monitoring, tracking & reporting)

How To Set Goals For Your Social Media Marketing

While following the framework outlined above, you’ll need to understand what is working now, what’s not working. In both cases you must understand “why”.

Here are some ideas to get started:

Is more sales a primary objective? (If so, map goals out over time)

Or, is cost-cutting a bigger concern? (What specifically and why)

How does offline sales get measured from your social media efforts?

What channels will be used? (Facebook, Twitter, Corporate Website, etc)

Resource (people) allocation? (Who does what)

How many leads per period? (SQL – sales qualified leads)

Use a social media SWOT analysis framework to determine efforts and direction:

Make sure to always review these 4 quadrants in comparison to your competitors. This data becomes part of your larger social media strategy.

Create a supplementary worksheet to specify current data points (visitors, followers, leads, subscribers) and anticipated efforts to reach your goals using market trends, competitor analysis and internal review of capabilities and resources.

Example: Social Media SWOT framework LinkedIn, Blog – sample analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

REMINDER: All goals should have an ROI in mind.

More fans or followers are interesting and shows that the campaigns are beginning to work, but longer term – the leads (phone calls, inquiries, downloads) are what matters to your business. It’s about saving money and/or generating revenue.

What Is Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Content strategy, content creation, content marketing and development of your inbound marketing is essential to all social media success.

Simply posting pictures, random texts across different platforms and using a “spray & pray” model of content distribution is not a viable solution. You must create content and show leadership for your community that they in turn will like, share and comment on.

Your entire quality content base becomes a key asset to be used in achieving your social marketing goals and to convert and engage that audience.

Social Media Management – Team Structure

We have teams that adapt to the scope and challenges of your social media programs. Our core team consist of these levels of expertise and focus:

Social Media Strategist (Program lead, overall vision & accountability)

Community Manager (Outbound & customer facing [not used in smaller programs])

Social Media Manager (Program management, time and resources management)

Social / Web Analyst (Monitoring, social analytics, web analytics & reporting)

Content Strategist (Coordinate content for advertising, corporate and social media)


Create a baseline social media policy that fits within your organization. Begin simple and make sure your team understands and follows it.

For policy ideas and actual usage of large and small firms, make sure to include social media governance policies.

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