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lead generation the right way

Doing Lead Generation The Right Way

The secret to copywriting for marketing funnels that convert?

It is to create compelling and persuasive copy that speaks to the customer‘s needs. The copy should grab the reader‘s attention, explain the benefits of the product or service, and clearly explain the call to action. This content captures the attention of the reader and encourages them to take action.

When you build this type of content and approach into your funnels, the results and outcomes will increase.

Additionally, the copy should be optimized for search engines and include relevant keywords. Finally, it‘s important to test different versions of the copy to see what works best.

Filling your marketing and sales funnel of prospects that fit your business profile will add a significant boost to your company.

Leads and lead generation project work (funnel building strategies) is the lifeblood of any business.

There’s an opportunity for growth, but it must continually be developed and nurtured.

Lead generation is one part of the formula. Closing to sales is the final step.

Closing the lead is the end goal. But, you knew that.

Whether you are a startup or have an established business, a system for the “perfect” profile client attraction must be created and communicated.

It must be continually tested and added into your existing networking and referral process. It must evolve from change and validated for positive returns every step of the way.

There are many different ways to attract new clients (SEO, Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest) into your online business.

You may already have some things working, but you know that you should leverage online media (social media, search engines) in a more structured way.

Your sales teams spend much time in the field, wasting time – and hoping to land the next big client.

However, there is are powerful and additional ways to improve your closing ratios, and to build trust, credibility and authority even before you meet.

As you do your research and move into the search and social media worlds, it may seem unfamiliar at first. There is a way!

The model of the authority client attraction is actually quite simple.

These are lead generation and client attraction principles you can use now.

Here are 4 steps to doing lead generation through funnels the right way:

1. Attract and generate the lead

Create attention through an advertisement (PPC), banner, email, search query (SEO), advertisement, radio/tv spot, event, workshop, etc.

This must not be boring and bland. It should stimulate interest and be hyper targeted and keyword/interest-relevant.

You must be very clear on the type of individual(s) or businesses you want to attract and speak to them, in their language.

As they engage, you move the person to the next level in a series of steps (funnel).

This is part of your marketing system.

If you’re out speaking – from stage or directly, ask them to visit a ‘special’ page to get more information to help them.

2. Create a high converting landing page 

Create an urgency around your information and products by offering a free consultation and complimentary information via a “lead magnet” (exchange for their name, email).

It has to be customized to the visitor.

And yes, make sure that it matches the audience for which it is intended.

3. Capture lead and begin the nurturing process

Capture their email and even full address information, and send them information (educational content tends to work best) via regular email updates.

You can even use CD or DVD shipments to further brand and position yourself.

The email auto-responders start here.

TIP: capturing the email first (step 1) and then the rest of the information (step 2) can be an easier way to make them take action.

Make it friction-free.

4. Begin the trust building via follow-up emails and outreach

Build email sequences that are helpful. Push these education-based materials out over a series of days, weeks and months.

Continue to nurture the relationship and show your expertise and as THE authority in your market.

This is done via email.

You can present further information via audio, video, live webinars and more.

Consider adding useful downloads, tools, trials, resources and helpful information.

This is a very effective framework but it’s surprising so many businesses don’t embrace it fully.

You often will see the classic “join our newsletter” link, but it highly under leveraged  and not part of any marketing or sales system. (i.e. a “waste”)

The non-implementation of this model is a combination of technology phobia, business owner or CEO’s philosophy about how marketing and lead generation should work.

It is also not knowing what to write (no content plan built out), or to be open to trying new things (testing, and validating with data, rather than “gut feeling”).

This is not “spam”, by the way.

The opposite is true. You can grow a new or existing business substantially by implementing basic systems like the above. You can move onto more advanced frameworks later.

Get to work!

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