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13 Must-Have Resources To Curate Content Quickly For Your Content Marketing Launches

Content marketing is one of the most powerful techniques for garnering attention and attracting ‘hot’ leads, while you establish brand prominence and authority in your marketplace.

All this while you’re creating a lot of good will at the same time.

Yet, this cannot be done manually as some might assume.

Optimizing the processes is essential to ensure positive results continue to come in for a long time.

Content marketing is not all inclusive, however.

IDC talks about the different marketing mix, and what’s included in content marketing, and what’s not. A strategy needs to be built.

Types of marketing assets and differences as compared to ‘content marketing’:


Before launching a comprehensive content marketing campaign, it is essential to take a step back and find a collection of resources (tools) to maximize the process.

WARNING: Make sure to develop a content marketing strategy before playing with tools. It can be dangerous and addictive, and create more “busy work” than is actually valuable.

Here are 13 must-have resources (tools) according to experts in the industry who have been this for a number of years.

1) Feedly

Feedly is one of the more comprehensive tools on the market right now and a favorite among Internet marketers.

What does this tool do for the average user? It looks to pull as much content as possible which relates with blog content being put up by an Internet marketer.


This is a RSS Feed reader / aggregation tool – but is easy to use, and works perfectly for curation ideas and topics. (Read the “108 experts share favorite RSS tool”)

It is powerful as the sources it is able to engage are almost endless.

It would take a lifetime to go through the viable content being put up by this tool. It is truly remarkable to say the least.

2) Pinterest

Pinterest is a given among social media addicts.

It is as simple as this. Those who are not going on Pinterest when it comes to resources are missing out.


This is one of the most well-regarded tools in the world and it is free.

How could social media ever be a tool? Surely, this is a mistake, right?


It is not a mistake.

Pinterest is a powerful solution because people from all over one’s niche are going to be available to follow.

This alone leads to powerful ideas and content curation. It provides a whole new angle to look at.

3) Learnist

Premium educational content. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? This is what industry leaders are able to serve on a silver platter for those who maximize the use of Learnist.


The name says it all about what this tool is going to provide. It engages the leaders in one’s niche with ease.

It helps ‘learn’ from them by showcasing the content they are putting up.

This is what content curation is all about at the end of the day. Being able to engage and learn the content inside and out before presenting it to the world.

It’s easy to set up ‘boards’ – and you can even use the Chrome Extension. (add-on)

4) iFlow

The next tool in the list would be iFlow. This is an exceptional tool in its own regard and should be appreciated for the value it brings to the process.

The ideas are always ‘flowing’ with this tool. It has some of the best filtering options one will find in the world of content curation tools.

The pinpoint accuracy is hard to deny and something any Internet marketer would enjoy and be able to benefit from.

5) Scoop.It

Want to scoop new content and be able to maximize its value?

Well, is the way to go without a doubt. This is almost a community of sorts with regards to content curators who are spreading information.


They will be able to tap into what you are presenting and vice versa.

The powerful spreading of knowledge leads to tremendous content curation across any niche.

It is something more and more Internet marketers are leaning towards because of how consistent the tool is and the value it brings to the process effective immediately. A ‘must-have’ with ease.

6) Storify

Storyboards are magical and this is what Storify relies upon. It is able to help build storyboards which are going to be the foundation of any well-run content marketing campaign.


What is the value of not having an all-encompassing plan with the curated content in hand?

With Storify, the tool is going to give the ability to engage the content being curated and help build it up to something that is going to convert.

It also helps find other content curators who are in the same boat and looking for a great fit with their own process.

7) ContentGems

200,000 RSS feeds. This is all that has to be said about the power of ContentGems and how wide-ranging it is.

This is quite a bit of content and something one will neve be able to get through in its entirely.


The gems are out there and this tool is going to find them for you.

It cuts the process into something that is quite manageable and easy on the mind without a doubt.

Imagine being able to gain access to all of this content and then searching through it with important keywords? Wouldn’t that be easy? Well, ContentGems gives you this ability. Yes, searching through 200,000 RSS feeds has never been easier.

8) Post Planner

Curating content is fine, but how is it going to be spread in order to engage the target audience? Postplanner to the rescue.

Isn’t that the goal in the end?


A content marketing campaign isn’t going to hold much leverage if it does not spread out and become the talk of the niche.

Well, if that is the aim, Post Planner is a must.

It is able to engage the content and set it up for FaceBook with ease. Post when the timings are best in your niche and watch as multiple posts go viral.

There is a science behind the process and this tool is able to unravel it for you and your niche.

9) Triberr

Tribes are divided based upon interests (niches) and enable you to gain access to some of the industry leaders in your particular tribe.

Triberr makes the process easier of being able to curate meaningful content.


These are some of the finest minds in the game and that is the type of content you will be able to get your hands on.

This is wonderful for those who need to be able to curate content that is substantial in its worth.

10) Curata

Curata curation software is a fantastic tool because it is going to take in a few keywords that you give it and build entire lists of content.

Yes, it is going to scour through the Internet and do the job for you.


The lists are not just tossed together, but meticulous with regards to quality control.

Only the best content is going to be put in front of you in relation to the keywords being given to Curata.

This is substantial for those who don’t wish to go through every blog in their niche in order to find a handful of articles.

11) Bundlr

It is one thing to find the content, but how are you going to organize all of it?

What if you have specific keywords, themes, and/or ideas that are going to be used to create content marketing campaigns? Bundlr can help.


If you have a lot of articles to work with, this is going to be challenging to say the least.

You have to use Bundlr in order to maximize the potential of this content. The tool is going to make it easier to save content and clip it into specific groups for later. It just organizes all of the content that is being curated and that matters a lot in the end.

12) Slideshare

The 12th tool in the list would have to be a famous one and an underappreciated option to say the least. Slideshare has a significant amount of content and is building its resources up by the day.

The best part about this tool would be its reliance on new information.


The content present on Slideshare is just not going to be found elsewhere.

It is always good to take a look at what it has to offer and then make a decision as to its ability to act as a great tool.

For most, it is downright awesome.

13) Trap.It

The final meaningful tool in this list would have to be ‘‘. This is a powerful resource to say the least.

With a collection of 100,000 sources to tap into, Internet marketers are able to get their hands on real gems. Hard to find content is sometimes troubling when doing the searches manually.


This tool takes the stress out of the process as it automatically learns the requirements of the user. It begins to anticipate the market being targeted with the content and what is valued by the user. Imagine seeing a tool get smarter and smarter to a point where it knows what you want before anything is said?

This is what provides. It is truly magical.

These are the 13 must-have tools for curating content in this day and age.

Those who are not making the most of these tools are not going to be able to build meaningful content marketing campaigns.

It is as simple as this.

The gap between competitors in the market is closing down and those who have the help of great tools can continue to push towards the top.

Those who refuse to do this will struggle. Maximize the help of these tools to ensure your campaigns are being in accordance with the standards set these days.

What tools did I miss?

What should I add to the list?

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