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5 Ways To Increase Your App Store Downloads

The amount of downloaded apps from the Google Play store doubled downloads from Apple’s App Store in 2015, according to app metrics company App Annie.

However, the App Store still generated 75 percent more revenue, pulling in a healthy $1 billion in December alone, according to a Sensor Tower report.

Ways to increase downloads from Apple and Google “App Stores”

As these numbers indicate, app downloads are big business, but only if you know how to market them. If you are working in specific niches, like finance, banking and wealth management, there are specific ways to optimize mobile apps for banks.

Here are five ways to get more downloads and your share of the growing app market.

1. Optimize Your App Store Page

The most cost-efficient way to increase your downloads is App Store Optimization. ASO is essentially search engine optimization for app download pages, and the same general principles apply.

Your app name, keywords and developer name correspond to what would be considered on-page optimization factors in SEO terminology, and user ratings, reviews and number of downloads correspond to off-page optimization.

Your choice of your app name affects both your branding and your ASO, making it one of the most crucial factors for effective marketing.

A catchy name is good, but titles that include relevant keywords average 10 percent more downloads, according to MobileDevHQ.

Your app name can be up to 255 characters long, but iPhone users only see the first 35 characters, so lead with your keywords.

However, as with SEO, avoid artificial-sounding keyword stuffing.

2. Create a Promotional Graphic and Video

Graphics and video play an important role in promoting your app.

The App Store lets you include screenshot images and Google Play lets you display video.

Select images and videos that show off your app in action. Host your video on YouTube and display it on your Google Play page.

You also should embed your YouTube video on other sites and share it on social media.

3. Drive Traffic to Your App Store Page

Get the most out of your promotional video and app download page by creating a website to drive traffic to your download link.

The site can be a standalone microsite or it can be a dedicated page on a larger website that you use for other purposes.

For instance, Rooms To Go uses a traditional squeeze page model to drive traffic to its app.

The page’s opt-in form invites users to enter their phone number to receive a text with a link to the app.

An advantage of this method is that it creates a prospect contact list you can use for follow-up marketing.

4. Expand Your Reach With CPI Advertising

App marketer Victor Balasa grew his app downloads to over 7 million a year using a strategy that included cost-per-install (CPI) advertising.

Similar to pay-per-click advertising, CPI advertising enables you to display ads for your app across a range of media and you get charged a fixed rate or bid rate each time your app is installed.

CPI can get expensive, so use it strategically.

Balasa says it is best used in short bursts after you’re already getting a decent download rate from other methods because it gives your app a temporary push into the top 50 on Google Play and the App Store.

Leadbolt and Tapjoy are a couple of ad networks that specialize in CPI.

5. Extend Free and Discount Offers

Balasa also recommends offering your app for free or for a discount for a limited period to accelerate your downloads.

Use this technique in conjunction with a CPI ad campaign to strengthen your CPI offer.

To promote your discount, use apps that are similar to daily deal services, such as AppGratis.

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