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How To Include Psychological Triggers Into Your Growth Marketing Efforts

Increasing the bottom line is the name of the game when it comes to marketing (pre-selling for the actual sale!), while communicating your brand values and keeping a constant lead flow for your sales teams.

And, if you wish to achieve the best outcome when attempting to grow your company, you need to understand and apply fundamental, but important psychological distinctions into your growth marketing efforts.

By learning about the areas of the brain, and how to influence the right one, you will have greater success in creating a positive brand image and customer loyalty that will take your business far into the future.

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While you may have the impression that the primary reason advertising and marketing is effective is because it speaks to the human, evolved part of the brain. (not so fast).

This part of the mind relates to conscious thoughts and our language centers. It is also related to how we learn, our ability to logic and reason through situations, and even the primary factorization in our personalities.

However, if you focus your advertising efforts on these things alone, you will achieve minimal results.

The area of the brain that you need to appeal to with consumers is sometimes called the lizard brain.

There are those who break it down into mammalian and reptilian, though the primary thing you need to grasp is that this is the less conscious portion of the human mind.

It relates to emotions and moods and is involved with hormonal development.

Essential flight-or-fight reactions are stored here, as are the needs for food, water and reproduction.

It automates your breathing and heartbeat, and is involved in all of your memories and moods.

What’s The REAL Secret?

The ‘lizard brain’ is the part of the human brain that you need to appeal to with your customers and potential customers.

It is this type of messaging within your audience targeting that will allow you to connect deeper with people, even when they do not realize what is happening.

By catering your advertising choices to factor in with these subconscious areas of human desire, you will create a positive brand image, even if consumers do not understand exactly why they are drawn to your company.

Logic or Emotion?

Emotions play a huge factor in the purchasing decisions of consumers.

Think about a coffee commercial that stimulates emotions and feelings related to waking up in a relaxing and inviting environment, complete with pictures from the windows depicting a hazy outdoor, woodsy scene.

Folger’s Classic Coffee Commercial (1970)

This can evoke strong emotions tying back to summer vacations with families, or even just happy memories of enjoying coffee as the sun rises.

Consumers do not have to consciously make these connections; they do through the lizard brain.

Influence With Full Impact

You can use emotions to influence consumers to purchase your products or services as well.

Many of the products on the market that have become popular have done so because they elicit an emotional response from viewers. This is often involved in either seeking pleasure or avoiding pain.

fear of loss marketing snooze you loose chaosmap

Fear of loss will lead people to purchase protection plans and resources in order to keep from their loved ones or valuables being threatened.

Likewise, many delectable foods sell, in spite of the fact that most consumers know that these are not healthy dietary choices, because they speak to the pleasure centers of the brain.

Must Include Sex?

While everyone knows it, sex continues to sell in the market today.

Brands that use sex in marketing.

Even if a man knows that the beautiful woman in the beer commercial is not going to show up at his local bar and go home with him, he makes the association of her with the logo when he enters the establishment.

Thus, without even realizing it, he is drawn to that beer over a competitor that uses a less sexualized means of communication.  Communicating the ‘sexiness’ of your products can be built in.

Another important factor that you will have to consider when looking at the psychology behind good advertising is your choices of colors and fonts.

Are You Thinking About Colors?

Colors in particular have a deep psychological impact on consumers, and you should learn which ones relate most to your business.

Forbes wrote about this beautifully. (Amy Morin at Forbes Magazine Online)

color use in brands plutchik wheel

For instance, are you intending to create a sense of hunger for customers for your new restaurant, or are you establishing an online venture where trust and integrity are important?

Using the right colors can speak to the subconscious of your viewers, and give them the right feeling to welcome your message.

Of course, you will need to still have great text that conveys the underlying spirit of your business to others.

This will require good rhetoric in your marketing constructions. Hiring a professional team to assist you with this can provide a great addition to the package you are creating to connect with consumers.

In order to be successful in the modern world, you must utilize good online and local, where appropriate, marketing techniques.

By learning how to appeal to the basic needs and desires of consumers, you can create growth marketing campaigns that will dramatically improve your sales and provide a great return on your investment.

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