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What Donald Trump Can Teach You About Facebook Ads (Or You Are Fired!)

First question: Has Mr. Donald Trump, multi-billionaire real-estate mogul begun to teach businesses about Facebook Advertising now?

Second question: What can he teach business owners (that’s you!) about using Facebook Ads, “dark posts” and creating engaging conversation online?

Third question: Did Mr. Trump recently say that “you are fired” if you don’t run Facebook ad campaigns a certain way?

I’ll address those questions below. But first – do I have your attention now? Good! As you’ll see – any one of these 5 Facebook advertising insights will help you become better with Facebook ads in 10 minutes or less.

Facebook advertising is highly cost effective when done properly, but it also can seem rather complicated and confusing if you are a beginner with this type of social media advertising method.

Facebook has established a system that gives you greater flexibility and control over your advertising campaigns. While this system is beneficial to those who are experienced with it and knowledgeable with the campaign structures, it is best to take time to learn more about the campaigns before you jump head first into your first one.

With some research and insight about these campaigns and the Facebook advertising system, you can achieve better results right from the start.

1. Determine What Your Advertising Goals Are

One of the best steps to follow when you are creating a new Facebook advertising campaign is to determine what your goals are, and this step should be taken before you start to prepare your campaigns with Facebook.

You may have a desire to boost sales with existing Facebook followers or to expand your reach. You may want to promote a seasonal sale or announce a big promotion. The fact is that you may have multiple things to say to or share your audience, and you may have different things to say to separate niches within your target audience.

By defining these goals up front, you can better determine if you need to create one campaign or several to communicate your messages in the most cost-effective manner.

2. Understand the Difference between a Campaign, an Ad Set and an Ad

It is important to note that Facebook has created strategic advertising campaigns with a layered, or structured system. For each campaign, you can create multiple ad sets, and for each ad set, you can create multiple ads. Keep in mind that these different layers have different features and controls in place that give you greater command over your ads. (For advanced users – see Power Editor)

For example, at the ad set level, you can set a target budget and define an advertising schedule for a group of ads. At the ad level, you can control the image and message for your ads with unique results.

3. Create a Unique Advertising Campaign for Each Goal

With the customization features in place for Facebook ad campaigns, you will be able to customize a unique campaign for each goal that you want to achieve. Within each campaign, you can create small goals that will help you to achieve your milestone accomplishments.

You will be able to review analytics for each ad set and ad, and you can turn the ads or the entire ad set off and on at your leisure to control costs. The sets can be customized to run indefinitely or for a specific range of dates, which gives you greater control over your campaigns.

4. Make Final Decisions and Analyze the Results

Before you run your campaigns, you will need to make a few final decisions. For example, you will need to define how much money you want to spend on each one, and you will need to determine the placement of the different ads. Facebook gives you flexibility over placement so that you have greater ability to reach your target audience.

In addition, you can set the range of dates for when you want to run your ad. For each ad set, you can analyze results and can fine tune your ad sets and ads to achieve better results going forward.

5. Test and Re-Test Your Ads

With your Facebook ads and campaigns, you will have complete control over your results, and the best way to ensure that you enjoy the best results for your advertising budget is to test and re-test your ads. You can review your results with the built-in analytical features, and you can fine tune the ad sets and ads.

Compare the different results between the changes that you make to determine which ads and ad sets give you the best overall results, and you can have better control over the results. These changes may be changes in wording, images, placement, size and other factors. By manipulating these features,, you can improve your results dramatically.

There are many reasons why businesses today overwhelmingly choose to spend at least a portion of their advertising budget on Facebook advertising campaigns. This is a highly effective way to reach out to your target audience, and Facebook is an expansive enough social media platform that most target audience niches can be reached through it.

More than that, with the ability to customize campaigns, ad sets and ads, you can easily have as expansive of a reach within the website as you desire. While there is a lot to learn about starting your first Facebook advertising campaign and you can learn a lot as you go, these tips can help you to fine tune your first campaign so that you enjoy the best overall results.

In Summary:

I hope you enjoyed this post, and sorry if the headline was a tad bit sensational. (Donald Trump has not sponsored this post. And, while he’s not teaching Facebook ads in a traditional classroom setting, he displays his own personal approach to creating engagement and positioning, the importance of brand building … and being DIRECT).

This article is meant to serve you. First, to get your attention – and then help you understand. Finally, help you take action to get started on changing the way you run your Facebook ad campaigns.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re on your way to up-leveling the way you advertise and market your business (and on Facebook) this year!

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