7 Unknown Reasons to Use Periscope from Twitter for Your Business

Question: Are you the sole member of a company, acting as owner, operator and marketer as well as any other hats you may be required to put on in order to keep operations running smoothly?

Perhaps you are in charge of the marketing and Internet communications for a small business where everyone is a valued member of the team.

Either way, if you have the responsibility of making sure that you maintain positive consumer relations and networking with other professionals, then you need to be sure that you take advantage of the latest tools and tricks on the market.

In 2015, a new mobile app was released from Twitter that is becoming a real game-changer.


Google Trends Chart showing Periscope rising in popularity (compared to Meerkat, another live streaming app) in 2016

In this emerging technology market, more players are showing up. You also have Meerkat, Facebook Livestream, (a variation of it with up to 4 ‘streamers’).

Here’s a infographic comparison between Periscope and Meerkat:

Innovamap’s comparison chart – Periscope vs. Meerkat – which one is better?

This video streaming app named periscope is being used by businesses, celebrities and everyday people in order to communicate, entertain, educate and learn.

You can download it for your mobile phone on the Apple Store or Google Play.

And, it’s now playing on a theater near you – on Apple TV.


Periscope from Twitter (logo)

If you want to remain on top of your niche, or perhaps reach a higher level of brand recognition and reputation, then you need to utilize the way that this can completely revolutionize your company.

However, if you are going to begin using this app, you want to be sure that you know how to maximize the benefits that come with this exciting new method of mass interaction.

Here’s a quick introduction video on how to use Periscope from Krishna De

This will allow you to tailor your content preparation to meet the needs of your company.

Whether you are part of a team or a team of one, you may think that adding another form of communication to your current ones is too much.

However, quite the opposite is true. By implementing this free app correctly, you can reduce the time you currently spend on your social media and blog posts.

Over the course of six months or a year, you might even discover that you are spending less time marketing with greater results.

Figuring out how you plan to use periscope will prevent you from trying too many things at once.

You do not want to waste a bunch of time due to lack of focus.

Of course, if you discover that a particular type of marketing or communication does not work near as well for you as the other uses you have found for Periscope, you should certainly strike it from your list.

You can also consider adding new ones as is appropriate.

Twitter executives and the marketing team understand the power of the explosive growth of “vertical screens”. Take a look at the growth in digital media (time spent from Comscore). Periscope is an app that trail blazes this trend.

“Total digital media usage has grown 49% with mobile apps having grown 90% and contributing to 77% of the total increase in time spent” – comScore


Comscore – 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report (PDF original) – Digital usage time explosion

The following seven reasons for using Periscope for your business are a fantastic place for people like you to begin:

1. Show Off Your Products or Services with Live Stream Usage

One of the best ways that you can begin to utilize Periscope to communicate with current and potential customers is to showcase your products or services and how you can help them.

While videos of these are certainly useful for promotion purposes, live streams are even better.


Sample periscope conversation and livestream with hearts emoticons flowing…

Traditional videos showcasing sale items often have been edited so that viewers primarily see the best parts of the process.

While this reduces the time of the video, it can also leave consumers wondering what was cut out. For instance, did it take you one minute to open the container or fifteen?

By doing a live-stream video with Periscope for them, the viewers will have no such doubts. Make sure that you retain your sense of humor should anything go wrong during the event.

Remember that you will not be able to edit out swear words or frustration down the line!

2. Provide an Insider View of Trade Shows and Special Events

People love to have an insider look at events and Periscope provides you with the perfect means to give them what they want.

Trade shows are still a popular means for businesses to connect with other companies and consumers.


Periscope from a tradeshow – “behind the scenes”

However, the vast majority of people do not know what goes on behind the scenes.

You can give them an up close look at what your team is doing and possibly even talk to others who are there.

You may get consumers trying the product for a first time who want to jump on the screen for a moment and express their perceptions of the product or brand.

You may also have other vendors that will say something favorable about your company and take advantage of the opportunity to get their own brand mentioned to a new audience.

When your business hosts an event, let your Twitter followers know that you will be hosting a Periscope stream for a period of time during it.

You may decide to give them an up-close look at the setup process or of people having a good time at the event.

Make sure that you schedule it so that you still have time to interact in person with the people who have shown up for it.

3. Testimonials Regarding Your Business Products or Services

People are more likely to make a purchase when they have seen many positive testimonials from real users.

Research has shown that most people are willing to rely on product reviews they find online just as much as if someone they know recommended the product.


Use periscope to live stream from recorded studio session w/testimonials

While text reviews are useful in this regard, live streaming ones are even better.

This negates any chance that the review was written by one of your staff and if the customer is particularly excited, that can rub off on viewers and make them more likely to purchase.

4. Interactive Webinars and Question and Answer Sessions

You may want to host webinars to educate the public about the offerings of your business.

Consumers enjoy these interactive sessions, and it is a great way to begin building brand loyalty.

One way to keep everyone engaged and to provide particularly useful information is to host a Q and A session after you have presented an overview.

This will give current customers the chance to find out why something may not be working quite as expected.

Additionally, potential customers are more likely to be swayed if they can ask questions before they buy.

5. Provide a History of Your Company and Brand

Most consumers would like to know the background information of companies.

In fact, you may find that doing a live walk-through that highlights some of the events that led to the formation of the company or its products is a great way to entertain and engage consumers.


You should prepare properly for this so that they get the best look possible.

For instance, you may want to pull out prototypes that did not work or find ways to engage in humor as you are discussing attempts that did not go as well as planned in the beginning.

This will help consumers to see the team as real people and not just a corporate logo out to make a buck.

6. Find Out What Your Competition Is Up To As a Customer

Just as you can use Periscope to communicate with customers, so can your competitors.

Watch some of these presentations so you can see what they are doing.

Take the things that are working for your competition and improve upon them.

Keep in mind that you do not want to just blindly copy their style. Use their techniques and make them your own by adding flair from your brand.

Ideally, consumers will not even recognize the origin of your latest ideas.

Finding out how others are using Periscope and any tools your company uses is a huge part of keeping up in a competitive market.

7. Smooth Over Public Relations Issues Before They Turn Into Disasters

While nobody wants to think about running into public relations issues, it happens to all businesses at some point in time.

The longer it takes a company to respond, the larger the issue may grow.

You may be able to put out the fires early on and prevent a full-blown public relations disaster.

If you are planning to do this, make sure that you have all of your information in order and that you understand exactly what has happened. Otherwise, you may end up fueling the fires.

When it comes to business marketing, it is vital that you keep up with the tools and techniques being used by others successfully.

Smart business owners and marketing experts know that consumers have to be exposed to the brand and have positive experiences if they are going to convert into customers.

In Conclusion

Periscope is a fantastic new way that you can use in many ways and all you need is a valid Twitter account to begin.

Make sure that you take the time to learn how to use the app properly before you begin broadcasting to the public.

IMPORTANT: The usual promotional strategies apply.

While you’ll have folks show up from seemingly “nowhere” in a live stream session, you want to build out a proper marketing plan. Here’s what great entrepreneurs like Belinda Weaver does with attentive banners.


Example: Belinda Weaver at – periscope marketing

Making announcements regarding when you will be hosting live-feed and reminding people just before the event will encourage them to check it out.

If you keep these seven reasons in mind when you are deciding how to use this exciting new tool for promoting your company, you are certain to experience success.

Make sure to monitor how well each type is working for you and adjust your marketing efforts as needed so that you can continue to get the most out of this exciting app!

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The 5 Year Outlook: Changing SEO Factors For SEO In 2021

Recently, I witnessed a conversation about content promotion.

The person surmised that content that is published on your website really does not need to be promoted.


Now you’re probably thinking two things:

  1. I thought this post was about SEO and changing on-site/on-page factors for the next 5 years?
  2. Dude, that’s incorrect – content promotion has nothing to do with SEO!

Wait… let’s continue…

While I don’t totally agree with the person, the shift in thinking here is profound and begs you to look at this in a NEW (and better) way.

You begin with the end in mind. (I’m using content as the example because it applies to SEO / search engines…and as you’ll see).

Instead of creating content pages YOU find valuable and sharing them by narrow and flimsy keyword-only research…

…do this instead:

Flip your new content and product strategy on its head. Begin at the very end: What does your prospects and customers actually want & need?

This turns out to be a perfect model for your upcoming SEO projects.

Here is the implication and opportunity for future SEO on-site work (A current and forward thinking change in your SEO habits):

For SEO and search engines, that means focusing on the searcher outputs, not the ranking inputs.

Take a look at the left and right side of this SEO on-site infographic:


INFOGRAPHIC: SEO Onsite Changes – 5 Year Prognosis – SEO in 2021 – thanks to @moz for the inspiration!

Left Brain, Right Brain – What Wins The SEO Game Of The Future?

The left side of the chart focuses on the (onsite) technical aspects and common SEO practices done today, like keyword research and search friendliness.

The right side depicts upcoming and additive changes to this approach. It targets user behavior, tracks click patterns and aims to connect search results directly with user experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Share this Image On Your Site

(Note to self: promotion, marketing, advertising – it’s all about getting your message seen by more eyeballs in your targeted market. No matter the vehicle, do what you can to get your content out there, using email outreach, guest blogging, and paid advertising of your posts via Facebook, Twitter or Google. Test what works and build on that, delivering quality.)

The SEO On-Site Rules Are Changing

As you develop your content, sites, apps and products, focus on your perfect customers and prospects. Serve them with excellence in product, service and customer experience delivery.

The results of this quality work will be natural content and brand consumption with more automatic deliveries of a result to a task (what the searcher is looking for).

The content will be shared. It will spread…naturally.

No Content Promotion Needed?

Content marketing becomes a secondary focus, and your team is focused on “fully serving” the company customers and providing a total magnification of killer content.

This is truly illuminating, since we all want this: a perfect customer experience, from the first touch or connection, through the experience itself and for the future.

What Do Search Engines (Really) Want?

This model of “user life-cycle quality values” is EXACTLY what the search engines want, and in specific Google.

“Serve your visitor with quality answers to questions that they are looking for”.

(Read: It’s about “them”, not “you”.)

Your on-site work therefore becomes the simplest SEO rule of them all:

“Create and show your searchers that you can help them…by actually helping them.” (Surprise: This is the “create exceptional content” framework everybody talks about!)

The searcher will stay longer on your page(s), interact with your site / apps, click on well planned links, consume, save-and-print content, download essential information, fill out forms, call your office to set an appointment, share/refer content with others and bookmark your page for future visits.

If this is what Google wants, we can agree that this is the future of SEO. 

Oh, and … keywords, themeing, links, mobile friendliness, speed of loading (pages), structure/navigation, layout, graphics will continue to be important.


As we look forward to the next 5 years (SEO in 2021), here are top level on-site SEO directions you should consider now:

Rankings will lower in importance (The SERPs are changing already, and screen real-estate is shrinking for organic search results, due to knowledge graph, answer box (featured snippets), local, news, videos, expanded paid ads and more):

  • It’s about user experience and user intent – a user centered approach
  • Customer avatars and segmentation of pages to consumer
  • Search experience optimization
  • Search engines for people and software (not the other way around)
  • Voice based search, local search & mobile — front and center

and most of all…

SEO is not dead.

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Thanks to Rand @moz for sharing factoids to the SEO future 2021 infographic.


5 Ways to Increase Traffic To Your SMB Website

At this point, all small businesses should recognize the importance of having a website.


Importance of a functional website for Small Business (SMB)

So the question becomes how to drive traffic to it, particularly without the marketing budget of a bigger company.

When it comes to your website, the quote is not “if you build it, they will come,” but rather “if you build it well, create valuable content and have a successful promotion strategy, then they might come.”

“SMB is an abbreviation for small and medium-sized business”

Here are FIVE WAYS to increase the number of visitors to your local or national website:

1. Consistent Content

Simply building a website is not enough; you need to give people a reason to visit the site and to keep coming back.

You can do that by providing valuable, consistent content.

A survey by HubSpot found that 82 percent of companies that blogged once a day not only increased their site traffic, but were also able to convert that traffic into customers.

Likewise, when Entrepreneur Magazine increased its blog posts from twice a week to over 10 per week, its website traffic increased 300 percent over two months.

Convirza started publishing three blogs every weekday and saw a 210 percent increase in web traffic, which resulted in more new customers than any other three month period in company history.

You don’t need to add content multiple times a day or even every day to see results.

Posting consistent content that visitors can rely on is key.

Consistent updates to your website can also increase your search engine ranking by indicating to Google that the site is informative and relevant.

TIP: Learn more about how to write compelling content.

2. Invite Guest Bloggers to Contribute

Generating content is time consuming and difficult to keep fresh.

One way around this is to invite other industry experts to contribute to your page.

A good example of a company employing this strategy is Top 10 Cloud Storage, which posts weekly blogs on topics of interest to its customer base.

Its blog has articles written by outside cloud experts, business analysts and business owners.

Not only does this bring new perspectives on relevant content, but guest bloggers are likely to share and link to their articles, which directs new traffic to your website.

TIP: Learn more about Guest Blogging and other essential SEO tips.

3. Guest Post on Other Websites

On the flip side, contributing interesting and well-written blogs to reputable websites can help drive traffic to your site.

TIP: Consider a strategic, helpful outreach program via Twitter and email marketing. (no spam!)

4. Link to Content

While you’re at it, post links to the content on your website on your social media pages.

LinkedIn has become a popular platform for finding industry-specific articles, so posting regular content on that forum can increase your website visitors and raise your profile within your industry.

Other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter work hand-in-hand with your website.

The more interesting content you post to those platforms, the more your social media presence grows.

The bigger your social media presence, the more you are able to direct new visitors to your website. Search engines tend to follow in time.

5. Do Not Ignore Functionality

Do not add so much content that your website load time lags.

American Express found in 2014 that a webpage that took longer than 10 seconds to load lost 38 percent of visitors.

Additionally, spend the time and money to build a fully functional mobile website.

Not only do 80 percent of consumers use mobile devices to search for businesses, but Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher (TIP: Watch the video).

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How To Double Your Brand Value Online (A 30 Second Test)

In this post, I’ll show you how to instantly check your brand value as seen by users and search engines (Google) online.


First, you should understand current digital trends and current state of brand positioning challenges for online businesses.  (And, to learn about SEO reputation management and how to protect your brand, read here).

Second, follow these simple steps and watch the video to help lift the brand value of your website and online business.

You’ll find yourself not only ranking higher, but also get and provide more value.

You’ll likely double your brand value as seen by prospects and customers.


GRAPHIC: Traditional brand positioning steps / frameworks

Imagine this scenario:

You search Google on your mobile device.

The results for your search show up, and you touch a link that appears to meet your needs.

Since we are assuming a mobile display, you quickly get annoyed by the page you found. (The page might look OK on a desktop, but we’re not talking about that here).


Mobile results need maximum attention in 2016 (Google example)

The page you’re looking at:

  • has text that is too small
  • show links are tiny and unreadable (or worse, not clickable)
  • forces you to to scroll sideways to see all the content
  • displays links too close together, sometimes overlapping
  • mobile screen view is incorrect

Frustrating, right?

Not something your brand should be associated with. Neither do the search engines. Google has stated that ‘mobile’ is a ranking factor now.

TIP: Don’t work solely on desktop versions (“horizontal screens”) of your brand website, but make sure you are friendly to “vertical screens” also.


Here is the 30 second mobile friendly test – just enter your page, and see the results.

You should check your entire site, and work with your developers to ensure compability. If you have set up Google Search Console, you can login and check further here. Make sure you have the associated Google mail/account to get access. Talk with your SEO provider or webmaster.

To understand the background and a full walk through of the mobile branding opportunities that you are missing right now, watch this video: (“How To Get Real Business From The Internet”).

(I created this google mobile video specifically for brand positioning in the financial services industry, but it works across the board).

Watch this 6-minute video, and with steps to better branding online:


The Top 25 Facebook Marketing Blogs That You Must Follow

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the Internet.
Updated: February, 2019

Facebook(tm) has over 2.1 billion daily active users globally and its membership is growing at a fast pace around the world. (reference Facebook company info page)

If you are a business or a digital marketer, you cannot – and should not – ignore social media giant Facebook.

And, the incredible reach and capabilities of (Facebook ads) their hyper-targeting is something you hopefully are already taking advantage of…

If not – you must.

Facebook done for you ads

As is the case with giant software platforms, Facebook is constantly changing.

Their growing team of engineers regularly introduce new features and capabilities. It is not easy to keep track of those changes.

For example, here are screen shots from the Ad campaign objectives from 2016 and 2017:


Facebook Ads 2016 campaigns: New options added for last year


Facebook Ads 2017: What’s your marketing objective – select from awareness, consideration, conversion

Organic Facebook Traffic

Consider optimizing your Facebook profile and Facebook business pages to get a solid media presence in search engines — from ALL your social platforms. Driving traffic from organic and paid media is critical. It will be even more important in the months and years ahead.

Here is the list of “The top 25 Facebook marketing blogs” and experts that you must follow to keep track of the changes and help you succeed at Facebook (ads) marketing and social media.

Social Media Examiner


This website is counted among the top blogs on the Internet on using social media (and Facebook) for businesses.

This blog covers a wide variety of topics ranging from “how-to”, increasing customer engagement, Facebook marketing and insights about many other social media platforms and tools. It has a massive amount of readers and on this blog you will find useful facts using social media and Facebook to help grow your business.

Follow founder Michael Stelzner on Twitter.

Jon Loomer


It is one of the most popular blogs when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Jon (great name!) is an expert on Facebook marketing. Also, his blog is different from the other blogs on social media that are just trying to make a quick buck, or sell you something in the first 10 seconds.

Follow Jon Loomer on Twitter.

All Facebook (Now Adweek) (the old URL was


This blog is part of the Webmediabrands which is a huge publishing company covering a lot of different topics including social media.

This particular blog shares the inside scoop on Facebook and other social media platforms. In simple terms, you need to read this blog to stay on top of all things related to Facebook.

Follow Socialtimes on Twitter.

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John Haydon

He covers a lot of different topics on this blog. If you want some honest insights on using Facebook, this is the blog you want to follow. Especially if you want Facebook training courses.

On this blog, his main focus is on advising non-profits on leveraging the reach of Facebook for fundraising and other purposes.

However, his marketing tips on Facebook can be used for all kinds of businesses to succeed on the biggest social media platform on the Internet.

Follow John on Twitter.

Social Media Explorer

As the name suggests, this blog is the home of consulting company called Social Media Explorer LLC.

In addition to information on other social media platforms, they share a lot of valuable marketing related insights regarding Facebook.

Follow SME Digital on Twitter.

Amy Porterfield

She is the co-author of the book called Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies. She is also a social media strategist and trainer.

On her blog, she shares a lot of valuable insights on Facebook marketing and other social media websites.

Follow Amy on Twitter.

Razor Social

In addition to the amazing social media tools and training, this blog is considered as one of the best resources on the Internet for free information on Facebook marketing and various other social media tools.

They also cover a lot of topics on search engine optimization.  Follow RazorSocial on Twitter.

Jeff Bullas

He is a social media consultant and has helped a number of businesses as well as personal brands with using social media and online business development in the right manner.

His blog offers free information on using various social media platforms including Facebook. Most of the popular posts on his blog are related to Facebook marketing. He has exclusive training available for a paid fee also.

Follow Jeff Bullas on Twitter.

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Buffer Blog

This tool is very well-known in the world of social media marketing. Their blog is counted amongst the top blogs on social media marketing for sharing honest insights on their social media efforts and the results.

Overall, you will find a lot of valuable information on their blog regarding Facebook marketing.

Follow Buffer over at Twitter.

Mari Smith

While you won’t find a ton of posts on her blog, but everything she shares on the blog is incredibly detailed.

She’s a down to the earth blogger and Facebook consultant who practices what she preaches on her blog. In fact, she is one of the most sought-after speakers as well as trainers on the subject of Facebook marketing for businesses.

Follow Mari Smith on Twitter.

Rebekah Radice

She is a sought-after speaker and trainer on using social media for businesses.

On her blog, you will not only find information related to Facebook marketing for businesses but also how businesses can take advantage of various other social media platforms to grow their business.

Follow Rebekah Radice on Twitter.

Kim Garst

This blog from Kim Garst is focused on teaching small businesses on using social media to gain new customers.

In addition to sharing tips on using Facebook the right way, he also shares some extremely valuable insights on marketing on various other established social media platforms and emerging social media apps such as Periscope.

Follow Kim Garst on Twitter.


Naigans is an advertising automation software but their blog is so full of valuable posts on Facebook and overall social media marketing.

You’ll find a lot of valuable information on using various features of Facebook to get new customers and enhance the performance of your existing marketing campaigns.

Follow Nanigans on Twitter.

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is known as one of the industry leaders when it comes to Facebook marketing and social media / backend analytics.

They offer a number of free as well as paid tools for helping businesses get the greatest ROI on their Facebook marketing efforts.

Their blog is full of useful information on Facebook marketing as well as overall social media marketing strategy.

Follow Agora Pulse on Twitter.

Ignite Social

This agency is known as one of the world’s best when it comes to development of highly effective social media marketing campaigns and overall strategy.

Their blog covers a variety of different platforms. You will find a number of well tested marketing approaches on social media.

Follow IgniteSocialMedia on Twitter.

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Convince & Convert

While this blog is known as one of the best blogs on content marketing, they also post a lot of information related to social media marketing.

Their blog covers a variety of the topics related to Facebook marketing and the information on their blog is useful for beginners as well as advanced marketers in social media. Register for daily and weekly recaps.

Follow Jay Baer and team on Twitter.


It won’t be wrong to say that everyone involved in digital marketing has heard of Hub Spot.

Their blog has a lot of information on digital marketing as well as various other things related to Facebook marketing.

Though this blog is not specifically dedicated to Facebook marketing, they have a lot of interesting insights on how to use Facebook effectively.

Follow Hubspot on Twitter.

Andrea Vahl

Andrea is a well-known speaker and coach on social media. She is also the co-author of the book called, Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies.

On her blog, she shares a number of highly valuable insights on using social media and especially Facebook.

Follow Andrea Vahl on Twitter.

Social Mouths

This blog has won numerous awards when it comes to blogs focused on social media marketing.

In fact, this blog is consistently ranked as one of the top 50 blogs on social media as well as content marketing.

It is the brainchild of Francisco Rosales and the blog offers some of the best advice on social media content, you’ll be able to find on the Internet for free.

This blog offers various helpful strategies as well as how-to’s on using social media for beginners and advanced marketers.

Follow SocialMouths on Twitter.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Loud marketer (but wise) Gary Vaynerchuck is one of the world’s best-known marketers.

Anyone who has ever read anything on digital marketing is aware of the genius of Gary. He is unpredictable and the content on his blog is absolutely amazing.

His no-nonsense approach to social media marketing has turned him into one of the biggest brands in the world of social media.

On his blog, there is a lot of information on how to succeed on social media.

Follow GaryVee on Twitter.

Social Media Today

They publish a lot of white papers related to social media marketing.

As the name suggests, their blog covers the latest happenings in the world of social media and especially, Facebook marketing.

Follow SocialMediaToday on Twitter.

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Post Planner

This marketing app is used by over 200,000 marketers all over the world. Their blog is full of information related to marketing on Facebook and various other platforms.

On the blog, the posts include ways to increase shares and likes on Facebook and various other Facebook marketing tips.

Follow PostPlanner on Twitter.

Sprout Social

They define their platform as powerful software for social business and a better way to manage social message for businesses.

On their blog, you’ll found various useful tips on marketing related to Facebook and other social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Follow SproutSocial on Twitter.

Maximize Social Business

As the name suggests, this blog is focused on helping businesses realize the importance and reach of social media.

The main focus of this blog is on sharing insights on using Facebook as well as several other social media platforms to maximize business.

Follow MaximizeSocialBusiness on Twitter.

Facebook Newsroom

Needless to say, this is where you’ll find the latest information on various new features and other tools available to marketers on the Facebook platform.

Follow Facebook on Twitter.

This is a small list of the blogs where you will find useful information related to Facebook marketing.

Facebook has successfully grown its membership as well as revenue by regularly introducing new tools to help the members as well as marketers who want to reach those members.


Follow these blogs on a regular basis to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Question: Who or what Facebook marketing blog or authority did we miss? Any others you think should be added?

BONUS: Watch the Facebook Ads CASE STUDY for Live Events Marketing

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10 Must-Have Power Tools To Write Traffic-Grabbing Headlines

Everyone knows the importance of getting attention online. And, the total value of being easily found and staying visible online.

Traffic is great, but if you can’t make any of it convert, then all those visitors are wasted.


Attention spans are shorter than ever and while the exact amount of time varies from one study to another, generally speaking they all agree that you have less than 10 seconds to grab a hold of a web surfer’s attention before you lose it forever.

That means you better have a great headline.

Think about it.

Every single day and week you end up surfing the web, scanning magazines while waiting in line, or reading news stories that you really weren’t that interested in.

How did you get sidetracked? 🙂

The first step was almost guaranteed to be a powerful, insulting, gripping, or otherwise impossible to ignore headline. (References to linkbait / clickbait in SEO circles).

Headlines are powerful, and learning to write outstanding ones for every single article or blog post online can quickly transform your business because of the increased attention.

These 10 tools help you learn to create attention, intrigue, and everything your headline needs to go from failing to fabulous.

#1: Online Title & Headline Generators

Online title generators and online headline generators are very useful tools that can help at every stage of creating a great headline from brainstorming ideas to looking for that extra word or little adjustment that changes the entire effectiveness of those all-important first words.


A title generator can use a few keywords to develop a lot of great titles based on proven formats that have worked in the past, and can help with brainstorming the various options you have.

Many of these tools will have dozens if not hundreds of pre-programmed headlines that use a basic template such as:
– 10 ways (KEYWORD) can change your life
– Master (KEYWORD) or else
– (KEYWORD): What you need to know right now!

These tools won’t give you that one in a thousand headline that becomes famous due to being completely unique and different, but it can help break up writer’s block or at least create a solid title from a proven formula.

Most marketers have one or two of these tools they use as their go-to for headline creation.

#2: The Headline Analyzer

The headline analyzer is another online tool that can be extremely useful. (From coschedule)


Using different measurements to see how active your opening headline is, how many action words are used, and by looking at the parts that make up a great conventional title you can see how your current headline measures up.

Questions to ask:

Is it emotional?

Is it action oriented?

Is it eye-catching or tired and too vague?

This tool isn’t there to create new headlines, but it can help you tackle the full list you’ve come up with and see how they measure up against one another and what potential problems might be recurring with what you are writing.

This is good guidance for the editing process.

#3: Your Bookmarks Tab

This seems strange, perhaps.

But one of the best possible free tools that can help you learn to be an amazing headline writer is your bookmarks tab.

When you’re surfing the web and see a story that just grabs you, an advertisement that makes you click, or a sales letter that forces you to click and see what’s being sold, save that in one of your folders. (TIP: Install the evernote plugin in your bookmarks and save)

Creating a bookmark folder just for these types of headlines will give you a great resource to see what makes even seasoned marketers click through.

The longer you collect these bookmarks, the better the resource gets.

Learning to take a look at magazine covers (especially magazines like “The National Inquirer” or “Cosmo”) and see how they pitch sensationalism will also show you how to get attention with a few basic words. These folks are paid high dollars to capture your attention. Leverage that!

#4: Copywriting Courses

Copywriting courses (Awai Online for B2B) are a great way to learn this specific type of sales writing and to create the type of headlines that are necessary to create the perfect introduction to the fully formed sales letter to follow.


Every major sales letter writer and marketer understands the importance of those opening words and no serious course will skip a section about crafting effective and powerful headlines that will force readers to click through and see what else you have to offer.

Two things to remember when looking at any copywriting courses:
– All serious copywriting courses will include sections on writing the best headlines
– Look for courses by renowned & experienced sales writers (awaionline)

Obviously you can trust a course from a renowned copywriter or from someone who has made letters that have sold millions in product.

This is one of those cases where you only want to learn from those who have proven they truly know their stuff!

#5: Fiction Courses

This might be counter-intuitive, especially to people who don’t see the initial connection, but the absolute best headlines tend to be creative, use vivid language, and paint a picture.

What better way to learn the creative use of language than to take a creative writing class?


Whether online, in a community workshop, or at a University, taking classes in fiction writing can help copywriters learn to think differently.

Using words in creative ways will open up the options when writing headlines and give these writers a leg up on writers who are stuck in a small contained box.

Learn to embrace the skills that fiction writing bring you!

#6: The Optimizely Tool

This cutely named tool focuses on optimization of the headline (or headlines) you are trying to decide between.


Reportedly Bleacher Report, NBC Universal, and Microsoft all use this tool to increase their page views and click through rates.

The major focus of this tool is testing different headlines against each other so x number of visitors see one headline, while x number see another.

The tool then figures out what type of titles are working, which ones get more clicks from people who visit, and what can be done to make even more effective headlines in the future.

This is a great tool for fully optimizing all of your titles and headlines on any given page or website.

#7: Taboola Newsroom

Taboola Newsroom is a tool that’s only available to people in the Taboola network, but it’s a tool worth looking at if you have access.


This not only looks at optimizing headlines but also the recommendations, thumbnail pictures, and other important factors that can also result in higher open rates and a larger number of visitors per story.

This takes the analyzing of good established headlines to another level.

#8: Qualaroo Tool

Qualaroo is a survey tool that will help an intelligent writer take their titles to the next level.


After a person visits or takes an action, those who agree to take the survey will be able to give information about what caught their attention, why they clicked, and what would make them come back for more.

In other words, while a headline’s job is to get attention from as many potential visitors as possible, Qualaroo can answer the all important question of “Why did the headline work?”

Hear from the very mouths of your customers what is working and what isn’t.

That type of direct information can lead to some serious quality writing by building off positive traits you are 100% sure works.

#9: Copywriting & Headline Writing Cheat Sheets

Who doesn’t like the occasional great cheat sheet?


A good headline writing cheat sheet (Jon Morrow is great) might involve 100’s headlines or titles that can spark the way you think when you need to write a new article.

These sheets aren’t just good for the main title, but direct sub-titles as well as headings and sub-headings throughout the page.

Having a sheet with 100 potential headline options makes it easy to really get the gears grinding and help you to see your options when writing.

Are you going to go with a list article, a serious help article, or an article threatening scarcity?

Depending on which way you go, you’ll want a different headline and a great cheat sheet will be able to provide just that.

#10: Emotional Headline Analyzer

An emotional headline analyzer is an important tool that scans any given headline and in this case it’s looking to measure the emotional impact that your words will likely have on any interested potential readers.

(Try the emotional headline analyzer free)

Will they be offended?


Will they be happy or irritated – or does the vagueness of the headline being checked out be too much to get any type of an emotional response?

This tool can help give you an idea of what’s going right or what exactly it is that might be missing.

In Conclusion

No one said online marketing and headline writing is easy.

It’s simple, but it takes work.

We know great headlines attracts – and can lead to more visits, more clicks, better results.

By using some, or all, of the ten tools and strategies mentioned throughout this article you will be churning out the type of headlines that create impact.

Don’t settle for second rate output when these tools can help you master the art of creating winning headlines that will get the results you need every single time!

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How To Get More Instagram Followers Hack

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world. Just check these monthly active users among Facebook, Whatsapp and Tumblr:

Leading social networks worldwide as of November 2015, ranked by number of active users (in millions)

Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts.

Seventh-ranked photo-sharing app Instagram had over 400 million monthly active accounts. Meanwhile, blogging service Tumblr had more than 230 million active blog users on their site.


From Statista (

It is well-regarded for its ease of use and overall quality.

Yet, there are many businesses which continue to linger behind with their Instagram account.

It is one thing to set up an account and another to ensure it is flourishing and remaining interactive.

Let’s take a glance at some of the most important tips and tricks to gain followers on Instagram in this day and age.

With these tips, growing your business will become easier.

Use Relevant #Hashtags

Ever seen businesses who seem to be flourishing on Instagram and adding hundreds of followers in minutes?



Look at their pictures. What are all of them doing?

All of them are using hashtags and that is what continues to bring people in.

There are many followers from the millions who sign on every day that use the search function. They will look at the images under these hashtags and share them.

This is when a business is not only able to spread, but find targeted followers who will most likely convert. Who doesn’t like the possibility of this?

When choosing the hashtags being used, it is important not to overdo things and start spamming.

This is when people are going to be put off.

Choose relevant, niche-based hashtags that are going to woo prospective followers into joining up.

TIP: Try Keyhole to get historical and real-time data for hashtags.

Build ‘Like For Like’ Relationships

This is one of the best methods to use with followers because there are many people who don’t mind doing this.

The goal is simple and is one that is used by numerous businesses around the world on Instagram.

The idea is to build a ‘like for like’ relationship where two users agree to like each others photos.

Now, this can be taken a step further because it does not just have to be a swapping of likes, but it can be a swapping of ‘follows’ as well.

Yes, this is a great way to find new followers who would otherwise not be joining up.

It is important to remember, quality content is a must here as that is going to woo the person to agree.

Make sure to build a perfect Instagram profile and Instagram posts. Here’s a great infographic showing the anatomy of a perfect Instagram post:


They will join up and it will not only increase numbers but add potential leads who are related to the niche in one way or another.

Don’t overlook this as an option because it will work and has worked for numerous businesses.

Swap Promotions With Other Accounts

It is tough to be the only business in a niche. This is rare and just does not happen.

Therefore, you are going to have a number of niche-related accounts on Instagram that can be worked with.

You want to build as many relationships as you can in this regard.

Of course, this does not mean you have to start dealing with your competitors. This often does not make sense and most would not want to do this anyway. Therefore, you want to look at semi-related accounts.

An example of this would be a computer company that connects with a software business.

Both are not direct competitors, but consumers who purchase from one will be interested in the other as well. The same idea is being applied here.

The goal is to find those semi-related accounts and connect with them to promote each other’s businesses to their followers.

This is a great way to build a proper brand and continue to find those new relationships that will come in handy down the road. Don’t ignore this as a possible option because it is proven to do the trick on Instagram repeatedly.

Build A Social Media Network

Instagram on its own is not going to help you reach maximum potential and it is as simple as this.

To gain as many followers as possible on Instagram, a proper social media web, and/or network has to be built from the ground up.

What does this mean?

The goal is to have accounts setup on all of the major social media giants. This would include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few.

You want to make sure this is being done as soon as possible. It is the only way to ensure all accounts are able to grow together.

If a prospective follower finds you on Facebook, they should easily be able to connect with their Instagram account as well.

This is how the web spreads and quality results are seen. Many businesses do this because it is one of the easiest ways to see consistent results.

Remain Interactive

Always remain interactive on these accounts as that is the only way to ensure followers are not leaving.

It is one thing to gain followers and another to keep them as they come in. Instagram does have a strong follower growth and you should capitalize on that.


Courtesy (

You don’t want a situation where the results are just not coming because you refuse to pay attention to the account.

Larger businesses have specialists in place to handle their accounts, but that is not necessary for a smaller business.

It is simpler to do it on your own and remain on top of these things.

It will ensure the followers who are joining up can see you are not going to leave them hanging. This will lead them to join up.

Plus, the more pictures that are up with quality hashtags, the greater one’s chances of attracting people.

It is one of those things which will add up like a snowball rolling down a mountain. It will pick up speed.

Post In The Afternoon

The timing of one’s posts is something many businesses refuse to analyze and optimize.

Don’t you want to be putting up posts during the time when traffic numbers are at their highest?

Is this something one can do with ease?

Yes, you can do it and that is what you have to pay attention to.

Experts have done a lot of studies on this to see what time is best on Instagram. All results have the same thing to say in this regard.

Any time between 2-5 PM is fantastic in the region that is being targeted. This is when users are seen scrolling through their accounts the most.

Note: You should use a social tracking tool to test this for your niche.

Maximize ‘Mayfair’ Filter

What filter tends to attract the most users to look at your photo? It is the ‘Mayfair’ filter that has achieved this status as the best filter.


It simply attracts the eye on Instagram’s platform and is a must for businesses that are looking to optimize what they are doing.

It is a simple tweak and one that can be made in seconds. So, why not use it to gain more followers?

It works and is something that is not going to hurt the brand one bit. It is a no-brainer.

Hold Contests

The next tip would be to hold contests as these are always going to attract people.

If you don’t want to waste time on a contest, you can do something simpler in the form of a giveaway. You can give something from the business for free as long as people are signing up.

It works and you will notice how there are many people who end up staying even if they don’t win.

This is one of the most exciting parts of a change such as this and what it can do for you and the business in general.

TIP: Try Shortstack Instagram to launch your first contest campaign.

Consider Paid Services

This is not the first recommendation but is being listed because it is an option.

Instagram paid services to gain new followers is a risky option to take for a number of reasons.


It can lead to fake followers inflating numbers and it costs money.

Yet, there are certain services which are able to provide respectable followers and can be considered.

It is certainly recommended to stay away from such services and build naturally because over time there will come a point where the followers add up in a hurry.

If all other options are not working out, this is a wonderful option to consider and give a shot.

If you don’t have money to blow away continue to work through natural means as a poorly thought out purchase (with the wrong service) can hinder the business’ chances of growth.

Plus, it could also lead to concerns with Instagram. Remember, it is always smarter to go through other means. Always.

TIP: Visit this Facebook Instagram Ads resource to learn more and how to get started with Instagram ads.


Studies have shown a significant rise in the amount of conversions and loyal customers coming in from Instagram.

Followers on platforms such as this begin to trust the brand more and more over time. It creates an in-depth connection that leads to a long-term relationship between the customer and business.


Take these tips into consideration and devise a comprehensive plan which will ensure new followers are added every single day.

This is a must for those who are unable to see growth through other means and want something that is proven and effective.

With 27% of America’s population on this wonderful platform, the opportunities are endless.

Make the most of Instagram as soon as possible.

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5 Companies That Have Mastered Indirect Marketing

Unlike direct marketing, which relies on coupons and commercial spots, indirect marketing is brilliantly positioned to leverage inexpensive and effective online communication channels.


There can be some pitfalls to near constant communication with customers and potential customers.

But when done right, indirect marketing can create long-lasting relationships that keep revenue coming long after any coupon sale could.

1. Moody’s Analytics

Rapper the Weeknd (Twitter) said that “being forgotten is man’s greatest fear and staying relevant is a handicap for most”.

Rapper, The Weeknd aka Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye

Unfortunately, relevance is also a necessity for any business.

Under indirect marketing philosophies like relationship marketing theory and the balanced scorecard approach, being a valuable resource to the consumer is of utmost importance.

The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.

In this context, value is not necessarily monetary.

Moody’s, the preeminent service and research company for investor financials, is making itself valuable to consumers by offering finance courses online.

Moody’s Analytics is a subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation established in 2007 to focus on non-rating activities, separate from Moody’s Investors Service. It provides economic research regarding risk, performance and financial modeling, as well as consulting, training and software services.”

This is indirect marketing at its best.

Without ever saying the words, Moody’s reminds the consumer that it is the most knowledgeable in its field. This is how you build total authority.

2. Scholastic

One defining characteristic of indirect marketing is that it is omnidirectional. There is participation from the consumer that goes beyond printing a coupon.


Scholastic Home Page – Reading Club

A staple in children’s book publishing, Scholastic Books is using the social network site Pinterest very well in its indirect marketing approach.

“Scholastic Corporation is an American publishing, education and media company known for publishing, selling, and distributing books and educational materials for schools, teachers, parents, and children. Products are distributed to schools and districts, to consumers through the schools via reading clubs and fairs, and through retail stores and online sales.” – Wikipedia

Its Pinterest boards include fun, interactive topics, such as Book Bling and Hosting a Book Bash.

Not only does the Pinterest board keep Scholastic relevant as a book publisher, it lets the users place their ideas, which creates a type of dialogue between the company, consumers and potential customers.

3. Listerine

The mouthwash company’s campaign is a mix of great indirect marketing and a cautionary tale.

“Listerine is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash product. It is promoted with the slogan “Kills germs that cause bad breath”. Named after Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister, a pioneer of antiseptic surgery, Listerine was actually developed in 1879 by Joseph Lawrence, a chemist in St. Louis, Missouri.” – Wikipedia

Before 2005, Listerine mouthwash ads made the claim that it could replace flossing as an effective way of preventing tooth decay.

Listerine – Cool Mint

In one massive indirect marketing swoop, Listerine convinced consumers that its mouthwash was as good as flossing.

Like all great indirect marketing, the campaign took on a life of its own and made the Listerine brand name synonymous with all mouth wash.

The Listerine lawsuit in 2004 deemed the ads as misleading, forcing the company to stop running them, but the campaign had already done its job.

A class action civil suit was ultimately thrown out in 2010 because the judge found the claim overly broad since most people had not seen the relatively short-run ads.

4. Toms

Social responsibility is another of the indirect marketing features.


Toms shoes – social responsibility company – One For One

Toms Shoe Company (Twitter) used this to gain great leverage as well as do some good for children in need.

“The company was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas. It designs and sells shoes based on the Argentine alpargata design as well as eyewear. When Toms sells a pair of shoes, a new pair of shoes is given to an impoverished child, and when Toms sells a pair of eyewear, part of the profit is used to save or restore the eyesight for people in developing countries.” – Wikipedia

As part of its corporate social responsibility platform, Toms gives shoes and eyewear to children in more than 70 countries.

As an indirect marketing method, philanthropy is a great way to get brand recognition, positive perception and increased loyalty without spending a cent on advertorial marketing.

5. The Hustle

Coupons are not fun. The engagement associated with indirect marketing is fun.


This is what the online newsletter “The Hustle” is counting on.

Just signing up for the news with this company will make you laugh.

Its popup request to get you to supply an email, generally an odious thing, is full of humor, ending with the line, “Ok, you convinced me.”

If you can make your indirect marketing campaign enjoyable to the user, then you have accomplished something special.

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9 Ways To Optimize YouTube Videos For Top Google Ranking

YouTube (owned by Google) is one of the largest search engines on the Internet – 2nd after Google search.

It is also the largest video hosting sites on the internet today with more than 100 hours worth of videos uploaded every minute, daily.

Billions of people log on to YouTube to watch videos or upload fresh content.

This has made it one of the largest sources of traffic online.

Companies, marketers, and entrepreneurs use YouTube to market their products and brands thanks to the massive amounts of traffic coming to and from the site.

Dynamic Marketing Platform

With video marketing gaining popularity among marketers, users have to compete for rankings and traffic on the site.

Without proper marketing methods, other videos would choke up your video uploads thus making it almost impossible for your target audience to see them.

If handled properly, these videos can be an excellent source of traffic to your website thus leading to higher returns on investment (ROI).

Advertising Options

Advertising via YouTube is reasonably much cheaper than other advertisement options (such as Adwords PPC and television ads) hence a great channel to optimize and cut advertising business expenditure when leveraged correctly.

Social Media Website Integration

Integrating YouTube with social media and the company website is relatively easy. This is mainly because YouTube offers incredible integration tools that not only facilitate proper integration but also support content marketing as well.

All one needs to do is ensure his/her videos and channels are properly optimized to attract audiences and its search engine crawlers.

Outlined below are a top ways on how to optimize video content for search engines.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Search Engines (Google). 

1. File Naming

As part of YouTube optimization, proper keyword research on how to name files before uploading them to YouTube is beneficial.

Proper file naming not only makes the clip searchable but also makes it easier when indexing for relevancy. The file name and uploaded video title should match as closely as possible.

For longer file-names, you can separate each word with a hyphen. So instead of ‘LSCP0012.mp4’, you should (re)name it by the topic, for example: “local-seo-tips-video.mp4”.

Having your target audience in mind when naming a file, or creating a title for the same increases its chances on YouTube and other search engines as well.

2. Keyword Usage

Search engines depend on keywords to distinguish relevant content from irrelevant ones when displaying search results.

These keywords are commonly used as pointers detailing what the video file is all about, hence, should be researched and used properly.

For the best results, it would be a wise idea to research and identify keywords to use, and matching your niche.

If you have no idea on how to use keywords or determine higher converting keywords, you can then make use of Ubersuggest (The old YouTube Keyword tool was replaced in 2014).

Select the video option from the pull-down box, and find relevant keyword suggestions for “videos”. Here, we see an example of “local seo tips” and related terms. (TIP: Install the keyword chrome extension to get search volume and CPC data).


YouTube keyword (videos) tool –

There are other tools you can use as well for your video keyword research:

  • YouTube ‘auto-suggest’ (type directly into YouTube search to see suggestions)
  • Google Keywords – Display Planner option (select “video” from the filter option)
  • – search keywords directly (select “YouTube” option to filter)

YouTube’s own keyword research (suggest) feature – “local seo tips” example

Be sure to use desired or targeted keywords in the video title and description to increase its visibility online.

3. Optimize Video Titles

YouTube video titles should contain up to approximately 55 characters. (organic results)

The best way to optimize video titles is by including relevant keywords. This not online increases the clip’s visibility on YouTube search engines, but to the World Wide Web as well.


YouTube character count (length) in the TITLE (for organic search results)

The title also needs to be engaging and giving the audient an idea of what the clip is all about.

While properly used keywords attract search engine crawlers, an intriguing title attracts target audience thus increasing traffic to the video clip.

Like many other search engines, YouTube search engine ranks videos based on the number of views/visitors among other factors.

4. Use Video Descriptions

A video description provides the audience with an idea of what the clip is about. When a user enters a search on YouTube, the engine gives him/her a long list of hits to choose from.

It is through the video title and description that an audience can learn what each file is about – hence going for, and selecting the right one.

Every video clip you upload on YouTube should therefore have a short description. The snippet result will show in organic results. When viewing in full video mode, about 160 characters is recommended.


Any website link should be added first. That’s before entering the description. It will encourage a link click back to your main site if they want to learn more.

Be sure to weave in relevant keywords in the description as well.

5. Respect Tags and Categories

Each video clip you upload on YouTube should belong in one of several other categories.

Ensure you have selected the right/relevant channel before hitting the upload button.

Some of these categories include:

  • comedy
  • autos and vehicles
  • education
  • animation
  • film
  • how-to and style
  • gaming
  • music
  • pets and animals
  • people and blogs
  • travel and sports among others

Choosing the right channel/category for your video increases its probability to be seen.

Tags, on the other hand, help identify the video clip from various categories. Tagging the video with keywords is an excellent way of optimizing YouTube videos.

6. Make use of Video Annotations

YouTube Annotations present a new and exciting way of adding related notes, speech bubbles, title or spotlight on an already playing video clip.

This helps deliver the desired message to the target audience without disrupting or dividing their attention. Video annotations provide an excellent way of optimizing conversions through the video.

This is because they can be used for call-to-action messages and prompts, and to introduce other brands or products one might have.

While most companies do not use video annotations in video marketing, those who use it have recorded higher traffic and returns on investment than before.

It would therefore be advisable to use/add annotations to give the viewer tips and insights on a new product or brand.

7. Create a playlist

Although YouTube playlists have been around for a while; very few people know how to make the most out of them.

“A playlist is a collection of videos. Anybody can make playlists and share them.” – YouTube

YouTube playlist comes in handy for channel administrators with a bunch of YouTube videos to promote.

Creating a playlist makes it easier to add new videos to the list, as well as allow followers and audiences to subscribe to your channel.

The best thing about using playlists is that subscribers are notified as soon as a new video is added to your playlist.

In addition to this, search engines index playlists much faster than they do single video clips.

8. Create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel provides a search and user friendly way of accessing, interacting and sharing content with your target audience.

You however should be a little more creative to make the channel unique and to your preferences. Users can use YouTube channels to highlight other videos and channels they might have online.

This works in an almost similar way as content marketing where your target audiences get what they need in one bucket.

Another key benefit of using YouTube channels is that it gives audiences easily the privilege to share your content to their blogs or profiles.

This again amplifies visibility especially when these audiences share the content through social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

9. Allow sharing on social media

Social networking sites provide some of the best sources of traffic that can significantly boost your visibility online.

Enabling users to share your videos via all social and professional networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram or LinkedIn not online increases visibility, but also boosts conversions as well.

This is especially important for people or marketers promoting new products or brands online.

Social networking sites receive billions of unique users every day – tapping into these numbers increases visibility and rankings by other search engines on the web. Your video may be found on these other prominent sites.

Sharing is caring

You can also place URLs on your social profiles for easier sharing.

Allowing users to share the video clips to their profiles also increases visibility hence should be encouraged.

Video Captions

Captions also prove a great way for marketers and users to enable search engines to understand video content.

While captions are mostly used for physically challenged persons (especially the deaf), they allow search engine crawlers to read or even index the video content. Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube search engines use crawlers to determine the best content to display in the results page.

Integrating captions within your video clips is therefore a clever way of increasing video content visibility on the entire World Wide Web.

Regular Updates, Fresh Content

Just as it is with other content optimization and marketing mechanisms, it would be advisable to post/upload fresh and high-quality content on your YouTube channels.

Plus, video quality today is much better than it was three years ago and keeps getting better by the day.

While HD content is widely appreciated, ensure it is lightweight and easy to load even on slow networks or portable devices (mobile). People have grown impatient over time and will only give a video clip less than 6 seconds to load before hitting the escape or back button.

As long as the quality is good: interesting, fun, educational and informative, you should attract more views and shares. That will lead to increasing visibility and ranks by other search engines too.

If you haven’t been optimizing YouTube videos for audience and search engines, you are missing out big on traffic and possible returns.

Optimizing YouTube videos is relatively easy and doesn’t consume much time either.

YouTube video marketing goes a long way in creating brand awareness and building a good reputation online.

FREE: Download the free Social Media Performance Handbook that will show you how to set up your social media campaigns in 7 simple steps. Includes 2 bonus strategies not found in this post.


7 Simple Steps To Become An Online Authority Fast

Hey, can we take a minute for a reality check?

At this moment in life online you are a virtual nobody.

You have no trust, no respect, and above all no authority.


Provided by:

Take no offense to this, I am sure you are a very likable person in real life.

However, this is the online world and your real persona has no meaning. If you are looking to succeed you have to become an authority.

Once you become an authority, you automatically gain more influence. Everybody starts at the bottom. You work your way up to the top.


Courtesy Dan Kennedy

And unlike the real world, it doesn’t take years of experience to become one.

In fact, you are going to learn what it takes to become an authority in any niche in just seven simple steps.

From dog training to abalone diving, if you don’t know what that is, look it up. It is a fantastic little niche that is simply ripe for the picking!

Are you ready to become an authority? Let’s get down to business.

1) Build Authority Through Association

Have you ever known anyone to name drop constantly? Why do they do it?

They do it to make themselves sound more important and to make other people listen to them.

The same holds true for online marketing.

If you have ever been featured in a large publication, television, or an authority website you need to make sure everyone knows about it.

Find a copy of their logo and feature it prominently on your own website. Usually in the right-hand corner or above your footer is a good spot.

However, it is important that you do not inflate your associations.

In other words, do not lie.

You will get called out and the authority you have built is as good as a day old Big Mac.

2) Social Proof Yourself

We all get a warm fuzzy feeling when someone has something good to say about us or our website.

Did you know your readers like that as well?

If you are not featuring testimonials and positive comments on your site, you are missing a big piece of the authority puzzle.

What happens, though, if you have no testimonials?

Well, for one you are not going to fake them and you are not going to pay for them. That is both unethical and just plain cheesy.

Earned media (your blog, your website) are highly trusted. (stats from Conductor blog)

You are on the path to greatness, so let’s keep the plan not only righteous but ethical as well.

If you have no testimonials, you want to go out and find them.

Scan through your Twitter feed and Facebook page looking for nice comments. Do something for a friend and provide value.

If you have a service, start offering it for free or a deep discount in exchange for a testimonial.

As the social proof builds on your website so will your clients and readers.

3) Become A Content King

We all know about content (create, market & promote) and how important it is.

However, what type of content are you promoting?

Is it stuff that you would line the virtual parakeets cage with or is it something that is going to make a difference?

While it is important to have a website that is updated regularly, it is more important to put out 4 killer posts a year than 365 pieces of mindless dribble.

Use your social media account to toss out tidbits and hints to your audience. However, leave your website for the content with teeth and fangs.

This is the content that will be shared and linked to over and over again. It is the content that makes amateur bloggers into masters of their domain!

4) Become An Online “Bum”

Early in your online career, you are going to have to get use to sleeping on the couches of many other websites.

It is an opportunity to get the exposure you need and to build your own site.

You do this through guest posting and while it may seem like everyone and their Nana are doing it, it is still a viable option.

However, you need to be selective with the sites you plan to post on.

Choose only high authority sites that are going to help your name become more famous. For these sites, you will want to create content that is incredible.

While it seems like a step backward in creating such good content for other sites, it is a small price to pay for authority.

5) Choose A Professional Design

While your mom may love that free theme you are using, it is not going to fly with an online audience.

They expect you to be an authority and a professional. There are many professional themes available online.

A few hundred dollars (or less) to start. That is a reasonable price to pay to be seen as an authority. You can build from there. They key is this: Start Simple.

However, if you are looking for a way to step things up a notch, hire a professional web designer. Consider getting professionally developed sites added to your portfolio.

In order to be seen as an authority, you have to brand yourselves so people will take notice.

While using a premium theme is a step up, it is still a theme thousands of other online professionals are using. Search engines see this as a “footprint” too.

Hire a designer and come up with a plan that is going to help set your site apart from all the millions of sites that are online.

Choose to make your site unique and professional look for your niche or field of expertise. Add tools and content. Ask this question: What is my audience asking about? Then proceed to answer those questions. TIP: Write an e-book and give it away!

6) Your Own Property Online

Just like there is an importance of having a real theme so is the same as having a professional domain and hosting account. And, don’t use me @ gmail or yahoo, or worse, That just lacks professionalism.

While it is fine to start out with WordPress, Tumblr or Medium, you have to grow up and play with the big boys at some point. A domain is going to set you back about $10 for the year while hosting is about $4 a month.

People will not see you as an authority if your site is owned by another company.

Again it is all about perception online and how you want people to see you. By building a site on someone else’s platform, you are only building links and authority to their site, which they do not need.

Celebrity Maker Clint Arthur started simple. You can too.

Take the time to get your own professional URL and build all of your links to that site.

7) Promote Yourself – Not Affiliate Products

At this stage of the game, the only thing you should be promoting is yourself. There should be no ads or affiliate links in your content.

Let people know who you are and what you stand for before you start selling.

In fact, there should not even think about promoting products until you have a large following. Or at minimum, a passionate list of followers that you regularly engage with.

If you know a good product, let people know, just don’t link to it with an affiliate link. Again, this may seem counterproductive to you, but it will help your authority.

People will see that you are simply not another marketer looking to make a quick buck off them.

The best way to start promoting yourself to an audience is through social media and blog commenting.

Direct outreach is a good way to go too – assuming you have quality things to share, and don’t spam.

Look for questions that you can answer thoughtfully. Once again it is not about spamming your website all over the Internet.

It is about giving people helpful information that they can use to solve a problem or create a better life.

By not promoting products early on and choosing to help people you are setting the stage to become the ultimate authority in your niche.


How to become an authority/celebrity online:


That is all there is to becoming an authority.

Don’t you wish it could be that easy in real life?

These steps can be performed in any order that you see fit.

If it does not apply to you, simply skip over it and make your way to awesomeness even faster. The one thing to remember is you are not going to be an overnight authority, it does take time and persistence to do so.

Implement just one step or all 7 and you will be on the way of becoming an authority in the eyes of your audience.

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