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9 Content Creation Tips For Profitable Social Media (Copy This List)

Any social media marketing campaign lives or dies according to the quality of its content.

No matter what you do, if your content does not sparkle, you are not going to get the results that you want.

When you look at the people who seem to dominate social media, you will find that they all have one thing in common: …

great content (with a plan)

If you are having trouble coming up with such content, you may just need a bit of inspiration.

Give the following tips a try, and see if any of them give you the nudge that you need to get started.

1. Tell Good Stories

Human beings are creatures that love narratives. We love stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and that surprise us or tell us something new.

Focus on telling great stories in your content.

Remember, there is always something else to read or watch online, so unless you grab your audience’s attention right away, they are going to click away and go somewhere else.

2. Focus On Strong, Positive Emotions

Content that evokes a strong emotional response from the audience is going to be more successful than content that does not move people. In addition, when marketing your brand, you need to make sure that these emotional responses are positive ones.

The most popular content online tends to be the most emotional, and stories that evoke positive emotions are far more likely to be widely shared and potentially go viral.

Try this tool and see what the top posts are for your industry.  Then, test with new headlines and new, updated content that helps and engages your audience.

You’ll see that content with strong emotions and call to action draw visitors in.

3. Get To The Point

No one wants to waste five minutes reading a lengthy introduction just to find out what you have to say.

Keep your content as short and sweet as possible. The more concise your articles are, for instance, the easier it will be for people to absorb your message, and the less likely they will be to get bored and click away.

Say what you have to say within a few sentences.

Keep polishing your pieces until you have boiled them down to the basics.

4. Craft Catchy Headlines

Your headline is the first part of your content that anyone sees, so you need to spend time creating ones that are going to make people want to keep reading.

No matter how amazing your content is, if it has a dull headline, few people are going to bother to click on it.

Make it clear that reading your content will give people valuable information without requiring a lot of effort from them.

5. Use Images And Videos

Online, a picture is really worth a thousand words, or possibly more!

Every article that you write needs to have compelling graphics and videos accompanying it.

Studies have found that even a single image in a post can double the number of times it is shared.

Infographics, how-to videos, and other visual content can dramatically improve the reception of your content.

If you do not feel up to creating your own, hire a graphic artist who is able to make what you need.

6. Post Frequently

If you only post new content on rare occasions, it doesn’t really matter how amazing it is.

If you really want your marketing campaign to take off and give you great results, you need to post new content as frequently as possible. This does not mean spamming people with hundreds of links per day, but it can mean making a dozen or more updates in 24 hours.

The more you post, after all, the more opportunities there are for people to share your content.

Once you post something, keep promoting it as long as possible. You may annoy a few people, but the results you get will be worth it.

7. Be Sure To Give Credit

If you use an article or an image from someone else, be sure to link back to it.

Not only does this increase the amount of traffic those sites get, but it improves your own reputation. Other people will be more likely to link back to you and send traffic in your direction if you have done the same for them.

Retweet people who tweet your content and thank them for doing so.

Follow people who follow you. Leave positive comments on other people’s pages.

8. Use The Data

It is not enough to just post content and send it out into the world.

You also need to take the time to study how each piece does so that you can know what works and what doesn’t.

Which pieces get the best responses? Which ended up being ignored?

By studying all of this data, you can look for patterns that you can then use to improve your content. You may discover that certain topics are much more popular than others, or that some days are better than others.

Many social media tools provide dashboard within them. Tools like Sendible, Hootsuite and Buffer, for example.

9. Give Them A Valuable Takeaway

You need to leave your readers feeling as if they have gained some practical knowledge from your content.

They need some concrete, down to earth advice that they can use right away. Not only does this leave them feeling more satisfied, but it also makes them more likely to go on and share your content with other people.

Creating great content for your social media marketing campaign can take some time.

Give these 9 tips a try and see how well they work for you.

Before long, you will get the results that you want!

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