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5 Of The Most Uncommon Ways To Close More Sales

There is no question about it.

The way we do business and generate sales has changed greatly in just the past 10-20 years.

For better or worse it has been the Internet that has caused a major shift in how business in done.

Clients and customers no longer feel as though the local shop in town is the best choice for their needs.

They can go online and outsource work and get products direct from suppliers for a much lower rate. That is why it is so important that you have the ability to close sales.

However, this is where things start to get really difficult for people in sales. You can no longer act as though you are getting the sale.

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Make sense?

Let’s take a step back in time to the age of disco balls and awesome polyester suits.


Back then it was perfectly fine to be a salesman and you knew what had to be done to close a sale. Customers and clients knew they were going to be in for a hard sell. Don’t believe me?

Ask your parents or grandparents what it was like trying to buy that Chevy Impala.

They knew they were going to sit in that car dealership sweating in the summer heat until they collapsed and bought the car.

Salesmen were expected to be pushy, ignorant, and saw the client as a bonus.

Times have changed all of that, which I think most of us can say is a good thing. In today’s world salespeople are expected to listen to the customer and make sure they are getting what is best for them.

It is not about pushing the most expensive product.

So that leaves many of us in the proverbial pickle. How is it possible to close a sale without it seeming like it is a close? That seems like a question better left for a college philosophy class.

You don’t need a philosophy degree to close more sales. In fact, we are going to discuss five of the most uncommon ways you can close more sales. Better yet you don’t need the cheap polyester suit to do it.

These are smooth and go with what customers expect out of good customer relations.

1 – How Much Content Do You Produce?

One of the most uncommon ways of closing more sales is through the use of content marketing.

content marketing and growing your business closing sales

It is so important to make sure that the content you are creating for your websites and social media accounts are working for you. It is important that the content you create focuses on what your clients need and hope to obtain.

Of course, all your content should have a soft sell directed toward your other products and services. Your website should be tailored to be a silent salesperson, closing sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If it is not doing this for you, it is important to hire someone who can help create that type of content.

2 – Forget About Your Sales

That would seem like an unlikely way of closing a sale, wouldn’t it?

However, it is vital that you forget about trying to sell to your clients.

plan and focus on clients first

Your number one goal should be focusing on their needs.

Do you have a solution to their problem?

If you think about their needs over everything else you are going to be able to close the sale every single time.

In fact, think of yourself as a problem-solver and not a salesperson.

3 – No Two Clients Needs Are Ever The Same

One of the most important aspects on closing a sale is realizing that no two clients are ever the same nor are their needs.

sales management is not cookie cutter

You cannot give the same solution over and over, it is vital that you actually listen and work with the client to give them what they need.

Too many salespeople will “listen” to their clients only to give them a “cookie-cutter” resolution.

By choosing to close a sale this way will only insult the client and send them elsewhere.

Instead, engage the customer in a real conversation that focuses on what they need. Be proactive and make them feel comfortable. By doing so, you have a much greater chance of closing a sale as opposed to the generic closing speech.

4 – Understand Your Client’s Expertise And Needs

Once you have been working in a business for months or years you begin to know it quite well. You, in fact, become an expert in your field.


Your clients come to you for your expertise and knowledge and hope that you are able to guide them in the right direction.

There will be times you have client’s who believe they know what is best for their company and will be adamant about choosing a product or service, even if you know it is the wrong decision.

When moment’s like this appear in your daily routine it is the opportune time to take the high ground and close a sale, unlike no other way.

In the past, you would have just accepted the sale and went on with your daily basis, never once again thinking about your clients wrong decision.

However, if you know it is the wrong decision, you have to assert your expertise and simply deny the sale. Inform your client that you cannot under good faith allow them to make that purchase.

Two things are bound to happen here:

One they are going to curse you out for not letting buy what they want. However, they will be impressed with your level of integrity and the potential of losing a sale and will go with your recommendation.

Two, they will curse you out and walk out the store. In this case, if you were originally right, they will come back to you more impressed than ever with your business integrity. It is important to remember that not every lost sale is a bad thing, there are always opportunities.

5 – Be Truthful

Imagine that, telling the truth would be one of the most uncommon ways of closing the sale. Far too many businesses will lie and manipulate until their client buys a package or product.

There is a drive among many salespeople to promise anything they can to get a new lead or client in the door.

Build trust for sales success be truthful

Even if they are unable to meet the clients needs and expectations they will say they can just to get that client’s business. What do you think happens with this client in a couple of weeks or months when their expectations are not being met? They leave the business and are highly dissatisfied.

While it may seem counter-intuitive it is best to let the client know you cannot meet their expectations at this time.

Whether they are looking for high-quality web content or 1-gigabyte high internet speed. It is best to explain you do not offer that service at the moment, but you will do your best to make it available as soon as possible.

The client will appreciate your honesty and integrity more than if you had just signed them up for the next best thing you had.

Remember to ask for their contact details and when you are able to accommodate them, give them a call and offer a free trial.

You will more than likely close the sale with your exceptional customer service skills and willingness to please.

By following the tips in this article you will see that you are not only closing more sales, but you are cultivating clients that are going to respect you and buy from you over and over.

These relationships are priceless in business and only a few are needed for long-term success.

As your reputation grows due to your integrity so will the number of referrals and clients.

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