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What Dating Game Shows Teach Us About Mobile Email Marketing

The evolution of mobile devices to smart phones has changed the marketing playing field.

How so?

Because smart phone users have a lot of options when it comes to giving their attention to something. Updating a Facebook status, Tweeting, Angry Birds, etc. When the user receives an email alter on their phone device, chances are they’re receiving a text message, getting a social media update or checking-in to a location.

The trick in the new mobile marketing platform is how to get a person to choose to read your email above other options.

In a way mobile email marketing has become like desperate over-done reality dating show contestants.

Blurting out the most ridiculous things in subject lines to grab a readers attention, all essentially competing for the undivided attention and commitment of the users in their target market. If you’re looking to receive the final rose and the loyalty of a consumer to guarantee click-troughs, keep the idea of a single 30-something overstated desperado in mind (even though we know you’re better than that) when tackling your email marketing strategy.

Keep It Clear, Simple and Short

Along with the time restraints, multiple mobile distractions like social media and text messaging cause, the mobile user is on-the-go and doesn’t have time to read detailed content. Messages should be easily communicated within seconds and expressed earlier, direct messaging that tell the user- the who, what, where, when and why simply and easily are the messages that will continue to be opened and read, utilizing an smtp service is a great way to do this.

Like the romantic contestants of reality TV, time is a scarcity. It’s important for contenders to get the right message communicated to their potential mate within the little one-on-one time they have.

When it comes to implementing the email marketing campaign, don’t be the crazy player is visually overstated, rambles too much about their ex and babies. Be the person who understands the dating game and how to communicate clearly and gets attention through a less is more approach

Stiff Competition

Like the damsels and dames searching for love among the sea of hopefuls on nearly every dating show that exists, emails find themselves in a similar pool of “please look at me,” in the competition of mobile apps, games and social media of a user’s smart phone. Different applications fulfill certain needs of a consumer–it’s important to understand your consumer personally. Sending emails that directly speak to and impact the user, creating the need for a person to open what you’re sending.

First Impressions

There are three parts to grabbing the focus of a user and they fall in the first things a consumer sees when they look at an email: The sender, the subject line and the pre-header.

Think of the first meet and greet between the bachelor or bachelorette and their potential dates. They come dressed to the nine, with enticing one-liners made to make them stand out and interesting with a mental plate of subjects like, what are your passions? To serve and persuade the bachelor or bachelorette to keeping them around and learning more.

Make subject lines unique and out-there while still fulfilling a niche for your consumer that makes them want to click. The preheader or the first line of content that a user sees is key, essentially it’s the last chance you have to interest a reader—it doesn’t have to be fancy, but more inviting.

Tailor Your Look

Once the user has chosen to open your email and view the content, nothing will frustrate them more and lose the potential relationship like an email not tailored to be read on a mobile device. Images that won’t load, complicated layouts with poor navigability and broken links are all problems a user can run into when viewing an email not made to be viewed via mobile. You worked so hard on making your first impression count, it would be a shame to throw it all away by trying to hard. Keep things simple and don’t get too fancy. Think of some of the beloved characters of the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

They tried so hard to play it cool and make their first impression count but once they scored that one-on-one date, they tried to hard, talked too much and the red-flags started flying. Keeping communication direct is key to building relationship and communicating messages via mobile email marketing. Tailor messages and design to fit the relationship of your mobile consumer.