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The 14 Best Pinterest Boards for Learning About SEO

There’s no question that to succeed in today’s world, you need to be able to master SEO. Being online isn’t an option – it’s an absolute requirement. Few places offer a better way to learn search engine optimization quickly than Pinterest. While some of these will be for true beginners and others will be for pros, this list will give you the full range of exceptional Pinterest boards to learn about SEO fast.

1) Brian Solis – Useful Infographics
While this isn’t a purely SEO board, Brian has a reputation for providing exceptional quality and you can find information on SEO, SEM, and some related areas on infographics that are just amazing. Give it a look!

2) Andrew Smith – Great Infographics
This is a great board with plenty of quality infographics not only on SEO but also on closely related fields that go hand in hand with that. Do yourself a favor and visit this board to expand your SEO knowledge!

3) Cleomorgause – SEO
There’s a reason this board has over 188,000 followers! Excellent SEO infographics cover everything from general strategies to thorough dissection of specific strategies. A great informative guide to learning more about modern search engine optimization.

4) Social Media Today – SEO
This isn’t a widely known board at this point, but it’s not likely to stay that way. Top notch content here focuses intently on search engine optimization from every angle you can imagine – and even some you haven’t thought of yet. A must visit for any serious SEO specialist.

5) Barbara of RM – Search Engine Optimization & Social Media
This board has some high quality content surrounding SEO, especially when looking at how it can be used with Google Adwords and the tools that Google makes available with Adwords accounts.

6) Pyxl, Inc. – SEO – Search Engine Optimization
This is more of a beginner’s Pinterest board but it does an excellent job of setting up the groundwork in addition to giving you a place to send beginners who need a simple and well laid out plan to pick up on the basic building blocks.

7) Jonathan Chan – SEO
A well recognized name in the industry, this focuses not only on the classic building blocks of search engine optimization, but it also looks at related important information like avoiding a Google penalty – a huge necessity in today’s online world.

8) Organik SEO & Social Media – SEO
While their name is also a lesson in branding, true to form this board takes a look at the natural processes you can encourage to get better results from what you’re doing now in addition to taking the right steps to safely and naturally build up your search engine rankings.

9) Kristie Hill – Blog Ambitions – SEO
Kristie offers some amazing infographics on SEO, including killer tips on scheduling your SEO workload and on making this process easy for the non-tech savvy personality. Great for people who consider themselves beginners to mid-range on SEO, and also an outstanding example of how to take complex information and break it down for your audience so anyone can use it.

10) Jeff Sieh – SEO
Not many people have discovered Jeff’s SEO board yet – and that’s their loss. There is a mountain of information here ranging from general SEO to entire infographs breaking down what would make the perfect SEO friendly link. The only downside might be just how much information is here. It can be overwhelming for a beginner – but a pro will be able to spend hours soaking in everything on this board.

11) Imaginet Internet Services – SEO
This company provides an array of helpful information with a strong focus on the modern and most up to date practices for taking care of SEO in a Google-approved way.

12) Atomic Social Media – SEO
This board is for people who want to go deep with their education. The focus on past SEO versus present SEO and how things have changed is a huge lesson in how online ranking works. A fantastic research resource to really dive into the depths of how search engine optimization works.

13) – Multilingual SEO
This won’t be for everyone, but no list of the best SEO Pinterest boards would be complete without this interesting board. This will be especially of note for those of us who work in multiple language markets.

14) Anil Tanwar – Search Engine Optimization
If you’re looking for creative SEO information, this is a great board to check out. In addition to great SEO education, there are also great related posts looking at making viral content and how social media marketing goes hand in hand with modern SEO practices.

In Conclusion
SEO education doesn’t get much better than this. If you hit up these 14 boards, you will master the topic faster than you could ever imagine possible!

Once you learn more about driving traffic to your website or online property – make sure to convert those into leads.

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