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Top 10 Amazing Social Media Success Stories You Can Learn From Now

The social media platform has quickly become known as a significant part of a successful internet marketing strategy. This post presents ten of the most successful social media campaigns, with a brief description of why each one worked. Social media campaigns follow a process. You can learn more about starting a social media marketing campaign here.

“Will it Blend?”

( Campaign by Blendtec )
There are few internet users who are unaware of the enticing videos by Blendtec; each documenting a heavy-duty item being demolished in one of their heavy-duty blenders. These videos went viral across YouTube and other social media networks partly because of their absurdity, encouraging people to watch an iPhone, tennis shoe, or other novelty item being chopped to pieces. Since the campaign, sales have raised 700%, proving the importance of thinking outside the box.

Australia’s Tourism

( Queensland Campaign )
This campaign was directed from Facebook, and drew over 375,000 internet users to the official website of the campaign. They encouraged viewers to participate by offering a large reward for one lucky participant, and spread the word by including other social networking platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube. Because of this campaign, web searches for Queensland rose 40%, and 9,000 tickets to the area were purchased directly from their website. Needless to say, it did the job of increasing tourism, and it did so on a minimal budget.

“Create Next Donut”

( Campaign by Dunkin’ Donuts )
Dunkin’ Donuts increased their sales, as well as their internet presence, significantly with their offer to let consumers create a menu item. With over 130,000 submissions, and 174,000 registered voters to determine a winner, this is one of social media’s incredible success stories. The wide exposure can be credited to the use of multiple social networking platforms, and the creativity of the promotion.

“My Starbucks Idea”

( Campaign by Starbucks )
Starbucks shocked internet marketers around the nation by not only utilizing existing social media networks, but creating one themselves! They noticed the great success brought on by interactive platforms, and created their very own site designed specifically for user feedback. The “My Starbucks Idea” website presents users with different suggestions on how to improve products and services, allowing them to make suggestions and respond to existing suggestions with their opinion. They also provided a regularly updated blog with news on progress, allowing users to see how their feedback was used throughout the development process. By directly asking consumers what they want, they increased web engagement and ensured the success of future campaigns.

“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

( Campaign by Old Spice )
Old Spice created a series of YouTube videos advertising their product that quickly went viral, averaging over 23 million views. Their most successful video has over 32 million views, and that number is growing on a daily basis. These videos present different versions of the “ideal” man, with an amusing tag line that insinuates Old Spice can “smell your man into a romantic millionaire.” Because of the humor, the videos led to a number of spoofs, increasing their popularity even more. They even received press coverage for their originality and success.

Dell Campaign

( Dell Social Marketing Group )
Dell is one of only a few companies that can boast of a return on investment from their Twitter campaign, which can be primarily credited to the “Dell Outlet” campaign. What makes their campaign so successful, however, is their use of multiple social networking sites. In addition to multiple Twitter handles, they offer a diverse network of informational blogs, and they maintain an active presence on Facebook. Their dedication to social networking has led to over one million dollars in revenue.

“Comcast Cares”

( Campaign by Comcast )
There was a time when Comcast users were dropping like flies out of disappointment with the company’s services. Most of these people have changed their tune, however, and it is all thanks to the “Comcast Cares” customer service outlet started on Twitter. With a social media platform that allows direct connection between consumers and help agents, they have decreased complaints dramatically. They also monitor mention of their name on various social media platforms, ensuring that anyone who has a complaint will be met with an offer to help.


( Campaign by Domino’s )
Domino’s pizza credits Foursquare with a 29 percent increase in their profits. By creating promotions that encourage customers to “check-in,” they have increased the mention of their company across social media networks. Facebook has a similar feature now, which has also been successfully used to increase sales.

Blog Campaign

( by IBM Marketing )
IBM is a unique social media success, as their dramatic increase in profits can be linked primarily to the creation of numerous blogs. They offered their employees the opportunity to set up their own blog, as well as their own Twitter account, allowing them to directly communicate with customers. This led to a 10 to 1 return on investment, equaling close to $100 billion.

Zappos Twitter Outreach

( Campaign by Zappos )
Zappos proves the worth of sites like Twitter by becoming the leading online shoe store in the country via innovative use of social media. The CEO of the company, and other employees, keep active Twitter accounts, engaging with customers and encouraging open lines of communication. Often thought of as the company that instigated widespread corporate Twitter use, Zappos brings a large personality into their campaign by remaining fresh, humorous, and informative.

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