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How To Make Your Business Stand Out Immediately (USP Redefined)

Speech Bubble - Internet MarketingIn tough economic times, businesses are challenged to differentiate themselves. Consumers expectations are higher than ever, so businesses are looking for a technological boost to set them apart from the crowd.

Researched social media strategies, multi-channel content and convenient accessibility can provide businesses with access to untapped potential in their industry. Business decision-makers also are revisiting the fundamentals of competition. While service-based promotion is still the meat that feeds consumer expectations, tailored combination of new and traditional strategies will help your company stand out.

Revisit Your USP

It’s a simple proposition, but businesses often overlook the chance to clearly define their value. A unique selling proposition (USP) promotes a clear, unified message with which to build a marketing strategy. You can’t define the USP of your business without a unique product or service, so use this process to audit whether your business has the unique spark it needs to succeed.

Consider providing a money-back guarantee, which asserts your excellence, or attach dedicated support to each customer. Once you identify a unique focal point, succinctly describe it in a catchy way to grab the attention of potential customers and open the door to carry out your comprehensive pitch. Gaining new business depends on standing out on the marketing front lines, and a USP’s specificity communicates exactly what you can do for a potential costumer.

After finding the unique product or service to provide for your customers, keep your business fresh and new by purchasing any marketing, product or other services with a business credit card. We have found American Express cards are popular with businesses as they have good rewards programs, including cash back on office supplies and gas.

usp how to stand out in business

Here’s a quick, easy way to start your USP conversation at your company:

A simple starting point is to state “what you are NOT”.

Then, with a bit more clarity, fill out this statement:

“I/we help ________ do, be have more of _________ SO THAT ____________”

This is a short sentence, but will start to narrow down your focus, and will explain benefits to the USP. That will include your company, services and products.

To help you with this, use this checklist/worksheet USP:

1. Become very clear of who your buyer is.

2. Be clear on what you are selling to this audience.

3. Establish your unique promise – the “promise of the premise”

4. Include something you are “NOT” – possibly “negative”

5. Include a time line for access

6. Finally, add an “or else…” (which could be your AMAZING GUARANTEE!)

Ramp Up Your Online Presence

The Internet is a fast-evolving space for businesses to transact and market. By combining traditional marketing principles with marketing 2.0 strategies, successful business have leveraged online tools to enhance their business models.

While some view Twitter and Facebook as a time wasters, brands have jumped at the chance to engage with consumers. Fifty-three percent of adults follows brands online, according to CBS News.

There is a new set of rules when conveying your message through social media.

The self-serving, “look-at-me” approach is giving way to something that closer resembles a friendship. In modern marketing, content is king so you should focus on producing content that enhances your followers.

A Twitter link to a YouTube video explaining your business provides viewers with substantive information to inform their purchase. In a world where anyone can get published, quality content rises to the top.

As always, the goal is to sell and grow your business. Once you have established a clear USP, make sure you present your message to the right market using the best media. Lead generation becomes crucial.

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