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How to Integrate Blogging into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing has been proven effective for years now, both for brand building and lead generation. The amount of online activity people invest in their everyday lives simply demands your business to utilize online platforms and tools to your advantage.

Especially if YOUR audience is already there. It is important to get the word out about your products, services and how you can help them. However, there is an ingredient you just can’t afford to miss: trust. An effective business blog is what you need to build this.

Here are 7 considerations to make that happen:

Add Your Personal Touch

Big and small companies alike have known and seen for themselves just how personal interaction with your core audience can benefit the performance of your business. You can promote your brand all you want, but no one will believe you, come back or stay active if you don’t build a personal connection with your audience. One of the most effective ways to do this is by incorporating blogging into your social media strategy.

Strengthen Traffic

The role of blogging is to keep your audience current and interested so that they don’t remain as traffic alone. Blogging connects you to your visitors in a more personal way, increasing the chance of generating sales and growing your business. 

Be an Expert, But in a Conversational Tone


Blogging is about having casual conversations in a public space, but you still have to maintain your authority. Gaining the trust of your audience is a balance between being a relate-able,  normal character and being a remarkable expert.

If you own a web design business, you must come off as a creative and reliable web designer. If you own a dental business, your blog must be filled with new oral care treatments and industry news. In short, you must cater to the needs of your audience while still coming off as an ordinary, connected individual and business.

Add Fresh Content with a Lot of Variety

Routine updates can be a major turn off for your visitors. Instead of earning their trust, this technique may leave them bored and uninterested.

Try to mix your posts up and start a fresh conversation with the help of images and videos. Update your blog on a regular basis, but make sure there is something new, informative, and interesting to talk about. Put a new twist each time you post to keep your audience coming back frequently.

Share Testimonials and Information

Business blogging is all about writing posts that often include sharing experiences, business ideas, and industry news. You must aim to enlighten the minds of your visitors to eventually earn their trust and make them regular customers. Every post is a unique opportunity to offer something engaging, hoping that your visitors will share them to others.

Promote Interaction and Acknowledge Feedback

A business blog should know the value of user feedback. Since your primary goal is to build the trust of people, acknowledging their comments and suggestions is necessary to create a blog they would want to visit often. Do a call-to-action at the end of your posts, add share icons, and check the comments so you could gain insight regarding your visitors.

Encourage them to share their insights about your blog topics and personal opinions about your products or services. Let them know that you appreciate their feedback and it is helpful for your business. The most important thing is to make sure you respond to their comments. Failing to do so may result to your audience thinking you don’t care or respect their opinions.

Add Links to Make Your Blog a Central Hub

Since your blog is the closest and most personal way users can interact with you, make it the central location for where you make announcements. All methods of communicating with you should branch out from there.

Make use of other social network tools such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog. Link back to your website and use RSS feeds to constantly provide your main site with fresh content (that they can use in their readers.)  Make sure everything you do on your blog somehow ties back into your company website where people can know you more and discover the complete list of your products or services. But, don’t be overly sales-y.

Through continuous and effective blogging, you can maximize the impact of your social media marketing strategy. Blogging can improve customer satisfaction, generate direct sales, and provide crisis management. Always think about what value and message you want your customers to hear from you. If you know this, you can be confident about the information, news, stories, announcements, and everything you share. In the end, the loyal ones will be your biggest assets.

Provide them with reasons to stay with you and give them opportunities to support your business and be a part of your growth and success.

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