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How To Double Your Brand Value Online (A 30 Second Test)

In this post, I’ll show you how to instantly check your brand value as seen by users and search engines (Google) online.


First, you should understand current digital trends and current state of brand positioning challenges for online businesses.  (And, to learn about SEO reputation management and how to protect your brand, read here).

Second, follow these simple steps and watch the video to help lift the brand value of your website and online business.

You’ll find yourself not only ranking higher, but also get and provide more value.

You’ll likely double your brand value as seen by prospects and customers.

GRAPHIC: Traditional brand positioning steps / frameworks

Imagine this scenario:

You search Google on your mobile device.

The results for your search show up, and you touch a link that appears to meet your needs.

Since we are assuming a mobile display, you quickly get annoyed by the page you found. (The page might look OK on a desktop, but we’re not talking about that here).

Mobile results need maximum attention in 2016 (Google example)

The page you’re looking at:

  • has text that is too small
  • show links are tiny and unreadable (or worse, not clickable)
  • forces you to to scroll sideways to see all the content
  • displays links too close together, sometimes overlapping
  • mobile screen view is incorrect

Frustrating, right?

Not something your brand should be associated with. Neither do the search engines. Google has stated that ‘mobile’ is a ranking factor now.

TIP: Don’t work solely on desktop versions (“horizontal screens”) of your brand website, but make sure you are friendly to “vertical screens” also.


Here is the 30 second mobile friendly test – just enter your page, and see the results.

You should check your entire site, and work with your developers to ensure compability. If you have set up Google Search Console, you can login and check further here. Make sure you have the associated Google mail/account to get access. Talk with your SEO provider or webmaster.

To understand the background and a full walk through of the mobile branding opportunities that you are missing right now, watch this video: (“How To Get Real Business From The Internet”).

(I created this google mobile video specifically for brand positioning in the financial services industry, but it works across the board).

Watch this 6-minute video, and with steps to better branding online: