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Business Growth Strategy #1: Consider Self-Promotion vs Doing

When I (me) meet business professionals around the nation, it doesn’t take long before the conversation turns to what they do, how they do it, how long they’ve been in business, how many clients they serve, etc.

And, I hear about out-dated, over-used slogans and statements about “why/how” they are different than the rest. Boring, most of the time. Especially in the professional services businesses like chiropractors, doctors, cosmetic surgeons, financial planners, lawyers, CPA’s, veterinarians.

I guess it’s what’s expected. All the ads and messages are the same.

Just go look at a Yellow Pages section of business. Tiresome.

However, there is an elite group of business professionals who take a different stance and approach.

They are the Houdini tribe people.


Yes, followers (without even knowing it) of the business principles of the master magician who became known for death-defying stunts, but ultimately, just simple tricks that wowed his audiences far and near.

He was a professional doer (he knew his craft) – but spent most of his time dreaming up, and developing promotional strategies.

What shifts in thinking must take place to change your ‘doing’ to that of ‘promotion’?

Think about your own business.

If you are a licensed professional, have a prestigious degree and have years of professional schooling and education, why not flaunt that?

Again, it’s what folks do.

You are proud of what you have done, and what you do.

In truth, 99.9% of people don’t care about that. (stay with me, and you’ll understand why)

The ability to effectively communicate your message to the right audience, using the right medium and at the right time is paramount to your ongoing business success.

That means actually having one (your USP), and promoting it continuously.

You have to move from a doer of your thing to a MARKETER of your thing.

As you’ve seen, most people will be into what they DO. But, not into marketing.

If you put a bunch of doctors into a room, the technical aspects of what they do is what is being discussed.

The latest gadgets and techniques that is changing the industry.  However, few talk about getting business. The mindset is about the DOING, not the PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES.

It’s important that you are good at the core things you do, but that’s assumed – so move away from the doing and more into marketing of your profession.

All the money is in learning to market and promote, not the doing.

So, to get started – get clear on your messages and value proposition. Create a compelling offer with some kind of risk-reversal, and start promoting it. A good place to start may be in the social networks like LinkedIn (Business to Business), Google and also Facebook.winning-losing-in-marketing

Set aside a budget to test and get insanely passionate about your message and how you can help others. Let them know you are available, and keep developing campaigns.

Expect many to fail, but keep going, and do not give up. Do not get discouraged. This is how the game is won over time. Become a winner through your own, amazing, Houdini-esque promotions!

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