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How to Build the Perfect Twitter Bio

(Updated May 12, 2018)

How can you build a perfect Twitter BIO that attracts and build credibility at the same time? Here are 5 ways to create a Bio and Profile on Twitter.

Question: Does Twitter makes us better writers? Answer: Yes.

It doesn’t matter if you sell insurance or you’re a stand-up comedian, the limitation of 140 characters forces you to say more with less.

Since Twitter is so break or bust, we trust the people who tweet well.

Their competence on social media transcends, at least in our minds, and we assume that good tweets equal good business.

Build your perfect Twitter profile and bio

That makes your Twitter a front man for your brand.

And where does every good Twitter account start?

In the Twitter bio.

You have 160 characters to tell the world who you are and what you’re about. Before you sit down to craft that first tweet, follow these tips to build the perfect bio that represents your brand.

#1 – Be Original

If you’ve read one Twitter bio, you’ve read them all.

They’re hopelessly predictable and everyone writes the same thing.

Twitter Bio Generator for ideas (by

In fact, you can even use a Twitter bio generator to create a bio so average, so plain, that no one will even realize it’s fake.

Even an inkling of originality will grab readers’ attention, so don’t follow the lemmings off the edge of the cliff.

#2 – Be Direct

You don’t have to be Ellen to write a hilarious bio, and you don’t have to be Neil deGrasse Tyson to write an inspiring bio.

Companies can say who they are and why they do what they do in one short paragraph.

Take identity theft protection service LifeLock, for example: “You only have one identity. Protect it with the best.”

The second line isn’t anything groundbreaking, but the first is quite grabbing.

It’s like saying you only have one life, and people will notice a statement like that. Your company or brand can do the same, no matter what your product or service.

#3 – Be Witty (But Only If You’re Witty)

This tip is told with caution because you can’t force funny, and it can actually backfire if that humor is not authentic.

@jimmykimmel – funny, weird, works.

We’ve all seen politicians try to act “cool” to resonate with the young voters.

Unless you’re playing saxophone on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” it’s about the most uncool thing you can do.

If humor is an authentic way you connect with an audience, then by all means use 160 characters to show off some wit.

But don’t force the concept because you think it’s what people want to read.

#4 – Don’t Sell

You will have plenty of chances to self-promote on social media; don’t make your bio one of them.

Twitter Bio Example – Bad

You can tell people what your product stands for without selling, LifeLock does this with their bio, but a good first impression should never end with a call to action.

Instead of telling people what you do or what you offer, tell them why you do it.

Apple will never tell you that it’s a company that sells phones. It will tell you it’s a company that changes lives… oh, and they just happen to sell phones to make it happen.

See the difference? Tell people why you wake up in the morning and do what you do, and they will follow you (figuratively and literally on Twitter).

#5 – Be Genuine

That last one goes without saying but it has to be said anyways—don’t be fake.

It’s not easy to trust people you meet or come across online. People can sometimes be more authentic online than offline in the way they express their personality.


Twitter is full of hacks who are out to get as many followers as possible with no real value. Quality trumps quantity any time of day.

Be genuine and true in you bio and you will not be one of those hacks.

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