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Unconventional Wisdom: The Bold Approach to Media Buying For The CMO

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of digital advertising and marketing, choosing the right agency to handle your paid media and sales growth from is essential.

Nothing is more important for a CMO and COO in finding the right partner that understands them and their business.

And, navigating the digital advertising landscape requires more than just following the beaten path. It demands a bold, innovative approach that challenges the status quo.

(So…what follows is a blatant, self-promotional post about why we’re different and how we approach digital marketing and advertising)

Why We Stand Out:

  1. Embracing (Positive Results) Controversy: We are not afraid to push boundaries and challenge conventional wisdom. Our strategies may raise eyebrows, but they also raise profits. We believe in testing the limits of what’s possible to discover new avenues for growth.
  2. Leveraging the Unpopular: While most agencies chase the latest trends, we find value in the overlooked and underrated. By leveraging existing popular platforms, we also look at tapping into less crowded advertising channels and by exploring unconventional targeting options, we ensure your message stands out.
  3. Data-Driven Provocation: Our approach is rooted in data, but we use it to provoke thought and inspire action. We analyze patterns and trends that others may ignore, uncovering unique insights that drive innovative strategies.
  4. ROI Through ‘Risk-Taking’: We understand that risk and reward go hand in hand. Our calculated risk-taking in building strategies for media buying has a track record of delivering impressive returns, proving that a little courage goes a long way.
  5. Transparent Disruption: We maintain open communication with our clients, even when our strategies are unconventional. You will always be in the loop, understanding the ‘why’ behind our bold moves.
  6. Personalized Provocation: We tailor our disruptive strategies to align with your unique goals and vision. Our approach is as unique as your business, ensuring that we are a catalyst for transformation and growth.

Our media buying process and strategies are built around these core principles – to deliver high performing campaigns and results:

  1. Deep-Dive Market Dissection: We go beyond surface-level analysis, diving deep into your market to uncover unconventional insights that inform our strategies. We work with your team and our own Creative Briefs (CB) to uncover a complete picture of your market and business.
  2. Bold Strategic Planning: Armed with insights, we develop a media buying plan that is as bold as it is strategic, outlining unconventional channels and tactics to achieve your goals. We leverage our “Profitability Matrix” and simple math to understand the media buying metric landscape. We can create winning campaigns before even starting, by telling you what will work, and what will not.
  3. Creative That Captivates and Challenges: Our ad creatives are designed to captivate your audience, but also to challenge them, sparking curiosity and engagement. We build creatives for each stage of the funnel – from TOP, MIDDLE and BOTTOM.
  4. Targeting the Untargeted: We explore untapped targeting options, reaching your audience in ways and places that others might not dare to try. We leverage our OMNI-CHANNEL frameworks, as described below.
  5. Relentless Optimization for the Extraordinary: Our optimization goes beyond the usual metrics, striving for extraordinary results that set new standards. We do this by watching metrics daily and optimizing when KPI goals are met.
  6. Transparent Reporting on the Bold and the Brave: We provide detailed reporting that not only highlights our successes but also sheds light on our bold strategies, ensuring you understand the impact of our unconventional approach. We have a fully transparent approach and open communication, so nothing is misunderstood or left out.
  7. Scaling the Successes That Others Might Miss: As we identify successful strategies, we scale them, not just for growth, but for transformative results that redefine what’s possible. This also means looking at data beyond just ROAS.

Our Process For Omni-Channel Marketing:

Omni-channel marketing is about creating a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. It’s about understanding that the customer’s journey is no longer linear, and ensuring that we are present, persuasive, and personalized at every stage of their journey.

The complexity of the customer journey can be seen directly from Google. No more “7-touch points” to determine customer engagement and sales success. (Taken from the The Rule Of Seven in marketing. It states that brands that engage with a customer seven times are more likely to earn the trust and business of that customer).

Our Approach to Omni-Channel Marketing for Sales Growth

  1. Customer Journey Mapping: We start by meticulously mapping out the customer journey, identifying all potential touchpoints across various channels. This helps us understand the path that customers take from awareness to conversion, and beyond.
  2. Data Integration and Analysis: We integrate data from all channels to have a unified view of the customer. This data-driven approach allows us to analyze customer behavior, preferences, and interactions, enabling us to make informed decisions. Placing scripts and code on website assets is one piece of the framework we use.
  3. Channel-Specific Strategies: While our approach is integrated, we understand that each channel has its unique strengths. We develop channel-specific strategies that play to these strengths, ensuring that we are maximizing the potential of each channel.
  4. Personalization: Using the data we have gathered and analyzed, we personalize our messaging and content to resonate with the customer at a personal level. This personalization extends across all channels, ensuring a consistent and relevant experience. Segmentation and message to market match is essential for today’s complex digital marketplaces.
  5. Seamless Integration: We ensure that all channels are seamlessly integrated, providing a cohesive and consistent experience for the customer. Whether they are interacting with us on social media, via email, or in-store, the message and experience remain consistent. Our story-based, brand focused messaging reaches beyond the ‘standard and ordinary’.
  6. Continuous Optimization: Our work doesn’t stop at implementation. We continuously monitor the performance of our campaigns across all channels, using data to optimize in real-time. This ensures that we are always improving and always delivering the best possible results.
  7. Measurement and Reporting: We believe in transparency and accountability. We provide comprehensive reporting that details the performance of our omni-channel campaigns, showcasing the impact on sales growth and ROI. The data does not lie.
  8. Scalability for Growth: As we identify winning strategies and tactics, we scale our efforts to maximize impact. Our approach is designed to grow with you, ensuring that we are always driving sales and contributing to your brand’s success.

Our approach to media buying, digital consulting, sales growth and omni-channel marketing is holistic, data-driven, and customer-centric.

We understand the complexities of today’s customer journey, and we have the expertise, tools, and strategies to navigate it successfully. We began this journey in the summer of 2007.

Our commitment to driving sales growth through integrated, personalized, and optimized marketing makes us the ideal partner for your brand. Our team is highly responsive, professional and communicate on a scheduled basis, so you’ll never have to ask “where do we stand?”

Couple the above with our unconventional, bold approach – and we consistently deliver results that matter.  And, we are ready to bring this level of innovation and success to your company.

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