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B2B Mobile Marketing Secrets To Serve More Clients

As the chief responsible person for the growth for your business, there are still too many options for marketing and sales initiatives, it seems.

In most business cases, it becomes overwhelming to think about the strategies, plans, systems and people you will need to employ – just to make it all happen.

As you re-visit your original business plans, work with your executive team and continue to develop new ideas from live white-board sessions, your mind exclaims: “we don’t need any more ideas around here – we just need tactics that work, can be implemented quickly, and that have long term sustainability.”

One of the ideas that seriously may need a deeper review — is the massive expansion and opportunities for Mobile Marketing and mobile technology.

The year of mobile is (finally) here.

Consider some of these facts:

Recent data from Vizibility found that only 29 of the Top 100 U.S. firms currently have a mobile-friendly website. b2b-mobile-marketing-business

If your website isn’t easy to navigate via smartphone, then you’re driving customers away.

In fact, Vizibility speculates that you’re driving 61 percent of your mobile traffic to your competitors. It’s time for the IT department to get busy optimizing your website for mobile. 

According to BtoB’s “2013 Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans” report: 

37.2 percent of B2B businesses currently use mobile marketing as part of their strategies with 35.5 percent planning to increase their mobile marketing spend this year.

Rishi Dave, who is the executive director of digital marketing for Dell, has said that his company’s top priority for B2B this year will be mobile.

Dave has explained that B2B clients and customers want content over multiple platforms, and they want that content streaming to wherever they are.

[x]cube Labs recently released data stating that 95 percent of mobile workers own a smartphone and 44 percent of mobile workers own a tablet. A logical assumption is that almost every B2B contact that you have is carrying a mobile device at all times.

Morgan Stanley predicted three years ago that 2013 would be the year that Web access via mobile device surpassed Web access via personal computer. For B2B mobile marketing, the future is now. 

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