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7 Reasons You Should Implement Local SEO in 2015

As a business owner and marketer, you (probably) know that SEO (search engine optimization) is an ideal marketing strategy.

Especially when implemented correctly.

Research shows that the requirement for business owners to implement SEO strategies will increase in 2015.

These owners can benefit from smart and appropriate local SEO techniques, which in turn can lead to an increase in their customer base. While there are many reasons for a business owner to implement local SEO, in this article, we’ll discuss seven of the best reasons to start optimizing for your local market.

1. Mobile Search is Growing

The mobile market is booming.

This has led to an increase in mobile search.

People use their mobile devices to look for businesses like yours. Almost 70 percent of mobile users use mobile search to locate businesses in their local area. Of those people, about 94 percent will visit the local business within the next 24 hours. Mobile search users are focused on finding fast solutions to problems.

If a person is at the top of the search results, in mobile search, they are more likely to be the website the person clicks on. That means they are more likely to see an increase in mobile search customers. By focusing on local SEO strategies, your business can be the one they find when looking for a product or service on their mobile device.

2. Your Competition May Already Be Using These Strategies

With increased competition in the marketplace, many businesses can see that it is becoming harder to meet marketing and sales goals.

Each business owner needs to look at what their competition is doing (but don’t copy outright…be different!). If your competition is ranking well with the search engines, then they are gaining customers, which means you may be losing business.

Remember, it’s not just new customers who look online for products and services. Your old customers may also be searching. If your competition has good reviews and a nice website, they may be able to lure your customers away. In order to keep your old customers and gain new ones, it’s imperative that you stay ahead of the competition. Local SEO can help.

3. You Need Local Customers, Looking for Local Businesses

Google’s core focus is on the user (and selling clicks). In order to provide better service to their customers, the searchers, Google tries to make sure they get the information they’re looking for. When a person in California is looking for information about a plumber, dentist or financial services expert, they do not want the result to show a business in New York for example. They want a business they can call who can provide them with the product or service they need.

As a local business, you want local customers to find you. You don’t want your listing to show up for people in another state. You can’t serve these customers, so it’s a waste of time. Since Google wants to connect the local business and customer, it’s important for the business to ensure that Google knows where they are and the areas they serve. This is done with local SEO.

4. Local Searchers Converts Better

We are living in an inter-connected, global economy.

However, most local businesses only serve local customers. By focusing on the local customer, a business can significantly increase their lead to sale ratio when and if their marketing and sales funnels are built out correctly, and tracked. (dashboards)

5. Local SEO and Social Media Engagement Can Increase Rankings and Your Customer Base

Social media is an important additional marketing strategy that can help a business increase customer loyalty and assist in customer service. Social media engagement can also help a business with their search engine ranking. Search engines are taking “social signals” into view even more in 2015.

A business should use social media to emphasize their local brand by providing helpful information and engaging with their customer base. Building a strong local following will help the business when it comes to local SEO. If you implement local SEO, you’ll get a double benefit from your social interaction.  A combination of organic work for search engines and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – coupled with social ads can and will have a big impact for your brand.

Tweetable: “Write for users, not search engines”

6. Local SEO Reviews Can Improve Ranking And Bring In New Customers

Before trying a new service or product, many people look at reviews. This is especially true when people are searching for restaurants, for example. Reviews can build a business’ online reputation.

Reviews, when combined with local SEO can increase the number of people who choose your business over the competition. Since local ratings and reviews can show in search results, it’s important for a business to have positive ratings. When a business has both high reviews and a high ranking, people are more likely to click on their link for more information.

7. Local SEO Can Help Serve the Local Community

When using local SEO, a person brings attention to their business as well as their community. In large cities, a small community or city center can get lost among all of the others. When a business uses local SEO, they can bring attention to their local community.

This can help bring dollars to your business, as well as other local businesses in the community. If more businesses in the area use these strategies, then it could help boost the community’s economy.

There are many reasons you may have for implementing local SEO for your business. When deciding what strategies to use for your business in 2015, remember that local SEO does not just benefit you and your business, but also the community as a whole.