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23 Fabulous Search Engine Infographics From All Over The World

Nothing gets an idea across better than a picture, and infographics are pictures with an extra punch.

Infographics are famous for taking a difficult subject and making it easy to understand.

Use these 23 fabulous infographics about how search engines and search engine optimization (SEO) works and start boosting the effectiveness of your own website.

  1. How Search Engines Work: The infographic was developed for kids, which makes it the perfect place for newbies to start.
  1. SEO Audit Checklist: Don’t get so bogged down in optimizing your website that you forget to check it periodically to ensure it is still working right.
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  1. Google’s Collateral Damage: Ever wondered why SEO is getting so much harder? This infographic reveals the changes that have altered how SEO works.
  1. Myths and Misconceptions About Search Engines: Believing the myths will hurt your efforts in SEO. Find clarity here.
  1. Australian SMEs and Websites: More and more small and medium businesses are catching onto the the idea that they have to optimize their websites for mobile devices once they are found because of their SEO efforts. Here’s what they are doing in Australia.
  1. Social Networks Provide Little Threat To Search Engines: If you thought that search engines were becoming a thing of the past, think again. Despite the competition, they remain important all over the world and look like they are here to stay.
  1. SEO: Explained: A clear flow chart that describes the process of how to get more organic traffic by increasing your page rank. Since everything starts with your website, you’ll discover the steps that you need to take to get the job done right.
  1. The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors: From gaining trust to developing the right kind of content for your web pages, this handy little SEO chart will help you at each stage of development. It also fills you in on the violations that you want to avoid.
  1. Goldilocks SEO: Is it possible to do too much in the way of search engine optimization? This infographic guides you through the process of getting your website optimized just right.
  1. Ecommerce and Search Engine Marketing in China: The Chinese market is still growing and savvy business owners are reaching out to get a share of the marketing pie. Here is how is works in that Asian country.
  1. Why Use Search Engine Optimization for Your Business?: If you are wondering why you have to go through so much work to get better results, this infographic will have you rushing to get started.
  1. The Top Three Search Engines: It makes sense to focus your SEO efforts on the search engines that will get you the best results. You’ll learn which ones they are here. (Hint: One of them is always Google.)
  1. Content Marketing & Search Marketing: Why You Can’t Have One Without the Other: Anyone who is wondering if investing in quality content is worth it when it comes to getting better search results will learn the answer in this infographic.
  1. 24 Hours in the Google Economy: To ensure you are investing in the right places, consider a single day of activity in the Google marketplace.
  1. A Timeline of Google Algorithm Changes & Updates: It makes sense to pay attention to the changes that search engine behemoth Google has made in the past.
  1. Search Engine Optimization: A simple resource for beginners who are just learning that search engine optimization is actually a thing they need to know about.
  1. Global Search Engine Marketing Share: If your business is international, this infographic will come in handy when it is time to optimize your webpages.
  1. Search Marketing Trends of 2015: If you’re wondering what your competition is doing right now, this infographic will fill you in on the general trends in the industry.
  1. The Visual Faq Of SEO: This short guide concisely covers and illustrates the definitions of commonly used words and phrases in the SEO industry.
  1. What Does Organic SEO Mean: Explains the difference between manufactured SEO results and organic SEO efforts and explains why paying more for organic is worth it in the online world.
  1. Know SEO: This infographic hails from the Phillipines and explains in clear and simple terms what SEO is and why you need to use it.
  1. The Evolution of the Search Engine: Detailed tech information in a nutshell for those Internet web owners who want to take their website traffic to the next level.
  1. History of Search Engines: This handy infographic covers the history of search engines from 1945 through 2010.

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