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content types that drive targeted traffic

12 Strategic Content Types That Drives Targeted Web Traffic

If you want targeted web traffic, you need to have a content strategy.

Below is an extensive list of 12 strategic content types that you should consider to acquire those targeted web visitors.

1. Original and Informative Blog Posts

Blog posts are an important part of you content strategy for several reasons.

  • When women and men browse the internet, they are often searching for useful content.
  • When you create blog posts, make sure to write with a purpose, whether you are telling a story or trying to help educate others on a specific topic.
  • Use your knowledge and some research to create engaging blog posts.
  • Never copy something that someone else has written.

Keep your paragraph shorts and keep the content looking clean with subheadings. If it is engaging enough and looks good, there are people who are going to share it and continue to read other blog posts you have written.

For SEO, make sure to have a keyword map and keyword research in place.

2. Creative and Useful Videos

When you want to learn how to do something, do you prefer reading a tutorial or watching one?

Even though written content is often engaging and informative, videos add a sense of personalization.

  • Create a video where you are discussing your niche.
  • Provide tips that people probably want to know about or show them how to do something.
  • While recording your videos, make eye contact with the camera.
  • Show a softer, friendlier side.

If you are funny and kind in your videos, people will relate to you, and they will keep on watching.

If your videos are interesting enough, they could even go viral.

Even Bill Gates (twitter) went viral with this video:

3. Accurate and Relevant Infographics

Infographics give you the perfect opportunity to combine facts with images.

  • You may be able to easily create your own using a photo editing software program.
  • Gather the statistics for the one you are creating
  • Research the information several times to make sure the statistics are accurate
  • Turn them into an infographic using images and fun text.

If you have never made an infographic before, you may not even know where to start.

Consider using a search engine to look at others that are already on the web.

They may give you some inspiration for how your infographic should look in terms of size and color.

Start with infographic creation tools like piktochart and

personalprofessionalpictures4. Captivating Professional Images

Some pictures really do tell a story, so why not share them?

Instead of using pictures that belong to others, take your own with a professional camera to ensure your images look their best. Tie the pictures you have taken in with your niche.

Post them on social media accounts, especially Instagram and Pinterest, and allow people to share them.

5. Frequently Asked Questions Section

Whether you are selling certain types of products or services, having a frequently asked questions section will work in your favor.

It allows you to address some of the most common questions people tend to ask you about your business without constantly repeating yourself.

And, you can include essential keywords into some of those questions and answers, which will help you with search engine optimization.

customerreviewsareimportant6. Honest and Meaningful Reviews

Are there companies sending products out to you in exchange for an honest review?

Even if they are not sending the products to you, it would be wise to add a review section in which you discuss different products you have tried.

Your customers and followers will read the reviews and may follow your suggestions.

For example, there may be a certain product that makes life more convenient.

You could discuss what you like most about it. If your followers buy it, you are helping them out. And, if they end up loving it as much as you do, it will help build a trust between you and them.

7. Fun and Interesting Audio Series

If you are successful at what you do, why not share advice with others?

People can choose to listen to the audio series whenever they want to, whether they are on their way to work or sitting at home.

  • Create your own audio series in the form of a podcast.
  • The audio should certainly be entertaining and interesting because you do want people to continue listening.
  • Always offer something new if you want people to enjoy the podcast.

Podcast hosting here if you want to get started today.

8. Promotion via Email Messages

Quality content is not just important for your website.

While marketing for your business, the content in your promotional email messages should be engaging, fun and short. You do not have to write multiple paragraphs.

Instead, write out a few catchy sentences, offer some type of deal to your mailing list and add an image on the side.

Start simple, and work into deeper content for your members and clients. (special email segment)

Email messages are not nearly as complicated as some people think.

And, they are an essential component for your content strategy.

9. Interactive Poll

Make sure that you are inviting your followers to communicate and interact with you.

Add a poll or quiz to your website and social media accounts to ask for opinions from these followers. It shows that their opinions are important to you, but it also helps you figure out what types of improvements you need to make.

Polldaddy and Surveymonkey are great tools to help you here.

10. Monthly Business Update

There are many people who enjoy reading about progress.

  • Create a monthly business update that discusses some details about expansion.
  • Talk about improvements that you have made and goals that you have managed to reach throughout the month.

These updates may inspire others.

11. Professional Guest Posts

If you are creating guest posts for other websites, you are on the right track. However, do not forget to allow people to guest post on your website.

Of course, you get to decide who you want to allow to write these posts.

Consider selecting those who have a large following (to help push your message too) or a fantastic message to spread.

12. Current News Spot Light

Keep up with topics that are trending by including a current news spotlight that updates people about things that are going on in the world and with different celebrities.

Not only does this allow for a discussion between different people, but it keeps people on your website for a longer period of time.

If you use these types of content, there should be absolutely no problem driving traffic to your website.

Finally – total success from content marketing for corporations requires buy-in, as well as an ongoing, creative process for handling it.

Here are additional success factors: (from Content Marketing Institute)

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